How To Create a Parisian Style Interior

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Today I’m sharing a project that I’ve been working on for one of my client’s. I’ve been really excited about the design aspects of this project and it’s great when the client already knows what style they’re looking to achieve. In this case the look was Parisian style, simple but elegant and classic. The client’s house is a new build and it gave us a flexibility to work with as it’s still in the drawing phases. Here is the design for the living room!

Parisian Style Mood Board

Starting off with a mood board to capture the essence of what the space will be like. In this mood board I included natural elements like velvets, cottons and linen, a classic Chanel handbag and gold accents. The mood board really helps as a reference point to go back along the design process. Inspiration images can be anything to pinpoint colour and style.

Focusing on specific finishes and ideas for interior images can come later down the line, like the collage below. This is an extended version of the Parisian style mood board. A classic black and white style with natural elements to soften the look.

Parisian Style Interiors Collage Inspiration
Symmetrical furniture living room layout Chloe Dominik Designs

The client already had some pieces bought from her favourite store RH and it was a similar look that she was looking to achieve, so a symmetrical layout made sense. The furniture layout is centred to the fire place and to windows. But still a cozy social setting area for when guests come over.

Tips & Tricks

Two coffee tables are placed together to make one big one. This makes the furniture arrangement flexible and keeps the overall size of the coffee table in proportion to the rest of the space. Sometimes matching up gold finishes is hard. Don’t try to. As long as there’s some space and distance between the pieces it will work.

These are the final main pieces selected for the furniture below, with soft grey velvet accessories and rug. And a grey wash wooden floor to balance the look.


Parisian Style furniture pieces by Chloe Dominik Designs
Parisian Style furniture pieces by Chloe Dominik Designs
Parisian Style Living Room Interior

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    1. The new build didn’t happen in the end, unfortunately! I’m hoping to use the some of the ideas somewhere else. Maybe for myself!

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