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The Woven Basket Wall Decor Trend

Updated 17th November 2019
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The trend that I have being seeing all over and loving…. the woven basket wall decor trend! For this year of 2019 the artisan trend was forecast to be big. And it’s being showing all over in the world of interiors. From using sustainable and renewable materials to honing in on local artists.

The woven basket decor wall has something I’ve been constantly pinning. I love the look! It adds texture and a sculptural element to the room. Something a bit different and more tactile than a gallery wall. You can always mix up the two as well. Pictures with woven baskets.

Woven Basket Wall Decor Trend

Here are some of the best inspiration and trend looks from the woven basket trend. And some of the prettiest baskets and bowls you can get your hands on.

Woven Basket Wall Decor Trend -
  1. Ugdana African Bukedo
  2. Purple Native Seagrass
  3. White and Black Zig Zag
  4. African Delta Black and Silver
  5. Blue Raffia Basket
  6. African Gold Basket
  7. Decorative Floral Teal
  8. Woven Flower Basket
  9. Zimbabwe Basket
  10. Sanaa Raffia Basket
  11. Red and Green Rattan Bowl
  12. Sisal Sweetgrass Black and White Bowl

Remember as well charity shops and thrift stores are a good place to find woven baskets at an affordable price. So you might want to check there first and come back to this list later! Also Etsy has so many to choose from. There are a few from Etsy featured in the list but you there are pages and pages to scroll through. African Home Goods has lots of colourful options too.

What do you make of the trend? Is it overdone already or are you still loving the look? Let me know in the comments below!


The Woven Basket Wall Decor Trend

This post contains affiliate links.

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