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How To Get The Coastal Grandmother Style (And Is It For You?)

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Who doesn’t want a few days living by the coast? With no cares or worries about day to day work schedules or routines. That’s just a small part of what the coastal grandmother style is all about. 

It may have “grandmother” in the title but this trend and way of living is for anyone. The coastal grandma trend is definitely not based on age. It is laid back and chilled with a hint of minimalism. 

Dressed in neutral linens and classic shirts and knits on strolls, trips to the farmers markets and lunching with friends. While at home you’re putting together beautiful flower posies cut fresh from your garden. And having the time to cook amazing cookbook recipes all from scratch.

In this post we’ll cover grandmother coastal style for the home. All the top tips on how to get the style and the best inspiration looks.

What is Coastal Grandmother Style?

Where Did Coastal Grandma Come From?

If you’ve seen Nancy Meyers movie Something’s Got To Give, that is the epitome of coastal grandma style!

I remember suggesting the film to my friend not long after it came out. (It was both our first time watching it). Lets just say she wasn’t expecting much, she was less than enthusiastic. She watched it and loved it. It is still one of her favourite films to this day. I always remind her of the hard time she gave me before we watched it. And she still thanks me for “making her” watch it lol.

This trend actually started out from Tik Tok by Lex Nicolata. Who explains how you can live your best coastal grandmother life without having to wait until you’re sixty plus.

Ok, back to the film reference! Everything about Diane Keaton’s character, Erica is a coastal grandmother. From her fashion style, to her holiday home which of course is located on the beach. 

Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

The style keeps things simple and natural. Coastal grandmother style is a cozy but minimal look. It’s relaxed, clean and classic. An affluent and elevated style of living but not fussy or over the top. 

For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have our home on or near the coast, don’t worry it’s not a requirement! Here are the top tips to getting styling your home the grandmother coastal way…

Coastal Grandmother Style Interior

1. Coastal Grandmother Colours

The colour palette is primarily made up of neutrals. Having your room feel light and airy is a big key to achieving this look. The main colours to have are whites, creams, sandy beiges, blues and pale greens. Maybe a hint of red picking up from the nautical aesthetic.

Patterns are rarely seen in the coastal grandma trend. But if pattern is preferred then stripes are the go to. And maybe a touch of floral. If floral patterns are mixed in, it’s usually blues or muted tones. 

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Overall solid neutrals make up the majority of the home space. Adding in some coastal colours in the home decor to add some interest. The other place to add pattern would be in the rug. A good pattern to choose would be a striped or diamond rug.

2. Decor Style

The style for coastal grandmother can be from a traditional interior to a transitional space. If you go too modern for this style you lose the cozy “grandma element”.

I like to think of the coastal grandma look being a modern update from cottagecore. Less florals and less stuff. Coastal grandma is more of a crisp look than cottagecore. The two trends are very similar in the ways of life. Focusing on outdoors and nature and creative activities and crafts.

3. Coastal Style Furniture

For furniture, think classic but practical. Ideally sofas will be slipcovered in cotton or linen for ease. Ottomans would be double use for seating and coffee tables. Mixing old and new furniture together keeps the style balance just right.

4. Home Decor & Furnishings

With lots of solid neutral colours adding texture is important. Coastal of course is a big part of this trend so incorporating textured pieces is a must.

Layer in natural elements such as light wood colour materials and driftwood. Woven baskets are great for extra storage. Use natural fibre rugs like jutes, sisals and seagrass. For lighting, white fabric fixtures, rattan or glass all help in creating a coastal beach vibe. These types will help in keeping the lightness in the space as well.

Always use high quality fabrics such as linen, cotton and cashmere. Artwork of course is personal but typically landscape artwork and family photos tie in well with this trend.

A fresh vase of flowers is always a plus for this style. Even better if it’s from your own garden. Add flowers for a pop of colour to your kitchen counter tops and your coffee table. Ceramic and terracotta vases and planters are the preferred choice for flower displays.

Coastal Grandma Inspiration: Interiors

Coastal Grandmother Kitchen

For a beautiful coastal grandmother kitchen mix in displayed storage with classic style cabinetry. Style little areas of your kitchen counters and island using cookbooks, flowers and wooden cutting boards.

A two toned colour scheme works for this kitchen. The simple dinnerware displayed in the glass cabinet provides a pretty focal point. A fresh flower arrangement brings in something unique.

You can’t go wrong with an all white kitchen for this trend! The pale sea green tiles and beachy light wood floors break up the white cabinetry. Add in some textured rugs for contrast.

This kitchen is more on the modern side of a coastal style. But the light colour tones in the cabinetry, work tops and the light wood tones in the kitchen and island pull this kitchen into this design style. Also the open wood shelf displays and the rattan chairs give a relaxed homely feel.

Coastal Grandmother living room

A classic coastal cottage shrouded in white shiplapped walls and ceiling. With ultra comfy sofas dotted with pale blue throw cushions. This living room has the ultimate cozy coastal vibe.

This living room is so light and airy using whites and pale blues. Warm wood tones and plants bring in the natural elements to the space.

Coastal Grandmother bedroom

If you’re wanting the coastal grandma look for your bedroom, remember to keep it light and airy.

This bedroom has all the perfect coastal colours mixed in with light sandy wood tones. A simple striped natural rug grounds the tufted headboard bed. Cotton and linen bed accessories layer the bed making it ultra cozy.

This gorgeous bedroom has a muted patterned rug under the bed. I think this still works thanks to the wooden furniture and the cream traditional style upholstered bed.

Love all the layering on the bed! Neutral patterns in the front cushions give a focal point to the bed which is otherwise in solid block colours.

Style a nightstand with some decor essentials to pull of this look. A fresh vase of flowers, a bedside clock and a rattan sconce make a beautiful feature in the bedroom.

Even for a younger teen room the coastal grandma style works. Just use simple stripes and add some cute artwork and photos. You can still layer a textured rug over the carpet too. Bamboo blinds and basket pendants finish off the coastal look.

That wraps up the guide for getting the coastal grandmother style! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


How To Get The Coastal Grandmother Style and is it for you? @chloedominik

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