Beautiful Woven Basket Wall Decor To Fill A Blank Space

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One of the big struggles when decorating our homes is deciding what to do with those blank walls. Basket wall decor is a great way to liven up our space and makes a nice focal point. And it’s a nice alternative to a gallery wall.

They’re decorative and add texture, warmth and dimension to the space because of their shape and size. Plus you won’t have to worry about anything breaking should someone accidentally knock it down.

These wall hangings will go with any interior style. From a boho setting, an African style, to a maximalist or a minimal interior. It all comes down to the colors you choose and the wall arrangement. There are so many ways to use this decor idea to match your style and personality. 

Are Baskets Still Popular For Wall Decor?

As long as you like it, it will always look good! Baskets for wall decor are a great way to fill in a blank wall space and double up as a 3D wall art display. So if you already have enough photos in your living room you can try this look out. 

How To Set Up Your Baskets For Your Wall

African Wall Baskets Decor

1. What’s Your Style?

More than likely this wall display will be the finishing touch to your space. It’s up to you whether you want your decorative wall baskets to match your surroundings through color and style. Or if this wall is going to stand out in some way.

You can go for neutral tones and just focus on texture and sizing. Or you can opt for colorful display with bright colors and patterns. For simple design styles go large sizes and neutral shades.

2. How Much Wall Space?

Measure out the size of your wall space. This will give you an estimate for the biggest basket size you can use. And if you have a full blank wall to use doesn’t mean to say you should use all of it.

For a focal point, centre your basket display behind your living room sofa or bed to bring attention to the area of the room. A basket wall display will work in any area of your home. 

3. Source Your Baskets

Lots of sellers and companies sell a wall basket set so you don’t have to source the baskets individually. But you can source them one by one if you like. Either from retailers or you can look in second-hand and thrift stores to see what you can find for an affordable price.

You’ll find lots of sellers on Etsy that offer basket collections or one-off handmade pieces. Amazon have some nice wall decor baskets too at reasonable prices. 

4. Your Basket Display

Now for the fun part. Draw round your baskets on some paper to make templates and label them, so you know which basket is which. Then tape the paper templates to the wall to figure out your arrangement. Start with your larger basket templates first.

Then experiment with overlapping and spacing smaller baskets around them. Also, bear in mind the colors and different tones that you’ll be placing next to each other. Remember to keep it interesting.

Play about with your arrangement and take snapshots on your phone along the way to see which setup you like best. Going for a minimal look? Keep it simple with 2 – 4 baskets arranged on the wall. If those wall baskets are different sizes you can arrange them and cluster them diagonally for some interest. Or evenly space them out in a line if they’re the same size. 

How Do You Attach Woven Baskets To The Wall?

Some baskets have loops on the back them which you can use a hook or a nail to fix them to the wall. Another way is to thread some fishing line through the center of the basket so you hang it up on the wall with a wall nail. Paperclips also work by threading them through the back of the basket and using thumbtacks to place them on the wall. 

How Do You Display Woven Baskets On The Wall?

It depends on what style you are going for. You can overlap multiple baskets in different shapes and sizes so they’re all as one piece of art. Mix up the colors and tones of the baskets as well as the sizes and depths.

Or you can space out two of three baskets in a linear formation if you would like a simple and clean look. Have a look on your socials like Pinterest and Instagram to get inspiration of how others have arranged their wall decor set. 

Check out this YouTube video here on how to hang and display a woven basket display. 

Woven Basket Wall Decor Sets

Neutral & Textured Basket Wall Sets

Black and White Basket Wall Sets

Colorful Basket Wall Sets 

Best Baskets Sets Amazon 

Make Your Own Baskets 

For good quality woven baskets that are ethically sourced, you can pay a pretty price. Which is all good if you have the money to do so. Or you can have a go at making your baskets some craft supplies and this amazing Basket Weaving course from Domestika. 

Remember to experiment and have fun!


Beautiful Woven Basket Wall Decor To Fill A Blank Space

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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