20 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

One of the best times of the year! If you haven’t got your christmas tree up yet, here are 20 different ideas to style and decorate your tree. The feature image is styled with oversized ornaments.

Elegant Christmas Tree

20 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas - Black sparkly Christmas Tree
Source: Pety Store

An usual choice for a christmas tree but this black tree looks extremely elegant with the metallic ornaments and lights.

How about a lovely flocked tree with a monochrome theme? This green decor gives it a magical look.

Source: Kelley Nan

A striking teal is used as an accent colour among the blush and metallics decorations.

Green on green. Who would have thought that green ornaments would work so well on backdrop of a green tree? The silver decor helps the tree pop that little bit more.

Traditional Christmas Tree

A beautiful traditional coloured red and white decor on an evergreen tree. Loving the old school paper link chain and the novelty ornaments.

Source: Unknown

I like the idea of having a focus word as the focal point of the tree. Keeping it nice, simple and to the point with the word “JOY”.

Source: Art & Home

A red and tartan decor theme with of course, fairy lights and some sparkling baubles. This one looks like its been done by the elves themselves!


20 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas - Citrus Dried Fruit Christmas Tree
Source: Cocohots

This gorgeous tree is so simple to create! Using dried oranges, cranberry and popcorn string garlands. Sparsed with cinnamon sticks and eucalyptus leaves. All once edible! Smells wonderful as well!

Flocked pine cones are used as the main decorations to give this tree a rustic natural look. The woven basket carries on the rustic theme. I love the little bells used and the white decorations add a little glam.

A rustic maximalist look with witch hazel sprouting from all over the tree. It has a beautiful wicker star to top it off!

Simple Minimalist

Simple, muted and neutrals of white, clear and silvers make for a stunning and modern style.

Source: Cox & Cox

I love the way the ornaments draw the blue grey colour tone from the spruce tree. A gorgeous understated tone on tone.


This tree is done up to the max! The branches can hardly been seen with the flowers, feathers, linked chains and decor. A beautiful maximalist tree in white, gold and silver.

Source: Front Gate

There’s so much gong with this tree but I love it! Its like something from out of candy land with the red striped ribbons.

Blush, copper and florals make up the main core of the tree. And a unique topper takes place of the traditional star or angel.


20 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas - Bubblegum Colours
Source: Rhinov

An usual choice of colour for a Christmas tree with candy and bubblegum colours. A fun way to decorate the tree.

20 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas - Rainbow Gradient
Source: Unknown

How about a rainbow colour way gradient like this beautiful tree?


20 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas - Satin Bow Miniatures
Source: Eu Decoro

These little miniature trees are so cute, tied up in hessian sack. So small that all they need is a little bow on the top.

All this little tree needs is a few baubles hung in a couple of colour ways and some lights to bring it to life.

Which decoration ideas are your favourite? And have you decorated your tree as yet? Let me know in the comments below!


20 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas