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Using And Decorating with Crystals in the Home

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I love using crystals in the home. I find them so pretty and unique and because of their supernatural forms. I just bought a pair of crystal geodes which were featured in last month’s favourites. Crystals have often been used around the home and for protection negativity and enhancements of positive energies.

There is so much information about the different aspects of crystals that it can be overwhelming. Generally we pick the crystals that are most appealing to us. (Apparently we are attracted to certain crystals and energies anyway). I have a tigers eye bracelet which is supposed to be good for attracting money, wealth and maximizing natural talents and abilities. As for crystals around the home you pick which ever you like. I found three in particular that will be a beautiful decorative piece to your home as well some positive energies to your home.


Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, also called “Schorl” is known for it’s protection against negative energies and destructive forces. It emits a small electric current, which helps against electromagnection radiation like T.V’s and mobile phones. Place this stone in your living room or bedroom if you have electronic goods close by. It’s also good for protection against whiners and moaners, people who are considered an emotional drain. And while getting rid of others negative energy it increases your power and self confidence and  neutralizes your own negative and internal conflicts.



Coming from the Greek word “not intoxicated” it’s supposed to prevent drunkenness! Some more practical properties of the purple crystal are creativity, promoting ideas and dedicated work. You can put the Amethyst in your office desk to promote high productivity while working.



Quartz crystals. Available in array of colours from black to clear and the basis of many other semi-precious stones like Amethyst. Quartz it said to to take on the energy and transform any situation which is probably why it can be found in any colour of the spectrum. Beneficial for you are struggling with exhaustion and lack of motivation. Good for increasing patience and motivation. Set this crystal in any room you feel that you need to.



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