22 Amazing Anthropologie Mirror Dupes & Alternatives

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There’s a certain ornate gold mirror that has taken the interior design world by storm. Celebs, top influences, and just about anyone with great taste in home décor have it. Yes, it’s the Gleaming Primrose mirror from Anthropologie. Why, you ask?

For one, oversized baroque style mirrors are elegant and timeless. You could even say they’re a lifetime investment for your stylish abode.

Place an Anthropologie gold floor mirror literally anywhere in your house and you’ll notice how it magically takes that space into new realms of luxury. This gorgeous mirror comes in 3 different colors and 4 various sizes.

The huge 7-foot gold accent mirror is a perfect fit for your entryway. Or a great focal point for your living room. Whereas the smaller version piece transforms the space above your fireplace into a dream.

22 Best Anthropologie Mirror Dupes 

Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror
Image: Anthropologie

The only catch with these mirrors comes with a high price point. The Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror will cost you anywhere between $500 to $1,600. If you want the real deal because it’s on your wish list as a home decor splurge then you’re fine. 

But don’t worry if the price tag of an Anthropologie Mirror is off-limits for your wallet. This list of the best Anthropologie mirror dupes gives you plenty of options to fit your design style and your price point.

Here, we reveal 22 vintage-inspired mirror dupes that will enhance the vibrancy and depth of your décor the way a real Anthropologie piece would! This list gives you plenty of options to fit your design style and your price point.

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes from Amazon 

For the smaller size mirror dupes Amazon is the best place to go for affordable prices. These might not be a perfect match to the Anthropologie version but a great alternative for a vintage-inspired design.

1. Traditional Ornate Wall Arch Mirror

Measuring 36” L and 28” W, the Traditional Ornate Wall Arch Mirror perfectly reflects (pun intended!) your home styling dream.

Crafted from resin and engineered hardwood, this vintage mirror embodies all things glamorous and elegant. While the price tag is a little higher ($218 to be precise), the mirror’s baroque detailing work truly does justify it. 

2. Ruomeng Wall Mirror

What does the blend of ornate and minimalist look like? Absolutely magnificent.

Thanks to the beauty of the Roumeng Wall Mirror, you no longer have to break the bank to amplify the elegance of your décor. Priced at just $79, this 30.5” x 19” golden giant will light up your wall décor in no time.

The price is definitely a bargain given the mirror’s design, craftsmanship, and frame material (engineered wood and resin).

3. SHYFOY Antique Mirror Baroque

For a price tag as little as $159, this Anthropologie dupe from SHYFOY screams elegance and vintage sophistication.

This gold floor mirror comes in four different sizes – from the smaller 23” H x 35” W pieces to the full-length 67” H x 29” W pieces. Splashed with a golden touch and crafted from high-quality resin, it has oh-so-perfect ornate details around the top and sides.

Place it above the fireplace or hang it above your entry table to class up your décor instantly!

4. Hobby Lobby Gold Wall Arched Mirror

This mirror from Hobby Lobby is a great dupe for the Primrose mirror and a fraction of the price. It starts at $122.95 and has two size options and is also available in antique black. You still get the vintage look without a hefty price tag.

5. Kate And Laurel Arendahl Arch Mirror 

Nothing embodies the gorgeousness of Anthropologie’s “it” mirror like this Kate and Laurel mirror. Surrounded by a metal frame and featuring stunning baroque detailing on top, this mirror infuses a traditional (yet chic) glam into your living room.

Hang the smaller (19” x 31”) piece on an empty wall to make a décor statement or lean the larger (36” x 19”) piece against the wall to breathe timeless elegance into your hallway.

6. Cozdecor Antique Mirror 

The brushed bronze hue of the Cozdecor Antique Mirror resurrects the beauty of the French décor style.

Measuring 32” L x 20” W, this piece strikes the harmonious balance between ornate and austere. At an unbelievable price of $79, this Anthropologie dupe can grace your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

7. SHYFOY Antique Baroque Mirror Wide 

Measured at 23” L and 36” W, the SHYFOY Antique Baroque Mirror Wide piece will occupy a good amount of space above your hallway console table. You can either lean this beauty against the wall or hang it with ease.

Priced at $169, this statement vintage gold mirror is crafted from a hand-molded wood composite that lends it a super long life and undying elegance. 

8. Hafomcel Traditional Arch Mirror 

Nothing speaks the language of retro beauty and timeless sophistication like the Hafomcel Traditional Arch Mirror. Lean this beauty against the wall of your console table to simply hang it in the hallway area to bring unparalleled magnificence to life.

Priced at just $159, this dupe is made using premium iron and painted with a unique golden hue. Dimensions include a width of 36” and a length of 28.5”.

Alternative Anthropologie Mantel Mirror Dupes 

9. VELOVE Arched Metal mirror

The VELOVE Arched Metal Mirror features a slim golden border and a baroque-inspired design on top.

A quality metal process frame, HD reflective surface, and a clean hand-applied finish make it an irresistible interior décor piece that keeps your space looking stunning forever.

Measured at 31” x 19”, this dreamy statement piece is priced at an unbelievable price of just $75.99. Hang this Walmart mirror as an accent or lean it against the wall above your fireplace to infuse a traditional and modern elegance to your space. 

10. Wilsey Rectangle Wall Mirror

If you’re a fan of all things unique and enchanting, the Wilsey Rectangle Wall Mirror is perfect for you. Sure, it’s a bit pricey ($389.99, to be precise) but we promise you won’t be able to take your eyes off this beauty.

