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September Pinterest 2021: Top 15 Favourites Amazing Ideas & Inspiration

Updated 13th October 2021
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There are so many things to look forward to at this time of the year. So with this Pinterest favourites everything has been thrown in. From interiors, styling, fashion and a couple of Christmas ideas to make a note of. Here are the favourite pins for September Pinterest 2021!


I love how calming this modern Scandinavian living room space is. Neutral colours, simple shapes and a little detailing create an elegant but super casual and cozy feel too.

A little splash of colour from the blanket throw and some greenery brings a playful element to this monochrome interior.


A welcoming entrance with a Farmhouse styled hallway. There’s a little sitting spot available for if you’re the one always waiting for everyone else to get out the door.

It doesn’t take much to get a hallway organized properly. A couple of shelves on brackets, two coat hooks and hang a full length mirror and there you have it. An organized space that has everything you need before leaving out the door. And as soon as you step back in the house.

Interior Styling

Open shelving in the kitchen playfully styled with art prints and dinnerware. The black and gold shelves really stand out against the white marble tile.

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Small corners can turned into useful and functional spaces with the right furniture selection. By using a open desk design and a lucite chair, it visually doesn’t take up much space at all!

Simple things can make a great day! Flowers, a notebook, candles and a mug of hot coffee and you would be quite happy staying in for the day and watching the world go by.


A dramatic and elegant Christmas table set up all in black. The greenery down the centre of the table balances out the moody look. A modern take for this Christmas table this year! This Christmas inspiration is from Nordic Nest. All the dinnerware used is listed on their page.

Some ordinary plain cardboard packing can be turned into a creative and beautiful little gift wrap such as this one. So we can hold off on throwing all of that extra packing we get when receive an Amazon order at home! Finish up by tying with string and dried flowers.

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During lockdown I barely wore any makeup because there was no where to go! Looking at this makeup drawer by Andee Layne, makes me happy to restock up my beauty favourites and dress up again. And just to have a dedicated makeup drawer as neat and organized as this!

Once you’ve tackled organizing your drawers, you might as well go on to do other rooms. This laundry room is a great set up for keeping everything organized!


I think waffle knit jumpers are coziest and always look great. Pair with your favourite jeans and a cute cross over bag for this season.


These mini abstract art prints by Emily Anne Art Studio are so beautiful. Style them as a single print on your nightstand or as mini series on your wall.

From an abstract print to a detailed botanical art print from The Little Hermitage.


Coming into the end of the year is where we can afford to indulge a little more. That’s what I say anyway. I’ll be setting some time aside to bake these triple chocolate muffins.

There are the favourites from September Pinterest 2021! Let me know what you think!


September Pinterest 2021

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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