4 Easy Steps For Mix and Match Bedding Ideas

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. This is where you get to rest, relax, and be yourself. So, naturally, it must reflect both your personality and your fabulous taste. Most elements in your bedroom pretty much stay the way they are.

After all, it’s not very often that you revamp your bedroom décor. But what can be changed frequently is your bedding. Changing your bedding is a small change to make but such an easy way to get a whole new look!

With your bed being the focal point of your bedroom, there’s no limit to the ways you can elevate the look of your room.

Should Bedding Match?

Not necessarily. Instead, colors, patterns, and textures should coordinate in your bed set. 

Bedding in solid colors can be a simple and elegant way to give your bedroom a chic, hotel-style look.  On the other hand, if you like the idea of incorporating patterns and accents, it’s important to ensure things don’t look cluttered.

Pick one or two unifying colors throughout your bedding ensemble and ensure patterns align with colors. For instance, your duvet could be floral pattern, and your bed skirt could feature stripes, but both need to come with similar unifying hues for an eclectic, put-together look. 

Why Mix and Match Your Bedding? 

What occupies the largest space in your bedroom? That’s right, your bed. 

This makes your bed one of the biggest attractions of your room. The best part? Your bed linen is also the easiest and fastest way to transform the look of your entire room.

Given the amount of freedom your creative mind has with your bedding style adventure, think of all the ways you can experiment away from a mundane, all-matching bed set!

Mixing and matching is a great way to add depth, pattern, and personality to a bedroom. You can use your bedding ensemble to reflect your mood or bring in a seasonal touch.

If you consider your bedroom to be your sanctuary, you can opt for a single color for your bedding for a Zen-like appearance. Another option is to use a neutral tone-on-tone color with a subtle pattern for the duvet or quilt top layer. 

If you want to add a generous doze of personality to your bedroom go for bold colors. You can also coordinate quirky patterns and accent pillows for a pop of color for a unique look. 

Mix and Match Bedding Ideas 

Here’s your very own mini-guide to mix and match your bedding to perfection. Use these mix-and-match bedding key points for your own master bedroom or your guest room for the finishing touch to your room:

Step One: Pick a Color Palette 

The first step to curate gorgeous bedding would be to pick a color scheme that you love.

For this, we recommend choosing one favorite bedding item and working from there. Whether it’s your duvet cover or throw pillows – having one grounding piece is the best way to start when making your bed.

If you’ve picked a patterned fabric, break down all the colors that form a part of it and use it as your color palette. Next, choose one primary color and two secondary colors. 

Step Two: Get Everything Together

Once your color palette is ready, it’s time to plan your layering. Remember, layers, textures, and color form the three main elements of your bedding design. 

Your layers include a set of sheets, a duvet with a cover, a luxurious throw, and some bed pillows. Every layer comes with a different texture.

Mix at least two of the following: silk, linen, cotton, knits, velvet, and faux fur, for an interesting look and feel. For instance, if you have cotton sheets, go for silk pillows to add more visual depth. 

Finally, when picking your colors, make sure you choose hues of similar intensity. For instance, putting all bright colors (think blue quilt cover, pink bed sheets, and yellow cushions) could make your bedding look cluttered and out of place.

But a muted version of all these colors – think vibrant magenta, pale eggshell blue, and earthy mustard – will create a more appealing outcome. 

Step Three: Blend It Together

Now it’s time to blend things with texture, pattern, and scale. Don’t hesitate to incorporate a variety of shapes and different patterns. For instance, mix a geometrical pattern (such as stripes) with something more nature-inspired (such as a floral print).

If you like the idea of similar visual shapes, try a mix of scales. For instance, mix up a small check like a Gingham flat sheet with a large print like a Buffalo check for a duvet cover. 

Going for a monochromatic look? Don’t hold back on texture. Bring different textures in different shades of the same color: velvet, knit, matelassé, fur, smooth, and more. 

For a classic style use percale sheets in neutral colors or earthy tones. Try adding some decorative pillows and a throw blanket on top.

Step Four: Create a Visual Breathing Room

At some point during your mix-and-match journey, make sure you pause and reflect on how the result is turning out. While mixing and matching is fun, it’s important to know where to draw boundaries. You don’t want your bed to look garish and cluttered. 

Make sure you create a “breathing room” by adding solid color pops in between patterns and textures. For instance, adding a plain row of cushions on a mixed-and-match bed will allow your eyes to move from pattern to pattern, color to color, and texture to texture seamlessly. 

Mix and Match Bedding Ideas 

Now that you know how to mix and match your bedding ensemble, it’s time to get to work! Here are a few creative ideas to get you started:

  • Pick a base color or take color cues from a patterned sheet or one of your bedding items. Use this main color to pick other pieces for a more cohesive look.
  • If you just want to change a part of your bedding, target the shams. Pillow shams are a great way to infuse a color pop and lend a visually interesting look. 
  • If you want to make a specific print pop, downplay the other colors on the bed by choosing white sheets, neutrals and plain bedding. 

Mixing and matching your bedding is a simple way of adding a personal touch to your room. And there are lots of great ideas to get a new look for your bedroom without having to buy new bedding all the time.

Experiment and mix and match with the bed linen you have, to get different bedding combos and an effortless look.

A seasonal change is always a good idea to change the look of your bed. It gives an opportunity for a new color story and try different color combinations. For the colder months, you can opt for warm colors and layers for extra warmth. 

Try these mix-and-match bedding tips, to give your primary bedroom, a guest bedroom or any bedroom in your home a new lease of life with little effort! 


FAQs Mix and Match Bedding Ideas 

How Do You Mix and Match Bedding Patterns?

If the interior decorator loves to experiment, don’t hold back from mixing and matching patterns for a fantastic finish. Blend a patterned comforter or printed sheets with a solid color of your choice.

If you want your patterns to pop go for solid colors that harmonize (think pastels, neutrals, or jewel tones) with the print, or pick a hue right from the pattern. 

Putting together multiple patterns demands the most planning of all. For this, make sure you pick a hue to unify the patterns for a more cohesive look. For instance, your striped sheets and floral quilt together might need a sunny yellow (common to both) hue to tie it all together.  

Should Bedding Match the Wall Color?

Bedding that complements your wall color can craft a cohesive, cocooning, and color-drenched effect. On the other hand, a bedding style that contrasts your wall colors can create a more visually interesting space.

Regardless of whether you want your bedding to complement or contrast your wall color, make sure it is in perfect synchrony with your entire bedroom. 

How Do You Color Coordinate Bedding?

One of the best ideas for creating that oh-so-perfect bedding ensemble is to consider the interior design of your bedroom.

A lighter bedroom color scheme, for instance, looks flawless with lighter bedding colors. Think Sucker for a high-end look? Go for sophisticated hues.

Try duvet covers and satin sheets that flaunt their sheen and drape. Love a specific hue? Paint your bedding in monochrome. Use different shades, mix and match patterns and textures of the same color.

4 Steps Mix And Match Bedding Ideas

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