10 Ways to Style & Organise Your Bookshelves

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Bookshelves are a great way to add some colour and interest to your space. It maybe your living area, bedroom or an area in your kitchen area.


Probably the most attention grabbing way to style and organise your bookshelves is colour blocking. There are a few ways you can use this idea. The ombre effect. You can do this through out the whole bookshelf or row by row so each shelf has the ombre effect. Alternating the colours of the books instead of having a gradient is also an option.


Stacking your books is an effective way to style your books. Stack your books a linear or pyramid style and this way it breaks up, what can be a continuous line of books on your shelves.

10 Ways to Style & Organise Your Bookshelves - Stacking
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Organising your books by height and size. A tried, trusted and tested method. A more structured way of organising your bookshelves. If you can’t take randomness go for the traditional way!

Front Cover

Its often the front cover of a book that gets us to take a peek inside so why not show it off. Not all of your books are “pretty” but for the ones that are show it off. Mix in a couple of front covers in with the by height or stacking method.


Always a fun way to style your books! Add some more interest to bookshelves by placing your favourite ornaments, photos and plants on top and in between your books.

Double Page Spreads

Gorgeous double page spreads always get shown on our coffee tables but double pages can be propped up on a shelf by an accessory too. Not the most functional if you actually reach for that book a lot. But definitely nice to look at and a good way of breaking up the style of your bookshelves.

Flipped Spines

Styling books this way has seemed to become more popular in recent. Flipping the spines around so the pages are to the front of the bookshelf. The look is more minimalist, neutral and less distracting.


Organising your books by genre to a each row of a shelf or section of a bookcase is a good way to go for organisation. You’ll get more of a random but interesting look for the books.


Arranging your books alphabetically by author or title. This way you’ll get a totally random colour pattern and if you are a keen reader (with a good memory of who wrote what) this might be the best order for you.

Wallpaper Or Paint

Add wallpaper to the back of your shelving. On open shelves or bookshelves with a backing. A nice peekaboo detail to the books in front. Or paint the walls behind your open bookshelves for a pop of colour.

10 Ways to Style & Organise Your Bookshelves - Painted Backdrop

If you love to read you can check out some of my favourite reads here. Let me know what’s your favourite way of styling and organising your bookshelves? Comment or email me below!


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10 Ways to Style & Organise Your Bookshelves

This post contains affiliate links.

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