21 Best Interior Design Coffee Table Books Must Haves

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Let’s face it: most of us use our coffee table books for purely decorative purposes. And why not? Coffee table books are an instant home decor favorite for any space in the house. From the living area to bedrooms and everything in between. 

They not only add a good dose of personal style to your setting but they also reflect the taste of those in the home.

Remember, the best interior design coffee table books are not only for the coffee table. You can style them in your cabinets, on top of your console table and on dressers – don’t even think twice before placing them there.

Wherever you decide to place your beautiful book there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Here, we take you through our best interior design books list based on factors such as the look of the book, the pages within, and the price point it comes with. A perfect gift if not for yourself…

Best Interior Design Coffee Table Books

1. Inviting Interiors – Melanie Turner

Inviting Interiors - Melanie Turner

This gorgeous book displays the interior decorator’s version of Alice in (a stylish!) Wonderland. You can easily pass it as a statement décor piece if you feel the beauty of its cover may get lost amidst other books.

When you browse through its pages, you’ll (quite literally!) decode the secrets of crafting fashionable, sophisticated, functional spaces that tap into the power of subtle coloration.

2. Live Beautiful – Athena Calderone

Live Beautiful - Athena Calderone

Another must-have for every chic-style abode, this book by acclaimed designer Athena Calderone shows off a neutral book cover and spine.

Not only does it look oh-so-pretty with other pieces of your coffee-table book stack, but it’s also full of design wisdom on crafting a layered home. With lots of amazing design inspiration for your own space, you’ll love this one. 

3. Made for Living – Amber Lewis

Made For Living - Amber Lewis

In this bestseller, interior designer Amber Lewis starts with, “Livability is my true north. The materials I use time and again all change with age and wear. Not only is that okay, it’s how you achieve more than a re-creation of what you’ve already seen, what somebody else has done. You can do this, too – I promise.”  

Rich in design literature, this book also looks drop-dead gorgeous as a décor element, thanks to its stunning neutral gray cover. The best part? This hardcover costs just $11.49. 

4. Minimalista – Shira Gill

Minimalista - Shira Gill

If you believe in the design principle, “Minimalism is the new sexy,” you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with this book.

The neutral-hued cover features a stunning dimension-rich image and the spine blends seamlessly with just about any bookstack. For a price of just $11.45, this book is a great investment for those who love the blend of simplicity and sophistication.

5. Kelly Wearstler – Evocative Style

Kelly Wearstler – Evocative Style

This book is for every décor adventurer who likes things that are far from the ordinary. From one of the top interior designers of the moment Kelly Wearstler, who isn’t one to follow the crowd but sets her own design trends.

There are so many things to love about this book – right from the cover to the pages within that pave your road to bringing the “swankiness of old-world Hollywood” to your home.

6. Eat Drink Nap – Bringing the House Home

Eat Drink Nap – Bringing the House Home

This quirky little book comes with a stylish hardcover that will elevate the look of your coffee table in a heartbeat.

The stylishly mammoth font brings a whimsical touch that can combined with a neutral little vase on the side. It comes with a slightly higher price point ($38.14, to be precise).

Which is worth it because it’s packed with décor and cooking tips that teach us to entertain the Soho House way.

7. Home Body – Joanne Gaines

Home Body – Joanne Gaines

Your home naturally deserves a good dose of personality, and this is exactly what this décor literature helps you accomplish.

Not only is this book a great addition to your coffee-table book stack, but it also comes with practical steps to help you create your very own design style. Joanna Gaines is one of our favourite designers for creating beautiful family living spaces.

You can either get a hard-backed book (for $22.39) or a spiral-bound (for $44.75) version of this book.

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8. The Kinfolk Home

The Kinfolk Home

We bet you’ve seen this book grace countless Instagram reels, regardless of the types of influencers you follow. Since its debut in 2015, The Kinfolk Home stands as one of the most popular coffee table books among interior design aficionados.

The combination of a cheeky chic cover and a minimal spine instantly elevates the way your coffee table area looks. Within the pages, you’ll discover inspiring insights and pictures for crafting a timeless interior. 

9. The New Design Rules – Emily Henderson

The New Design Rules – Emily Henderson

The new book from designer Emily Henderson serves as a stunning décor item and a treasure trove of design insights you’ll love for your home. A minimal price tag of just $16.51 makes it an even greater investment.

The blue pictorial cover adds a lovely chic touch to your coffee table. Within the book, you’ll find a generous blend of practical advice and décor tips. With beautiful photography from stylish homes.

10. Jungalow Decorate Wild – Justina Blakeney

10. Jungalow Decorate Wild – Justina Blakeney

The bold and whimsical cover of this book breathes new life into your book stack. Within the pages, you’ll explore mesmerizing patterns, irresistible designs, and gorgeous photography of beautiful decor that is authentically unique.

Priced at just $8.99, this “wildly creative” book is sure to add some much-needed spice to your décor. 

