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What Should I Put On My Christmas List? 11 Great Ideas

Updated 7th December 2022
Christmas Gift List 2021
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It’s coming to Christmas! No doubt you’ve been asked a few times, what would you like for Christmas? I’m sure at a certain age you could reel off a whole list of things! Are you finding yourself asking, what should I put on my Christmas list? Or maybe that’s just me?!

I’ve had a little scour online and here would be a few more items that I’d more than happy to get for Christmas! These might give you a few ideas for your own Christmas wish list this year. Here are my top picks for my Christmas list 2021!

Christmas Gift List

1. Daily Mini Hoops

MEJURI DAILY MINI HOOPS: Mejuri has so many beautiful jewellery pieces to choose from. And they’re really quite affordable. These mini hoops are one of my top picks for the moment. But they’re just first from a long list!

2. Apple Ipad

APPLE IPAD: If you have a laptop, you’re probably good in terms of needing an iPad. These were my thoughts exactly. But I’ve been looking into digital artwork courses and a few of them use computer tablets. Domestika has a long list of creative courses including digital artwork. And it seems like the iPad is one of the best options for creating digital art. So it’s now on my list!

If you’re thinking about getting creative on the iPad, it’s a good idea to get the Apple pencil to go with it!

3. Asos Lounge Set

ASOS SWEAT & JOGGER SET: Darker mornings and nights equals a lot more time at home. You might as well invest in a couple of loungewear sets! This jogger set from Asos it the set I have my eye on. I’m going to add Christmas lounge set to the list as well for the festivities.

4. Lidded Ceramic Candle

ANTHROPOLOGIE LIDDED CERAMIC CANDLE: If you have a nice scented candle its always good. Getting a candle which you can use after its burnt out is even better. Which is why this ceramic candle is one of the top picks for my Christmas list.

5. Silk Pillowcase

AMAZON TAFTS SILK PILLOWCASE: Apparently silk pillowcases are good for anti aging? I don’t know about that claim but they’re great for your hair and skin. I used to have a couple of silk pillowcases and I’m definitely in need of a couple of new ones. It’s a great back up for when my headscarf falls off at night. And it feels so much better on your skin!

6. Keyboard Skin Cover

AMAZON MOSISO KEYBOARD COVER: If you’ve ever tried to clean in between the computer keys from just daily use, you’ll probably want to one of these on keyboard skins on your list! I like this colour option but there’s lots of different colours you can choose from.

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7. Body Shop Butter

BODY SHOP BODY BUTTER: Does anyone else only wait until Christmas to buy the Body Shop butters? I don’t know why because they smell so good! But it’s definitely a good little treat to put on the list.

8. We Should All Be Millionaires

WE SHOULD ALL BE MILLIONAIRES: I’ve seen this book by Rachel Rodgers doing the rounds on social media and it sounded interesting. I think the title says it all! Then I came across her interview with Lewis Howes and decided that I’d be picking up the book whether I got it for Christmas or not.

9. Ceramic Hair Straightener

AMAZON CHI CERAMIC HAIR STRAIGHTENERS: There’s a lot of new and fancy hair tools around but straighteners just keep things easy and simple. I think hair straighteners are the best tool for straight hair or curls and keeps stuff down to a a minimum.

10. Diamanté Beanie Hat

ASOS VERO MODA DIAMANTÉ BEANIE: Adding a couple of warm hats for the winter is always a good ask. This cute knitted beanie with a diamanté touch is the favourite pick!

11. Drawer Organizer

THE CONTAINER STORE DRAWER ORGANIZER: I think a few of these drawer organizers are great to help you get organized for the start of next year/ It just makes the inside of the drawers that much prettier! Which is why they’re on my Christmas list.

Those are the things that I have put on my Christmas list this year!


This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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