Measured at 58” x 36”, this piece is handcrafted with love by expert artisans and has a beautiful antique gold color. No two pieces of the Wilsey Wall Mirror will look alike but they will paint your indoors in luxury, sophistication, magic, and elegance all the same!

11. Helene Metal Mirror 

The Helene Metal Mirror infuses Fairytale-ish magic into your décor. It’s from the Kelly Clarkson home collection. And comes in four different dimensions, with smaller ones measuring 30” x 30” and large ones measuring 66” x 34”.

Mount it directly on the wall or lean it against the wall – either way, this statement piece will paint your home in timeless grace and romantic nostalgia.

Crafted from quality MDF material and sturdy glass, it highlights a distressed golden finish, perfect for both your décor and selfies!

12. Christany Wall Mirror 

The Christany Wall Mirror uncovers a warm, storied aesthetic that enhances the depth and vibrancy of your space. It is measured at 32.5” x 24.5”. The piece’s size, intricate design, and antique gold finish make it well worth the $259 price tag.

Ornate garland details run along the edges and the crown of this statement piece brings the magnificence of French provincial style to life.

13. Dakaria Wall Mirror 

Nothing brings the sophistication of the old world like the Dakaria Wall Mirror. Measured at 42” x 20.5”, the mirror features a purposefully scraped-off look to add a touch of tasteful austerity.

Intricate scroll decorations from centuries past collide gorgeously with a contemporary look, making it a perfect statement piece for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. The quality of this piece truly makes it worth $225. 

14. Epsom Arch Wall Mirror 

God is in the details and the regal crown design of the Epsom Arch Wall Mirror truly places a piece of heaven in your home. Measured at 38” x 26”, this oversized statement piece can grace your living room or entryway with a gleaming golden glam.

The best part? You can own this timelessly elegant piece for just $129!

15. Tulca Mirror

A curved top, traditional scroll detailing, and a deep gold-hued polish come together to craft this luxurious Tulca Mantle Mirror.

Priced at $448, this 36” x 35.7” W piece blends traditional and contemporary to make your décor truly stand out. 

16. Copenhagen Wall Mirror 

Alright, the Copenhagen Wall Mirror is a bit more expensive (priced at $599) than other Anthropologie mirror dupes, and for a good many reasons.

First, it is sold by luxury home brand Arhaus which places a massive importance on the quality and uniqueness of their pieces. This vintage mirror comes with intricate detailing work, with each layer molded with a warm aged gold finish.

The mirror itself is measured at 38” x 30” and believe us, it is quite literally the stuff of museums!

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes Floor Length 

Floor mirrors can make a beautiful statement piece. Whether it’s a slim line full-length mirror in the bedroom or closet for getting ready each day. Or a decorative mirror in a large size as a great statement piece or to make smaller spaces feel bigger. 

17. Aticus Arch Mirror 

Place the Aticus Arch Mirror in your living room and it will look nothing short of a beloved family heirloom. Crafted from the highest-quality glass that is enclosed within a gorgeously polished metal frame, this statement gold floor mirror is priced at $633.

It comes in multiple sizes, with the floor-length piece measuring 70.5” x 36”.

18. Amelie Floor Length Mirror

Sublime, delicate, and regal, the Amelie Floor Length Mirror is the magic mirror your home décor desperately needs.

With a height of 74.5” and width of 41”, this large mirror statement piece features a distressed golden finish, evoking romantic nostalgia and dreamy vintage looks.

Although on the pricier side, the quality, size, and craftsmanship of this piece make it worth its $679 price tag (which, by the way, is still way less than a floor-length Anthropologie piece).

19. Bridgitte Ornate Gold Floor Mirror

The Bridgitte Ornate Gold Floor Mirror by One Kings Lane features stunning baroque-style engraving on the crown and a beaded finish across the frame’s outline.

This full length mirror measures 40” x 28”, and is priced at $296, this statement brings the stately charm of past centuries to your modern home décor. 

20. Tressie Arch Wood Mirror 

Adorned with baroque-style detailing and a magical gold finish, the Tressie Arch Wood Mirror adds a generous doze of royalty to your home decor. Measured at a whopping 85” x 38”, this charming vintage gold mirror and a great addition to anywhere it lives.

The Tressie Arch Mirror comes with a stylish, fairytale-like look too, with a gorgeous, engraved protrusion at the bottom. While it comes with a price tag of $570, it comes in lower than the Anthropologie Primrose mirror. 

21. Mila Mirror 

Grandeur meets tasteful design in the Mila Mirror. It comes in three types and sizes: Oval (37” x 26.5” W), Mantel (40.25” x 44.75” W), and Floor (72” x 45”). Based on the size and type you pick, the prices could range from $398 to $1,298.

Hang the oval and mantelpiece on a bare wall for a stunning royal touch to your décor and lean the floor-length piece against the wall to make a grand interior design statement.

This beautiful mirror is also from Anthropologie and if you just want a gorgeous gold mirror then this is a great option. 

22. Ornate Filigree Mirror 

Hand painted with love and crafted from high-quality MDR, glass, and resin, the Ornate Filigree Mirror features simple, yet elegant baroque-style engravings that evoke a vintage-inspired look you’ll instantly fall in love with.

The smaller piece is 24.7” high and 32.65” wide and the larger one is 60” high and 24” wide. An amazing find from Pottery Barn Teen!

That wraps up the top Anthropologie mirror dupes! There were some really great budget-friendly options in there and some great alternative designs to get the vintage ornate look. And to take your room interior to the next level!


22 Amazing Anthropologie Mirror Dupes & Alternatives

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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