11. For the Love of White: The White and Neutral Home

For the Love of White: The White and Neutral Home

If you’re a fan of the monochrome home and all things white and chic, this design bible deserves a permanent spot in your home. Doused with dreamy white and neutral tones, the book instantly creates a calming aura wherever you place it.

And as the title suggests, this stylish read unravels everything you need to know about decorating with neutral and white hues.

12. Elements of Family Style: Elegant Spaces for Everyday Life

Elements of Family Style: Elegant Spaces for Everyday Life

Looking for the best coffee table books focused on elevating family life? The newest book from Erin Gates follows on from her original bestseller book and focuses on beautiful interiors made for family life. 

A blue-and-white-hued spine merges seamlessly with a stylish cover image, making this book a stunning addition to your coffee table décor.

Stack it up with other décor hardcovers or stand it up in the center of your bookshelf – either way, the blue hue of this item will add a nice dose of color to any neutral décor.

Priced at a decent $18.95, this book tells the tale of living “stylishly amidst the chaos of daily family life.”

13. Establishing Home – Jean Stoffer

Establishing Home – Jean Stoffer

With a cover and spine painted in a refreshing forest green hue, this design bible by Jean Stoffer breathes freshness into your coffee table décor.

Not only does it add a generous color pop to a neutral setting but the spine also looks fabulous when accompanied with some candles on the side.

Within the book, you’ll find the secrets to “discover a dream you didn’t know you had.” A great book to add to your collection.

14. Elements of Style: Designing a Home & Life

Elements of Style: Designing a Home & Life - Erin Gates

The masterpiece Elements of Style Designing by Erin Gates deserves a spot in every stylish home. It features a gorgeous, almost black-and-white cover. The spine features black and white stripes.

Place it on top of your book stack to weave simple yet royal-ish magic or stack it up with other décor books to show off its quirky spine. Priced at just $17.97, the book is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration to wake the designer up in you!

15. Down to Earth – Laid Back Interiors for Modern Living

Down to Earth – Laid Back Interiors for Modern Living

Adding an instant touch of warmth to your collection of décor items, this book shows off a relaxed cover image and a neutral spine.

Place it with other books to highlight its lovely spine or show it off alongside a pampas-infused vase – either way, it will add instant farm-house-style energy to your living room.

Decently priced at $20.94, this book will become your roadmap to crafting a home with natural materials that are relaxed and warm with easy living aesthetics.

16. Curate – Lynda Gardner

Curate – Lynda Gardner

A stylish gray spine and a subtly colorful cover come together to craft this dreamy coffee table book. As one of the best interior design coffee table books out there, you can even show it off as a statement piece on your bookshelf.

As the cover suggests, this book serves as a holy grail for those wanting to curate textured spaces that highlight natural hues and a vintage-modern mix.

17. By Design: The World’s Best Contemporary Designers

By Design: The World’s Best Contemporary Designers

Unrestrained creativity oozes out abundantly in this gorgeously curated hardcover book. The cover features both neutral and colorful pops that will tempt you to place it on top of your book stack.

While the price tag may seem a little over the top, the book’s imagery-rich illustrations make it well worth the investment.

18. The Art of Home

The Art of Home - Shea McGee

This is one of those books for the living room you’ll see in the homes of any design lover. It has a gorgeous neutral cover splashed with a single image of a stylish hallway.

The spine is painted in delicate off-white, making it a must-have piece for your coffee table book selections.

With a following of over five million on her online community and an ultra-popular Netflix series under her name, Shea McGee, shows us her signature style and takes us on a hearty tour of designing inspirational homes for maximum impact.

19. Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style

Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style

This book, which celebrates 100 years of Architectural Digest’s awesomeness, is an absolute must-have for every great home. Why? Since its debut in 2019, it has been one of the most popular coffee-table books for decorating and its design history.

This is a big coffee table book in size, and gorgeous in all its neutral hues, you can place it at the bottom of your stack of books, allowing its minimal spine to bring instant sophistication. 

20. Beautifully Organized: A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home

Beautifully Organized: A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home

Wondering where to start with your coffee table book styling? 

The graceful, delicate, and oh-so-sublime cover of this book will most certainly contribute heavily to your design book collection. The pages within will tell you the secrets of crafting a serene aura around your home using the power of design.

A practical guide to not only a lovely home but an organized space as well. Priced at $20.04, this book isn’t just a gorgeously looking décor item – it’s a guide for crafting a “beautiful, fulfilling life.”

21. The Monochrome Home

The Monochrome Home

There are so many of us that are are lovers of neutral colours at home. Popular interior styles such as Wabi-Sabi and Scandi already prove that. And this book is the interior design handbook to create that simplistic but elegant living at home.

So if clean color palettes and beautiful imagery are your thing, you’ll definitely want to get this coffee book for yourself. 

Those are the best interior design coffee table books on the list. Coffee books are always a great way to tune into interior inspiration and are great for a chill day with a cup of coffee. Or for me a hot chocolate.

Think of these beautiful books with perfect homes as a style guide (that look extra good on your coffee table). Take little things from the best books and use them as ideas in your own homes.


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