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Your Ultimate Style Guide To Warm Minimalism At Home

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We’re getting back to minimalism again! Striking a balance between simplicity and lifeless can be a bit hard to pin point. After we’ve decluttered and edited down our stuff, we have to think about how we use the space. How do we create a minimalist home that’s cozy? It comes down to the details. And that’s where warm minimalism comes in.

If you’re looking for a luxe, tidy but lived in feel, warm minimalism is something to look into. A style that will make your home feel more elegant but cozy too.

What is Warm Minimalism?

Unlike its sister, a warm minimalist interior brings in a bit more character and comfort into a clean and functional space.

A warm minimalist living space makes the most out of natural materials that add warm and interest into the space. Personal touches and soft organic shapes add a welcoming aspect that you don’t typically get with a minimalist interior.

All of this while still keeping a clutter free and clean style. It’s a look styled with intentional statement pieces layered with textures for a warm and inviting space.

So how do you get the warm minimalist style? Here are the top tips for a warm minimalist trend…

Warm Minimalist Colour Palette

For a warm minimalist colour scheme, you need a warm colour palette. Neutral colours are the foundation of the interior scheme. Warm whites, beiges, creams and taupes. Even warm brown tones.

To really keep the interior space warm and cozy opt for lighter colours which will help maximise the natural light in your space.

When using white for your wall colour make sure the undertone is right. Stick to the colours from the right side of the colour wheel. These are all the warm colours. For accent colours to the minimalist look add warm and deep, rich and rusty colour tones.


You should also pull these warm colours for the materials in the colour scheme. Woods and natural materials have texture and warmth in them. This isn’t to say you can’t choose hard materials like a stone.

But when opting for stone finishes choose warm colours like a travertine, cream granites instead of a white marble.

Rattan, cane, leathers are great material choices to bring into your room.

Layering Soft Furnishings & Textures

Layering in different textures is great for a warm minimalist space. You can include wools like boucle, chunky knits and linens for the furniture pieces or for the soft furnishings.

For curtains and drapery stick to the warm neutral colours, in a linen or cotton. Sheer curtains will add a light softness to the room.

Bring in natural rugs like jutes and seagrasses that bring a touch of nature in the room. If textured rugs aren’t your style go for neutral solid coloured rugs. Or rugs with minimal pattern and design.

For layering think, Hygge turned down a few notches. Comfort is an important part of creating a warm minimal space that works for a family home.

Warm Minimalist Decor

Home Décor & Finishes

Real and authentic is what you want to stick to for décor pieces and anything else you add to the room. Stay away from plastics, vinyl sand other such materials. Ceramics, woods and rustic textures are perfect for this style.

Tactile and textured surfaces add charm to what could come off as perfect polished look overall. Which is not what this minimalist trend is about. Adding in those sorts of pieces will help break up the space against and clean and modern pieces you do put in your room.

Mixing in smooth and textured pieces will add character to the space and a relaxed playful feel about it.

Remember to go for a warm colour tone if you’re opting for a smooth finish. This goes for picking metals and hardware as well. Avoid cool chromes and instead choose metals like brass, copper and black finishes.

Personal Touches

Leaving some of your personal items out on display adds a warm touch. Where a total minimalist space everything would be hidden away out of sight. Warm minimalism allows for your personality show through.

Just be intentional about what surfaces and walls you display your favourites on. Leave some spaces empty, which brings more focus on the things you do decide to display.


Large scale art pieces are the best way to go for the walls. One or two art hangings placed at a key focus point. Abstract, minimalist prints or a neutral textured canvas will work best for this trend.

Warm Minimalist Furniture

With a minimalist space any furniture you have has to be well considered. The furniture pieces are going to be the main focus even in any room. Even more than usual in a minimalist interior. A traditional minimalist interior is angular and clean lines.

This isn’t the case with the warm minimalist trend. Bringing in smooth shapes with curves, circular and organic shapes will really help to soften and cozy up your room.

This doesn’t mean every piece can’t have an edge or corner on it. Depending on how big your space is, a clean line sofa like a bench cushion sofa might be the best option. But you can mix in circular shapes with angular to balance the furniture pieces out.

Contrasting and mismatching pieces in shapes and styles, as well as mixing in old and new décor and furniture creates a more inviting and endearing space.

One of the things the Wabi Sabi trend focuses on is celebrating the beauty in old things, while creating a careful and considered space.

Minimalism Quality Over Quantity

When designing anything around minimalism its always quality over quantity. As you’d expect with minimalism you have fewer pieces, so the pieces you do chose have to stand up to style as well as function.

Home décor and furniture should be personal and treasured or able to withstand the test of time. Classic pieces that you can transition with you in your home. This means taking time and not rushing to fill a space for the sake of it.

Warm Minimalist Furniture

Natural Elements

Adding some natural elements is important for any lived in space. When bringing in plants and flowers in this design scheme less is more.

Think a couple of large scale potted plants like a fiddle leaf tree. One or two vases filled with flowers. Or individual stems or flowering branches. The key is placement rather than having them on every surface and empty corner.

Warm Minimalism Tips To Remember

Warm minimalist interior is about balancing a clutter free space but where you and your family feel relaxed enough without worrying about messing anything up. It’s still a very much personal and lived in space. Which is one of the best things about this interior trend.

Design styles that fit in with the warm minimalist look are; Japandi and the Scandinavian design.

Remember to be intentional about the pieces you buy and make. Try and be patient and take your time. Find unique pieces whenever you can! Minimalism doesn’t have to be bland and boring and this is the trend that says so!


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