15 Favourite Lucite & Ghost Chairs And Amazing Ways To Style Them

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Ghost chairs have been a go-to for contemporary interior decorators, combining grace and usefulness. These lucite chairs are the perfect addition to any living space, providing both visual interest and practicality.

I love a good ghost chair! A creation of designer Philippe Starck and the Kartell company. They go with any style and you can mix new and old furniture pieces together and it still works.

Their transparent material allows them to blend seamlessly with any interior design style. While adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. Clear chairs are a great option if you’re struggling with a design, colour scheme or limited on space. 

Here’s a round-up of the best finds for lucite chairs. All with different design styles and clear chairs that you’ll be able to use around the home.

Favourite Transparent Chairs

Paris Tower Clear Acrylic Dining Chair - Overstock

1. Paris Tower Acrylic Dining Chair

These modern clear chairs come as a set of 2. So if you have a small dining area these high-quality chairs are a good option.

Easy to clean and the metal base makes the chairs look and feel even more lightweight.

2. Markus Acrylic Lounge Chair

Only the base of this beautiful lounge chair is transparent. But it looks like a comfy modern piece of art! A cushioned seat like this would work perfectly in a modern minimalist living room.

Markus Acrylic Lounge Chair - CB2
Chiaro Clear Modern Dining Chair Gold Legs - CB2

3. Chiaro Clear Modern Chair Gold

An elegant and modern dining chair to host people around your dinner table. The gold legs adds a little extra touch of sophistication to the clear side chair.

4. Eudora Stacking Clear Side Chair

The Eudora stacking chair is a great affordable option for clear acrylic chairs instead of a ghost chair. These are bought as a set of two. And the legs have three different finishes to pick from.

Eudora Stacking Clear Side Chair - Wayfair
Ghost Side Chair Transparent Crystal - Amazon

5. VICTORIA Ghost Side Chair Transparent Crystal

The ghost side chair is known as the Victoria chair and you can get it straight from Design Within Reach.

6. Goku Clear Wing Back Stacking Chair

An extra light and airy chair because of it’s school chair design. And made much more practical because of the polycarbonate material. It also comes in a transparent dark grey tint.

6. Goku Clear Wing Back Stacking Chair - Wayfair
7. Chiaro Clear Modern Chair Black - CB2

7. Chiaro Clear Modern Chair Black

The Chiaro modern chairs from CB2 shown in the black option. Any finish that you choose from this collection, will finish off your dining room perfectly.

8. Acrylic Transparent Dining Chair

This chair is similar to another option shown before. But I like that this chair has acrylic legs as well.

8. Acrylic Transparent Dining Chair - Overstock
Lawrence Acrylic Folding Chair - Overstock

9. Lawrence Acrylic Folding Chair

If you’re really limited on space then a folding chair will do the trick. I love that this acrylic chair is framed in a gold finish. It makes it more of an elegant chair that’s easy to store away!

10. Honeycomb Plastic Dining Chair

The honeycomb back to this lucite chair makes a unique design. It’d look great as a desk office chair or in a kid’s bedroom.

Honeycomb Plastic Dining Chair - Overstock
Bolla Modern Clear Dining Chair - CB2

11. Bolla Modern Clear Dining Chair

The Bolla chair from CB2 comes with top reviews from customers. A modern and sleek design that can be used indoors or outdoors.

12. Alviya Transparent Armchair

The Alviya armchair is pretty good looks-wise. And comes with an affordable price tag from Wayfair.

Alviya Transparent Armchair Ghost Chair Dupe - Wayfair
Mashpee Stacking Acrylic Armchair - Wayfair

13. Mashpee Stacking ACRYLIC Armchair

The Mashpee stacking chair is a modern looking chair to use around your dining table or great for your kitchen. You get these as a set of two.

14. Casper Clear counter Stool

The Casper clear counter stools are great if you want your island or counter to feel less crowded in the kitchen.

Casper Clear Modern Stool - Overstock
Helskdg Transparent Side Chair With Arms

15. Helskdg Transparent Side Chair With Arms

This armchair is molded from a polypropylene material giving a completely seamless structure. But with more support for your back and a place to rest your arms.

Ghost Chairs Interior inspiration

This chair is such a classic for so many reasons!

