Best Christmas Tree Toppers

23 Of The Best Christmas Tree Toppers This Year (2023)

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We all have our different Christmas traditions. And one of those main traditions is more than likely putting up the Christmas tree! And then there’s the Christmas tree topper. Which for me when I was younger was a big deal!

To this day is till one of the biggest Christmas highlights. Now I give my daughter the honor of putting the topper on. And she loves it!

You might like to switch up your topper each year or are in need of a new one. So here are some of the best Christmas tree toppers for this year…

Best Christmas Tree Toppers

Gold Capiz Star Christmas Tree Topper

1. Capiz Star Topper

This capiz star tree topper is gorgeous! And will be a classic for years and is a perfect decor piece to top off any tree. It’s elegant and timeless.

2. Geometric Wooden Star

A intricate wooden 2D geometric star thats easy to wire to the Christmas tree. A beautiful design in a lightweight wood finish. A definite winner if you’re going for a Scandinavian style this year.

Best Christmas Tree Star Toppers
Christmas Tree Topper Angel Etsy

3. Light Up Angel

A cute little light up angel to watch over everyone at the top of the tree! This angel helps to bring back the innocence of Christmas. If you have kids, they will love this one!

4. Gold Metal Star Tree Topper

I feel like this is what the North star would look like!

Gold Star Best Christmas Tree Toppers  H&M

5. Brass Angel Topper

A lovely minimalist style shiny brass tree topper to adorn the top of your tree.

6. Rainbow Bell Topper

This rainbow bell star is a show stopper. It’s perfect if you’re going all out for colour on your Christmas colour theme this year.

Brass Bow Tree Topper - McGee & Co.

7. Brass Bow tree Topper

This brass bow is an elegant and simple decoration to finish off your tree.

8. Aged Bronze Star

I think this beautiful aged bronze star will go beautifully with either a contemporary theme or a traditional style Christmas tree.

Alternative Tree Topper Chunky Knit hat Etsy

9. Chunky Knitted Hat Tree Topper

An absolutely adorable tree topper. A cute chunky knit hat to keep the top of your warm! And it’s something totally different to the traditional star or angel. Very cute!

10. Delia Tree Topper

How about this beautiful capiz butterfly to flutter from your tree top?

Delia Tree Topper - Anthropologie

11. Gold Embossed Tree Topper

The detailing on this beautiful gold topper is a perfect look for a traditional style Christmas tree.

12. Jeweled Snowflake Topper

Add this gorgeous jeweled snowflake on top of a flocked Christmas tree for a full white Christmas feeling at home.

Jeweled Snowflake Topper from Pottery Barn

13. Beech WOOD STAR

This beech wood star gives a true Scandinavian style for Christmas. Especially if you plan on decorating the rest of your tree with wooden ornaments.

14. Celestial Star Tree Topper

This lovely starburst tree topper is made from straw. Which is great if you need a lightweight topper on the tree incase of pets trying to climb the tree.

Celestial Star Tree Topper from Anthropologie

15. Glitter Gem Starburst Tree Topper

Need some extra glitz and glam to your tree? This glitter starburst topper will sparkle all day and night on top of your tree.


A stunning glitter burst gold star that will finish off any tree.

Glitter Burst Star Topper - West Elm


No matter the angle from where you’re viewing the Christmas tree, this 3D star topper will catch your aye from any angle.

18. Lit Faux mercury Star

Target have captured the old fashion of Christmas with this beautiful faux mercury lit star to shine on top of your tree this year.

Black Metal Star Topper - Burke Decor

19. Black Star Topper

I don’t think many people are afraid of using black for decorating any more. This black tree topper is perfect if you’re going for edgy and a contemporary Christmas look.

20. Snowflake Tree Topper

Another stunning star tree topper that will go with just about any style tree. This gold and jeweled snowflake topper has hanging tree ornaments to match too.

Christmas Topstar In Brass - Burke Decor

21. Christmas Topstar In Brass

A modern but timeless brass topper for your Christmas tree from Burke Decor.

22. Black Mirrored Lit Topper

Another modern tree topper with black trim and led lights to finish off your tree.

Black Mirrored Lit Topper - Target

23. White Painted Wood Topper

A stunning vintage-inspired gold starburst topper to bring in your Christmas season the good old-fashioned way.

So those are the best Christmas tree toppers for this year! They will compliment any style tree. The hard choice is deciding what theme or Christmas style you’ll be choosing this year! I’m still deciding!


Best Christmas Tree Toppers

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