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24 Beautiful Arched Cabinets To Upgrade Your Room

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We’ve seen arches and curves taking over interiors and I’m all for it. And arched cabinets are one way to bring interest and order to your space.

Rounded shapes in the home give a sense of softness and elegance to the space. If your home is already blessed with arches then you’re lucky!

With arched cabinets, they mimic the shape of high arches you might find in old architectural buildings. But with arched cabinets you can take them with you if you move home.

It’s a good investment piece and a great focal point for your space. Whether for a dining room or living room, or even an entryway. Or for filling an empty space or maximizing storage in a room.

Arched cabinets give plenty of storage space and help you to stay organized. Choose from display cabinets with glass doors to showcase your favourite decor pieces. Or solid storage cabinets to hide things away from view. 

Here’s a roundup of favourite arched cabinets…

Arched Cabinets With Glass Doors

1. Fern Storage Cabinet

Fern Storage Arched Cabinet - Anthropologie

The Fern Storage cabinet from Anthropologie has plenty of storage space for display. The shelves are adjustable. It also has drawers for things you’d like to hide away. And features a pretty marble top surface inside the cabinet.

This gorgeous modern arched cabinet comes highly recommended by customers. It has a cord escape which is great if you have electronics you use but want kept out of the way.

It’s a show-stopping cabinet that is multi-functional. And the best thing is that it’s available in six different colours including a classic black. Other options are a painted red colour and a warm pine wood finish. So you’re spoilt for choice.

2. Breya cabinet

Breya Cabinet - France and Son

The Breya cabinet features soft rounded curved doors. And comes in a cream-powdered finish with double glass doors. This simple cabinet design is perfect for displaying all your favorite pieces in your living room.

3. Payson Tall Cabinet

Payson Tall Cabinet - West Elm

The Payson cabinet from West Elm comes in two options. A black iron frame with a light oak interior. Or you can opt for a dark gunmetal finish to really make your display decor pieces pop to life.

4. Gutherie Cabinet

Gutherie Cabinet - McGee & Co

McGee & Co’s Gutherie cabinet uses different materials to bring together this statement piece. The beaded backboard gives a plain backdrop to arrange your decor pieces. This cabinet will mix and match well with your current items as it’s a neutral and timeless design.

5. Mason Curio Cabinet

Mason Curio Cabinet - Urban Outfitters

This arched slim cabinet with a single glass door is great for small and tight spaces. The Mason Curio cabinet comes in two colour options, black and natural. And will be a great piece for bathroom storage or an entryway. Or any room where you need to maximize your space!

6. Badgley cabinet

Badgley Cabinet - McGee & Co.

Wood finishes are always good for adding character and texture to a space. The Badgely wood cabinet from McGee & Co is an easy and functional addition to your room.

7. Cressida Curio Cabinet

Cressida Curio Cabinet - Lulu & Georgia

The Cressida Curio has a single central glass door panel for access to the cabinet. Its design features a beautiful iron frame that mimics an old Gothic arched window. The dark iron finish makes a dramatic focal point in any space.

8. Cressida Wide Curio Cabinet

Cressida Wide Curio Cabinet - Lulu & Georgia

A larger version of the Cressida Curio comes with the same elegant style but with double doors. An extra wide size with even more space to curate your books and decor items. Another elegant organization piece to withstand all interior trends to come.

24 Arched Cabinets Page 2/3: 

9. Clementine Dining Cabinet | 10. Mayview Dining Cabinet | 11. Giotto Dining Cabinet | 12. Javier Cabinet | 13. Mason Storage Cabinet | 14. Antiqued Iron Metal Display Cabinet | 15. Scout Display Unit | 16. Aris Glass Door Cabinet

9. Clementine Dining Cabinet | 10. Mayview Dining Cabinet | 11. Giotto Dining Cabinet | 12. Javier Cabinet | 13. Mason Storage Cabinet | 14. Antiqued Iron Metal Display Cabinet | 15. Scout Display Unit | 16. Aris Glass Door Cabinet

9. Clementine Dining Cabinet

Clementine Dining Cabinet - Wayfair

The Clementine cabinet has a modern and sleek design. And its iron frame base lifts it off the ground.

10. Mayview Dining Cabinet

Mayview Dining Cabinet - Wayfair

This traditional Mayview dining cabinet has some amazing details adding to its character. From the carved wood molding to the front and the incredible chandelier light in the cabinet. The two bottom drawers are handy for storing away your tablemats and napkins.

11. Giotto Dining cabinet

Giotto Cabinet - Arhaus

The Giotto cabinet from Arhaus comes with adjustable shelves. Only the top shelf is fixed so there’s plenty of room to store and display bigger items if needed. Brass hardware adds great little details to finish off the beautiful arch cabinet.

12. Javier Cabinet

Javier Cabinet - McGee & Co.

Double glass pane doors show off the textured rattan interior of the Javier cabinet. So don’t worry if you can’t fill your cabinet up straight away, it will still look amazing. And you can curate your display collection in your own time.

13. Mason Storage Cabinet

Mason Storage Cabinet - Urban Outfitters

The Mason storage cabinet is part of a collection range from Urban Outfitters. And is pretty popular for good reason. It’s beautiful and functional and of good quality.

This particular cabinet version comes in four different finishes. A natural wood finish, black, a painted olive colour and a white.

14. Antiqued Iron Metal Display Cabinet

Antiqued Iron Metal Display Cabinet - France and Son

A unique cabinet made from iron metal will definitely be a talking piece for your room.

15. Scout Display Unit

Scout Arched Display Cabinet - Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn has this wood cabinet the Scout unit, in a drifted oak finish or a matte black. This design style fits in with a modern or a traditional living room. It’s a timeless piece to elevate any space in your home.

16. Aris Glass Door Display Cabinet

Aris Glass Door Display Cabinet - Ballard Designs

You can totally change the feel of your room with the Aris cabinet. The arch of the cabinet is repeated through the details on the glass doors and the iron base. A stunning statement piece you can use to show off your best china.

Arched Cabinets With Solid Doors

If you like the idea of an arched cabinet but would like it for more closed storage than display, then here are the best-arched cabinets with solid doors.

24 Arched Cabinets - Solid Arched Cabinets Page 3/3 

17. Hattie Cabinet | 18. Lenora Cabinet | 19. Annie Natural Storage Cabinet | 20. Sitra Arched Carved Wood Storage | 21. Mason Pantry Cabinet | 22. Isadora Armoire | 23. Mason Cane Storage Cabinet | 24. Suzette Cabinet

17. Hattie Cabinet | 18. Lenora Cabinet | 19. Annie Natural Storage Cabinet | 20. Sitra Arched Carved Wood Storage | 21. Mason Pantry Cabinet | 22. Isadora Armoire | 23. Mason Cane Storage Cabinet | 24. Suzette Cabinet

17. Hattie cabinet

Hattie Arched cabinet - Arhaus

Made from solid oak wood and oak veneers the Hattie collection has a range of options. This piece keeps everything out of the way and hidden. While the Hattie cabinet still presents a gorgeous focal point in your room.

18. Leonora Arched Cabinet

Leonara Cabinet - McGee & Co.

The Leonora cabinet is a modern design take on the traditional cabinet. This design nails two of the biggest trends at the moment curves and rattan. Two arched cabinet doors with cane-webbed fronts are contrasted with brass hardware and ashwood to create a beautiful storage piece.

Even though this cabinet is “on trend” for now, it’s a piece that will continue to stand the test of time.

19. Annie Natural Storage Cabinet

Annie Natural Storage Cabinet - Crate & Barrel

Designer Leanne Ford has hit another winner with the Annie storage cabinet for Crate and Barrel. A clean minimalist design but effortlessly beautiful with long handle pulls. And well built, made from white oak.

It’s available in three neutral wood finishes that all show off the natural beauty of the wood grain. Natural, charcoal and whitewash, take your pick!

20. Sitra Arched Carved Wood Storage

Sitra Arched Carved Wood Storage - Walmart

You’d expect to find a unique piece like this from travels abroad or a thrift shop. But the Sitra wood cabinet is actually from Walmart. It’s handmade and carved from mango wood featuring stunning floral details on the double doors.

21. Mason Pantry Cabinet

Mason Pantry Cabinet - Urban Outfitters

Another piece from the Mason collection. This time the Mason pantry cabinet offers completely hidden storage. With the bonus of being able to access the cabinet from just the top section or the bottom. It’s available in a natural finish or a navy colour.

22. Isadora Armoire

Isadora Armoire - Frontgate

The Isadora armoire is a great alternative for a closet in the bedroom. Or can be used in other rooms of the home as comes with a removable clothing rod and adjustable shelves.

I love that there is a bottom drawer when you open up the cabinet too. And the brass backplate is a gorgeous detail.

23. Mason Cane Storage cabinet

Mason Cane Storage Cabinet - Urban Outfitters

A cane option is available in the Mason cabinets too instead of glass pane doors. An ideal option if you’re worried about your kids running into things. But still a great-looking and modern cabinet to organize your belongings.

24. Suzette Arched door Cabinet

Suzette Arched Door Cabinet - Lulu & Georgia

The Suzette cabinet gives a retro feel with grasscloth paneled doors that give a natural soft look to the cabinet. The cabinet has ample space for your storage needs.

Those are the best finds for arched cabinets. Extra storage is always good to have and cabinets like this will work anywhere from your home office to your living room. And all in between.

And if you feel that the room is missing something, bringing in soft shapes and textures will add interest. Just like the cabinet pieces shown. Have fun styling your cabinets!


24 Beautiful Arched Cabinets

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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