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Terrazzo Still on Trend for 2019?

Updated 10th May 2019
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Terrazzo is a trend that’s made a come back in the interiors world for a couple of years now. From full over make over kitchen to home accessories for patterns and prints. In the 80’s and 90’s terrazzo was a popular material used for large surface areas like floors and walls. Especially for interior commercial and social settings, used for it’s practicality and durability. A lot more interesting than using plain cold grey concrete. But as practical and fun as it is, is terrazzo worth considering in 2019?

The Terrazzo Look To Outlast the Trend

There have been some amazing designs used with terrazzo. While other designs that literally can take you back in an 80’s time warp (and not in a good way). Any trend can be fun and inspiring but once its done with how does it work for your space? I think all of anything is not the best idea. Here are some of my favourite designs that I think look great and will last outside the trend…

Terrazzo Still on Trend for 2019? - Green Modern Bathroom
Source: Trendbook

A soft green tone for the wall goes with the minimal matte black and green finishings.

Terrazzo Still on Trend for 2019? - Neutral Bathroom
Source: Decorplans

The colours in the terrazzo on the back wall give a playful contrast to the neutral and raw surroundings.

Probably the boldest look of the designs which I love. I featured in my April favourites. The pattern is carried from the floor up to the walls. The white cabinetry and the warm wood balances the look.

The pattern of the terrazzo makes a huge difference. This is a lot more sparse giving it more of a modern look and works nicely with the coloured millwork.

Terrazzo Still on Trend for 2019? - Balanced Bathroom
Source: Stevgavia

The flooring looks like the same pattern used in the kitchen above. Here it’s used for the flooring only. Different textures and materials have been used for the walls which works just as well.

Sometimes just a colourful pattern for the main feature is enough. Like this countertop and backsplash that runs along the back of the kitchen.

A subtle colour tone but a larger play of pattern acts as neutral for the walls.

Terrazzo Another Way

Terrazzo has been making a statement not just in interiors but also made it’s way into furniture and accessories. Like any other trend, it’s around in a multitude of ways. Although terrazzo was originally a cheaper concept to fitting marble (making use of the offcuts of and setting it in concrete). It can be expensive and time consuming done the traditional way. Alternatives can be wall coverings, ceramic tiles, which would achieve the pattern but not the seamless look. Then, there is always accessories. You can get the look without a debate of how much or little to use.


What do you think of the terrazzo trend and which designs are your favourites? Let me know, comment or email me below!


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This post contains affilate links.

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