9 Great Tips For Your Home Office Guest Room Design

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We have to make the most out of the space that we have at home. This often means creating dual spaces. With a spare room, you might be considering a couple of options on the best use for it.

If you or a family member works from home and you have occasional guest visits, then a home office and guest room design is a great idea. But how do you make a multi-purpose room work? Here are the best design ideas for creating a home office combo. 

Tips For Home Office Guest Room Design

1. A Not So Obvious Bed

Working from home there are already plenty of distractions. A big bed in an office space isn’t the best idea!

I know there’s been a few times I’ve gone for a “quick nap” only to get up hours later! For a guest room office combo the bed is no longer the focal point of the room. So a bed there’s smaller and more discreet is the go to option.

This bed will likely be a multi-purpose piece too so that it can be used for the daytime too. But this room will be used for overnight guests at some point so a decent bed is needed. There are lots of different alternatives to a full bed in a guest room:

  • Sofa bed
  • Sleeper sofa
  • Day bed
  • Trundle bed
  • Murphy bed 

All these bed alternatives are great for a multipurpose room or a small space. Personally, I say a day bed or a sleeper sofa is perfect for a guest room office. A piece like this takes up way less space than a standard bed and will give you plenty of room.

You can style with scatter cushions as a comfy sofa for the daytime for your office space. And it’s easy to convert into a bed when you have guests staying overnight. Just make sure there’s enough room to walk around when the bed is pulled out. 

A Murphy bed is great if you have a large space and you want to keep your home office strictly for work until you have a guest staying. It’s hidden and out of sight so it is all office space until the bed is pulled down. Which means no distractions and you can focus on your work. 

2. Side Table

Having more than one table surface in a room is always a good idea. Don’t rely on just the desk area.

A small side table next to the sofa bed makes it easier and will keep your work desk safe from spills and accidents. It keeps things areas separate and gives easy access to items when your guests stay over. You can opt for a nightstand or a small side table. 

3. Area Rug

Having an area rug in your office guest room isn’t a must, but I think it’s a nice touch. It softens the room and adds warmth to the space. And when the dual room is in guest mode an area rug will make it feel more like a guest room. So it’s a win-win for your multipurpose space. 

4. Your Workstation 

How big is your room? How many people are going to be using it? If you’re going to share an office space you’ll need to figure out your room layout. You can have one long desk on a wall. Or have your desks facing each other. It depends on the size of your room and your desk size. Remember to leave plenty of space around your desk and between the bed. 

If you have a narrow or a small room maximize the wall space by using workstations that fit along the wall that you can attach. Ikea has affordable worktops you can use along with their cabinet units or trestles so that you can create your own workstation. This takes up even less square footage and creates a functional space. 

Another option is buying a simple work desk that won’t require any labor or DIY work. Just figure out the best position for your room layout. Using a vanity desk that can double as a work desk is another idea that would work for a guest room office combo. 

5. Desk Chair

You’ll need a desk chair for your work area. And of course, you’ll want to have a comfortable seat but because it’s a dual space go with something simple. Stay away from the big black bulky office chairs.

A simple but stylish desk chair is all you need for everyday use. Something that won’t stick out in the room. You want a cohesive look. 

Get a lightweight desk chair so it’s easy to pull out and move around the room when needed. If it’s a swivel chair make sure it can roll over your carpet or rugs easily. Armless desk chairs tend to take up less space.

But if you go for a chair with arms, make sure you consider the height of your desk so it doesn’t restrict how close you can sit at your desk. It’s really awkward when you’re stretching to work at your desk! 

6. Storage & Privacy 

How much privacy do you need? This will depend on how many guests you have coming to stay with you. Not everything you’re working on will want to be left on your desk when guests come to stay.

Combining open storage with drawers and cabinets will give you plenty of storage for personal paperwork and office supplies. And will keep the room tidy and organized. A lockable cabinet might be useful for some items as well.

Making use of the vertical space is important in a dual-function room. You can add open shelving units on the wall for decor and additional storage. It gives you more floor space, while open shelving keeps the room light and open and items organized. 

7. Lighting 

As it’s a dual-use guest room keep lighting simple. A nice ceiling light for main room and table lamps for the desk area for good lighting when working.

Use a floor lamp next to the sofa bed if you’re short on space for a side table. That way your guests won’t always have to get up to switch the main light on. Use soft lighting for the bedside light and brighter lights for your work area.

As there are two purposes for the room you’ll need a mixture of ambient lighting and task lighting. The natural light you get in the room is important too. 

8. Decor 

The design choices for the decor are down to the style of the room and what you like. Different types of wall art are always welcome in a room to brighten up the space. You can put a mixture of different artwork around the room for the office area and the sleeping area.

Plants will add interest to the room and liven up the space. Natural elements will help balance out the office environment especially if there are computer screens and other electrical devices about. And remember your office desk decor will help make the room too.

9. Color 

It’s best to keep the color of the room to neutral shades. White, creams, beige and gray. And soft muted tones of blue and green keep the room relaxed enough to work and sleep in. Darker tones can also work if there is enough natural light in the day and it’s well-lit for working in the evenings. 

Home Office Guest Room Ideas

Here are some design guides for inspiration for putting your home office guest room design together…

Design One

Design Two

I hope these design guides and tips helped make the most of your space. Because let’s be honest, dual rooms are really helpful when you have limited space at home. And it’s fun to design a room that’s so useful!


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