Because of its style, it fits in well with a modern or a more traditional style interior. For a piece of furniture that is transparent it definitely catches your eye. You can use a ghost chair to make a statement. Or to avert your attention to another feature in the room. 

And of course it’s a great option for small spaces. As it has a light appearance and any natural light that comes through into the room won’t be blocked. Creating an airy atmosphere even in smaller rooms or dining areas where square footage may be limited.

So it’s a really good choice for those looking who need seating without overwhelming the small space. Here’s some inspiration on how you can style and use any clear acrylic chair.

Ghost Dining Chairs

Source: Mosiak Homes

Mixing modern materials with traditional finishes is a great way to style your dining room.

I love how the silhouettes of the Louis ghost chairs around the traditional pedestal dining table melt away. It’s such a contrast of materials with the dark wood colour central to the ring of clear chairs around it.

The transparent chairs lighten up the traditional interior with an unexpected playfulness. It gives the dining area a cool edge.

Source: Roomed

These acrylic chairs tuck right under the dining table. Which is great if you’re tight on space. The chairs are made are bit more comfortable with the felt cushion pads and faux throws for comfortable seating.

You can always add some seat cushions to your clear plastic chairs to make them more comfy. Cushions can also bring in colour and pattern to your dining area.

Source: 19 Degrees

This dining room has enough space to go with a solid wood chair. But instead, they’ve gone with decorative clear chairs. They’ve used the arm-style chair at the top ends of the table. And armless transparent Louis ghost chairs down the length of the table.

The ghost chairs still seem appropriate to use as they almost disappear. And leads your eye up the high ceiling with the stunning vertigo light fixture.

Ghost Bar Chairs in The Kitchen

Source: Homes To Love

You can opt for lucite barstools in the kitchen, if you want to keep a clean and streamlined look. The lucite stools are so practical for around the kitchen because they’re totally wipeable. Really easy to clean and wipe down.

Clear desk chairs in Offices

Source: Havenly

If you need a chair for sitting down to do your makeup then make it a ghost chair. It’s pretty, stylish and will minimize the visual space taken up. Adding the ghost chair helps take the Ikea furniture up a notch as well.

Another practical solution is to use a lucite chair when having to combine multiple uses into one room. Like an office space in the bedroom. The less furniture it looks like you have the better that space will work for you.

The ghost chairs come in colour tints as well. Wanting a lucite chair for the practicality aspect, but want some colour? Then choose a chair in colour tint to tie into the rest of your room.

Alternative Styling

Style your empty corner with a barely there but there chair and pull out from the corner when extra seats are needed. Or style a ghost chair with some gorgeous accessories to go next to your bed instead of a nightstand.

Acrylic Chairs in The Living Room

Design Chahan Minassian – Source: This Is Glamorous

These lucite accent chairs have a seat cushion so they’re not completely transparent but that just makes the chair that much more interesting, quirky not to mention comfortable.

I love how the shape compliments the other curved furniture in the room. Quite a contemporary living room space but still easily able to relax!

The Iconic Ghost Chair

Philippe Starck’s Ghost chair, introduced in 2002, is a modern reinterpretation of the classic Louis XVI armchair.

Made from a polycarbonate material and designed for indoor-outdoor use, this timeless piece has been endlessly copied since its release due to its elegant appearance and versatility.

Starck drew inspiration from traditional Louis XVI style chairs, which were known for their ornate details and opulent materials. By using transparent material instead of wood or fabric, he created a visually striking yet minimalist version. It remains true to the original silhouette while making it suitable for contemporary spaces.

Starck & Kartell

Following the success of the original Ghost chair design made by the Italian company Kartell. The French designer Philippe Starck continued collaborating with the furniture company Kartell to create several other stackable ghost chairs.

The Louis Ghost chair by Kartell retails for around $445 per piece. But many furniture companies have created more affordable options, to make similar pieces accessible to a wider audience.

Kartell’s use of cutting-edge production methods enabled them to create a seamless, durable polycarbonate piece that brought Starck’s design concept to fruition. The versatile nature of these ghost chairs makes them ideal for use in various settings, from the living room to the dining area and even outdoor patios. 

  • Louis Ghost: The armchair design features an oval backrest and curved arms reminiscent of antique styles.
  • Victoria Ghost: A variation on the theme with a square backrest offering more support than its predecessor.
  • Charles Ghost: A backless clear stool that can be used as seating or a side table, perfect for casual living spaces.

