12 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home For Spring

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Spring is the time for new beginnings. So it only makes sense to bring some freshness and life into your home as well. Here are the top decorating ideas to refresh your home for the spring.

Refresh Your Home For Spring 

1. Declutter 

There’s nothing better than a good clear out of the home for a fresh start to Spring! Find missing and forgotten-about items and throw out things that are broken or no longer needed. Decide what you will keep, donate and bin.

Look at which items that need to be moved to a different room in the house. If you have young kids at home take a look at organizing their toys too. Decluttering is an easy way of making your space feel cleaner, bright, airy and organized. 

2. Soft Furnishings 


One of the easiest ways to change your look for the Spring season is to swap out your soft furnishings. Throw pillow covers can be easily swapped for lighter fabrics like linen and cotton. Or with pretty prints, neutrals and pops of color instead.

There’s no need to swap all of your cushion covers. Just a couple of new pillows here and there to mix into your pillow combo to create a fresh look. Just because it’s Spring doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your throw blankets either. Just change the thick blankets around for a Spring vibe. 

3. Re-arrange Your Furniture

This is one of the best ways to freshen up your home during any season. But with Spring signalling a new start why not change some main pieces of furniture around if you can?

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes and you won’t have to buy anything new to get a different look and feel of your living space.

Even if you can’t change the bigger pieces of furniture around like the seating, or your bed you can play around with the smaller pieces. Furniture like your side table, coffee tables, bookshelves and floor lamps. See how it looks somewhere different! 

4. Home Styling 


Most of these tips are decor styling, but think more about the main styling focus points in your home. Your coffee table, kitchen counter or kitchen island and console table, etc. Change up your decor items for a new look.

This could be simply swapping out a decor book or opening the book to a different page spread for your coffee table. Changing the smaller items to tie in with the season like a new scented candle. 

5. Fragrance 


Sometimes just leaving the windows open for some fresh air is enough. But you can also add a new scent to go along with the spring season by using essential oils or a scented candle. Lighter notes of florals like lavender and rose or citrus scents can add to the seasonal changes of your space. 

6. Pretty Florals 


Spring is the time to bring fresh flowers into your home. It’s always nice to bring in flowers that are only in bloom during this season. Favorite spring flowers for this time include peonies, tulips, and daffodils.

Bringing blossom branches to display in a vase is a lovely idea too. Of course, you can bring in any flowers you like but it’s always nice to appreciate the flowers that are only around in Spring.

Want your florals to last longer than a couple of weeks? Then go for faux flowers but keep to the season. Faux olive branches look great also. Flowers always bring in a pop of color to the home and are the perfect way of welcoming spring into the home. 

7. Greenery 

A new season brings new life, so natural elements like plants are good to add to your space too. Use a mixture of small potted plants you can place on shelves and table tops and big potted floor plants.

They will need looking after long term but low-maintenance plants are easy to start with. New house plants are great for cleaning the air and will add a new lease of life to your room. 

8. Wall Art 


Changing your artwork is a great way to refresh your home for spring. You can buy new artwork if you like or swap and re-arrange pieces of art you already have in different rooms. Instead of artwork use your photographs to make a gallery wall for a personal touch.

Or hang your favorite photos in a large frame for a nice new focal point. Woven basket decor for wall art and adds dimension and texture to your walls. 

9. Change Your Lighting


If you have lampshades at home you’ll know how quickly they get dirty and dusty. After a while, it might be worth changing out your light shades for new ones. Woven pendants suit the spring season perfectly. Or stick to neutral colors in light fabrics. 

10. Peel & Stick Wallpaper

This option will take a bit more time but if you’re looking for more impact for your spring decorating try peel-and-stick wallpaper. I love this idea for smaller spaces like a powder bathroom or a home office. It’ll make a huge difference and it’s up to you how long it stays for.

11. Get Your Outdoor Space Ready


If you have an outdoor space make the most of it. No matter how small or big, a balcony or a garden a couple of outdoor chairs, and a small table are all you need to start enjoying the spring weather. 

12. Front Door Treatment 


While preparing the inside of your home for the arrival of spring, remember your front of house. After all, it’s where the first impression is made and spring is the perfect opportunity for something different.

Add some personality to your door by changing the paint color of your door, or adding a new door knocker. A fresh coat of paint on your door will make sure your home stands in the neighborhood.

You can also add potted plants to the front if you have the space and a new doormat to make your home more inviting. Door wreaths are a nice touch for any season too. 

Favorite Things For Spring Decor

  1. Watercolor Botanical Prints – Choose the whole set or just one of the prints from West Elm by Minted. 
  2. Brass Door Knocker – Update your front door with a modern piece of hardware. 
  3. Spring Wreath – A floral wreath sets the tone for a spring welcome. 
  4. Faux Eucalyptus Plant – Bringing in some greenery always signals new beginnings. This artificial tree looks from Wayfair is a good alternative to the real thing. 
  5. The Art Of Home – Turn to a fresh new spread in your coffee table book for styling your tabletops. 
  6. Embroidered Floral Pillow – Add just a couple of new pillows to your cushion combo. This pretty cushion in bright colors is perfect.  
  7. Faux Magnolia Stem – Use some faux floral stems to keep the spring feel at home when your fresh spring flowers have gone. 
  8. Hello Doormat – Your welcome station for your front door. 
  9. Peel & Stick Floral Roll – For a big decor change, use some peel-and-stick wallpaper. 
  10. Lavender Ceramic Candle – Keep this pretty jar after the gorgeous lavender candle is gone. 
  11. Marble Box – I love this little marble box to style and organize with. 
  12. Outdoor Dining Side Chair – Stackable chairs are great for storing away. 
  13. Cheverny Throw Blanket – A lightweight throw blanket is nice to cover up in the living room or bedroom. 
  14. Handwoven Tote Basket – Storage baskets are great to keep on hand in any room for an organized home. 
  15. Washed Linen Cover – Give your bedroom that fresh spring feeling with a lovely linen cover set. 

Spring Decor Simple Tips

  • Color is a big mood changer and booster and good therapy! So add colors throughout your home to reflect the Spring feel. It’s up to you whether you use color as a temporary seasonal change like changing your throw pillows. Or something more permanent like painting your front door. 
  • For updating your home not everything needs to be new decor that you spend money on. Re-arranging and home DIY projects like re-upholstering still give a fresh feel to your home. 
  • When planning spring home decor ideas focus on one room at a time. There might be some crossover if moving items to a new room but stick with one room until it’s finished. Then move on to the next. 

That covers all the spring decorating tips for your home. Have fun with decorating and enjoy the seasonal feel that a spring home update brings!


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