5 Great Reasons You Should Embrace Your Small Space

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Having a large home space more often than comes with a bigger price tag. Whether that’s home renting or buying. Premium locations come with premium prices! Especially in top cities like London, LA and New York plus others. And a lot of us are getting used to living in smaller and smaller spaces. We’re usually on the look out for how to make our space feel larger, understandably. But here are some reasons why we should embrace a small space.

1. Organization

In theory it should be easier to keep on top of the your organization skills in a smaller place. Good storage is the key to any living space and a small space even more so. Anything you’re thinking of buying should be considered carefully. Do you really need it? And is it going to fit? A smaller space really forces you to declutter your space on a regular basis.

2. Cozy

A small space feels a lot more cozy and intimate. Just add a splash of hygge inspiration, with soft furnishings and home decor to personalize you space. To make your space completely your place to fall in love with.

3. Decoration

Ok, with the decoration side there are two ways of looking at it…

One is that it should be cheaper to decorate a small space as you’re not having to fill up such a big room. The other way of seeing it is that you can go with more expensive furniture and finishes as it’s a smaller space. Like a more expensive tile or a marble in a small kitchen or bathroom. Even customizing certain pieces might work out better in a small space.

It just depends on which side you fall on and how long you see yourself where you’re currently living. Either way it’s a win win in my opinion!

4. Cleaning

Less square footage means its easier to clean! In a bigger home by the time you’ve cleaned top to bottom its time to do it all over again!

5. Maintenance

A smaller home means utility bills should be on the cheaper side. Even if your space is an open concept plan it will cost less to heat during the colder months. Plus other wear and tear, just routine maintenance that are inevitable over the years will be less money.

Overall we should love what ever size space we have and make the most of where we’re at for the present time. And going smaller does have it’s perks! Let me know if you agree or not in the comments below!


Small Space Living Room Interior

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