Starck and Kartell have designed other transparent furniture options. Like their nightstands that resemble tray tables under their brand name “Ghostbuster.”

Whether you’re seeking a statement piece or something more subtle, there’s likely a product that will suit your needs perfectly. To “lighten” the load of the room.

Ghost Chair Design Features

The Ghost chair looks great and also has practical features that make it an ideal choice for any living space. One key aspect that sets this chair apart from others is its construction using polycarbonate material, which offers numerous benefits:

  • Durability: Polycarbonate is known for its strength and resistance to wear. Making the Ghost chair a long-lasting addition to your home.
  • Lightweight: Despite its sturdy appearance, the Ghost chair is surprisingly lightweight, allowing you to easily move it around as needed.
  • Maintenance: The clear plastic material makes cleaning a breeze; simply wipe down with a damp cloth when necessary.

When materials like polycarbonate are no longer usable, the materials can be recycled rather than discarded.

Ideal for Small Spaces

  • Airy appearance: Ghost chairs are perfect for small spaces. As the clear plastic construction creates an airy atmosphere that doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered.
  • Maintaining visual flow: The design allows light to pass through. Maintaining a sense of openness in tight quarters where other furniture items might obstruct views.
  • Versatile seating options: Whether used as a standalone piece or paired with other seating options, ghost chairs provide comfortable yet stylish seating solutions.
  • Extra limited space: When chairs aren’t in use, you can go for stackable clear chairs or folding clear chairs. So even if the chairs have to be stored in view they can still fade into the background. 

Miniature Ghost Chair Designs

The Lou Lou Ghost chair is a scaled-down version of the Louis Ghost chair. Crafted with kids in mind. It’s a strong plastic chair available in various colours to coordinate with any playroom decor.

Incorporating Them into a Child’s Space

  • Create a reading nook: Place a few miniature ghost chairs around a low table or bookshelf to create an inviting area where children can read and relax.
  • Dining area: Use these versatile chairs as part of your dining setup. When hosting family gatherings or parties with young guests. Use the mini ghost chairs as their own designated seating area.
  • Arts & crafts station: Set up an arts and crafts corner using ghost chairs paired with a clear plastic table. This will not only look visually appealing but also make cleaning up after messy projects much easier.
  • Add personalization: Customize chairs by adding decals or stickers featuring your child’s name or favorite characters. Making them feel special while incorporating their interests into the room’s design scheme.

These mini ghost chairs are sure to add a modern touch. While still being functional and practical for everyday use for children. They’re too cute!

Are you thinking you might need some lucite chairs at home? If so which room? Let me know in the comments below!


FAQs Ghost Chairs

Why is the Ghost Chair So Famous?

The Ghost Chair gained fame due to its innovative design, which combines traditional baroque style with modern materials and technology.

Its versatility, durability, and timeless appeal have made it an iconic piece of contemporary furniture.

Why is it Called a Ghost Chair?

The name “Ghost Chair” comes from its translucent nature.

Its clear polycarbonate material makes it appear almost invisible or ghost-like in certain lighting conditions. This is how the chair blends into various interior styles so easily. While still making a statement as a functional art piece.

What’s a Ghost Chair?

A Ghost Chair is an iconic piece of modern furniture designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell. It features a seamless geometric construction made from transparent polycarbonate material that creates an illusion of invisibility or “ghostliness.”

The chairs are known for their versatility, durability, and ability to complement various interior styles.

How Can You Tell if a Ghost Chair is Real?

If you want an authentic ghost chair these are the things to check. Look for engraved signatures on the backrest or under seat area. It should have Philippe Starck’s signature and Kartell logo.

Check there are no visible seams between different parts of the frame. Look at overall build quality, such as smooth edges and consistent transparency throughout.

Authentic chairs also come with documentation verifying authenticity upon purchase from authorized retailers like Kartell.

Are Ghost Chairs Still in Style?

Ghost chairs are a classic design and flexible to use at home in any interior. It’s more about if these or a lucite chair alternative is an option that will work best for you. As they are practical for use and there are many ways you can style them.

Ghost Chairs and Lucite Chair Alternatives

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