20 Stunning Rattan Beds & Headboards For The Bedroom

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Rattan has been taking over the world of home interiors lately. And I’m loving it! There have been so many great home pieces available for all over the home and in so many styles. It seems a great option to use in the bedroom to create a relaxed and dreamy space to retreat to. Which is why there are so many gorgeous rattan beds and headboards you’re able to get your hands on.

It works in a boho bedroom to a traditional space. Scandinavian and Japandi to modern and contemporary. Rattan beds can work to any bedroom space and almost any style you’re looking to achieve. Rattan is a great sustainable material and an interior trend sure to carry through the years.

Here are some gorgeous rattan beds to consider if you’re thinking about updating your bedroom furniture and decor.

Favourite Rattan & cane Bed Finds

1. Sarafina Bed

This bed from McGee & Co has a modern style about it. Mixing the natural cane with metal and wood. So if you’re looking for a bed that isn’t all one finish this is a good option.

2. Canoga Rattan bed

This boho bed looks like it could have just been an amazing find at the local thrift store. But nope, this gorgeous rattan bed is from Urban Outfitters.

3. Chrisney Black wood & Cane bed

Having a bed with a headboard is great because that you can still see some detail. The black wood contrast with cane finish works really well.

4. ANAISE Cane Bed Frame

A modern platform bed from Crate & Barrel. The long curved cane headboard shape is really striking but simple.

5. Maeve Black cane Bed

Anything all black immediately gives a sense of sophistication with it. And this beautiful cane bed with slight curves does just that!


A lovely light cane finished bed that has a relaxed and light feel about it. Perfect for an extended long morning in bed.


This bed is the most unique bed in the list! It’s definitely a show stopper for your bedroom. With a gorgeous cane pattern in the headboard alongside the beautiful stained wood. And comes with top reviews.


If you feel like a natural cane finish is too much for your bedroom, a whitewashed cane would be better. This bed with the light colour and curves brings will bring a softness to your space.


I don’t think you could get much more relaxed than with this cool beach vibe bed from Serena & Lily. The open rattan lattice on the boards gives it a relaxed holiday feel. It’s definitely got a Grandmother Coastal style about it.


Having a poster bed always brings a sense of drama. And is a great as your focal point in your bedroom. The cane material and the black wood brings about a perfect mix.

Rattan & Cane Headboards Finds

1. Palm Rattan Headboard

A beautiful rattan headboard to in a pattern of displayed peacock to fan around your bed. Perfect if you’re looking for a light and airy style headboard that still is an eye catching piece.

2. balboa Headboard

This tight weave rattan headboard gives warmth and texture. But offers more of a solid support rather than open weave

3. RATTAN ARCHED Headboard

Another arched rattan headboard displayed in sun ray pattern that is handcrafted from Etsy.

4. RATTAN PETAL Headboard

The great thing about rattan is there are so many different patterns that can be made to create an unusual piece. This petal rattan headboard is really unique and fits in with the boho style.


Bamboo and rattan materials make up this gorgeous Chinese fretwork headboard.

6. OVAL RATTAN Headboard

A simple oval shape rattan headboard that can be mounted to your wall.

7. HARBOUR CANE Headboard

This cane contrast headboard will fit into any style bedroom. It’s up to you whether you make it work for a traditional or modern space.


A diamond fretwork rattan headboard brings a romantic soft edge to the bedroom. The pattern and whitewashed light colour also adds a vintage style about it. A good find from Word Market!


Java Rattan headboard Citzenry

This rattan headboard has a modern geometric split into vertical and horizontal pattern.


lokon Cane Headboard Citizenry

Citizenry have this beautiful cane headboard that can be easily mounted behind your bed.

So those are all the rattan bed pieces, if you’re loving this rattan revival! Of course you can just stick to rattan or woven accessories or lighting pendants and shades. If you’re only thinking to add smaller pieces.

What do you think of rattan around the home? Are you ready for the rattan to blow over or can’t get enough of it?


20 Stunning Rattan and Cane Beds and Headboards for the bedroom

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  1. I am in love with Rattan and cane furniture and decor items, but unfortunately the majority of them are well out of my price range.

  2. To save space in her New York City bedroom, designer Kelly Giesen secured her headboard to the wall. It was upholstered in a silver fabric and accessorized with pillows covered in crystals to up the glam factor.

  3. No point showing me these if you don’ say how much they are and where I can get one. A couple of these were very nice and I would have considered them.

    1. Hi there, all the beds I could find direct links for are in the post and are stated where they’re from. Some of the bed frames are available in different countries like USA and UK so depending on where you are located the price will be stated. If I can find similar options for the bed frames shown under “inspiration” later down the line I will add them in there.

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