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Wu-Tang Clan Have A Lipstick Collection?

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Wu-Tang Clan have a lipstick collab? I first read that on Instagram a couple of days ago and was like what? That must be a mistake. Wu-Tang Clan have a lipstick range out with Milk Makeup? What? Very confused. I know there are lots of different collaborations with companies, artists and influencers but this one was out the blue!


Wu-Tang Clan x Milk Makeup

Went straight to Milk Makeup’s Instagram feed and there it was. Where did this collab come from?! I have never bought anything from Milk Makeup but I have seen there ads all over Instagram and thought it looks alright. I have no idea how Wu-Tang come into lipstick but just the design of the packaging….I love! The price is something else though. $55 for one lipstick? There’s 8 in total but $450 in all is definite no. They look pretty though! The colours look really flattering and represent the earthly I Ching Trigrams.  I love gold dragon detail wrapped around the casing. Teyana Taylor is the face of the campaign in a Kill Bill style short film.

Wu-Tang Clan x Milk Makeup


Music Beats vs. Beauty

Partnering with legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan as Milk Makeup’s first collaboration, “…a seminal icon who moves between culture and music and helped shape a generation.” Transcending time and culture as Founder Mazdack Rassi put it. Launched on November 1st the lipsticks are inspired by Wu-Tang’s music and their influence of Shaolin Kung Fu. The lipsticks are vegan and made with special ingredients such as lotus water, cherry blossom and ginseng. Each shade transforming the women of today in to their own Wu-Warrior.

I love the idea behind the collab. Legendary hip-hop group meets new age beauty brand. Milk Makeup and Wu-Tang’s RZA bonding over their old school 90’s New York roots. An unexpected get together but a cool one. And definitely one to be remembered. I’m definitely here for the design and the colours. Any unwanted lipsticks full or empty send my way!

What do you think about the beauty music collab? Let me know in the comments.






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