21 Best Office Chairs Without Arms For Your Office

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It’s always best to get the most comfortable office chair you can. If limited with office space an office chair without arms will save you some room. You’ll be able to tuck in your armless chair right under your desk.

Here are some stylish armless office chairs to suit any office space!

Best Office Chairs Without Arms

1. Finley Swivel Office Chair

The modern Finley swivel chair from West Elm is a bestseller from their office collection.

You can choose from three finishes for the base of the chair, antique brass, gunmetal or a chrome finish. As well as different fabric options for the adjustable curved seat. So there’s a perfect choice available for anyone.

2. Paige Charcoal Linen Square Back Office Chair

This traditional style chair has been adapted into an armless swivel desk chair. So don’t think you have to be stuck with a standard dining chair to complete your rustic Farmhouse office look.

You can get the best of both worlds with the design and all the needed features to roll around your office.

3. Rue Cambon Cream Office Chair

If you’re looking for a super sophisticated office chair then the Rue Cambon designed by Mermelda Estudio is it.

An armless design that doesn’t have wheels but has a comfortable chair with a swivel base. Which for some may be all you need. A stunning design that’s elegant and minimal, that has a high-end luxury look made for a modern office design.

4. Porthos Bentwood Walnut Veneer Office Chair

The Porthos office chair is a great compliment to any executive desk. With a plush padded seat cushion and backrest with diamond stitching detail. This mid-modern century desk chair has two colours available, a black and a vintage green colour.

It has all the important things you’d expect from an ergonomic desk chair. A 360 degree swivel and adjustable height and thick padding for maximum comfort for long hours at your desk.

5. Andie Swivel Desk Chair

Pottery Barn Teen always has some good options for office furniture.

And the Andie desk chair is a great pick as it comes in a performance fabric so you won’t have to worry about stains and dirt. Or if you want to go fancy there’s a boucle fabric option and velvet too.

6. Tess Parisian Office Chair

For a romantic feel in your office space, the Tess Parisian chair instantly creates that vibe you’re looking for at an affordable price.

It’s a pretty chair with wood trim that has two different fabric options for the upholstery. A sturdy and comfortable chair that has a gas lift for the chair and castor wheels for ease.

7. Leidesdorff Task Chair

The Leidesdorff office chair is a sleek design that offers good comfort when sitting for a lot of time.

There are two options available, a beautiful linen fabric and walnut finish or a black leather both with a chrome base. The customer reviews from Wayfair are highly rated for both options.

8. Frannie Leather Swivel Desk Chair

I love this retro armless office chair from Anthropologie. The rounded shape is something different from the usual computer chair. It’s super stylish and functional for moving around your office space.

9. Sunnydale Office Chair

The Sunnydale office chair has great back support for your upper body and four colour options to choose from.

10. Airgo Swivel Desk Chair

The Airgo armless swivel chair has a slightly higher back support if that is an important feature for you to have. Like the other chair designs from Pottery Barn Teen there are various upholstery options to choose from including faux leather, velvet and performance fabric. 

11. Piper Acrylic Desk Chair

Another great option from Pottery Barn Teen is the Piper acrylic desk chair.

Acrylic chairs are the perfect fit if you have a small working space and you want your chair to blend in with your surroundings. But of course, the Piper chair is ultra-stylish and luxe as well as flexible with gold swivel castors.

12. Office Desk Chair with Hand Woven Backrest

12. Office Desk Chair with Hand Woven Backrest - Overstock

Going for an elegant luxe feel for your working space? This office desk chair from Overstock is decked in velvet with a woven backrest and gold finishing details. It also has six different colours of velvet to choose from.

13. Camino Swivel Desk Chair

13. Camino Swivel Desk Chair - Pottery Barn

For a simple and modern look, the Camino desk chair has a streamlined design all in a warm wood finish. This swivel computer chair has castor wheels that can be removed if needed.

14. Auctin Office Task Chair

The Auctin chairs from Wayfair have three different colours you can pick from. They have a simple but stylish design with an adjustable gas lift and a swivel seat.

15. Mercier Desk Chair

If you’re sitting for long hours this office chair has extra padding so you won’t be uncomfortable. The Mercier desk chair comes highly rated by Wayfair customers and has seven upholstery colours to choose from.

16. Gullo Task Chair

The Gullo desk chair is a cute and modern adjustable chair. You can use this chair for your kids study area or for yourself. There are four colours available, pink, yellow, gray or blue.

17. Luka Upholstered Swivel Desk Chair

17. Luka Upholstered Swivel Desk Chair - WayFair

The Luka is a 360-degree sit-and-swivel chair without wheels which is great for easy access in a small corner space. It gives you easy access to get in and out of your seat without having to pull out your chair all the time. 

18. Keavey Task Chair

18. Keavey Task Chair - WayFair

A faux leather office chair is a practical addition to any office space.

The Keavy armless chair has a smart vintage design with stitching details, that you can easily tuck under your desk. There are three base finishes gold, black and chrome.

19. Norma Desk Chair

19. Norma Desk Chair - McGee & Co.

The Norma chair has a curved backrest finished with a middle cane backing for a modern design. There are three finishes for the wooden frame in black, a light brown or a dark brown with a well-padded seat.

20. Bowden Office Chair

The Bowden chair is a sleek office chair without arms that you’ll be able to push up right up to your desk. This chair is an affordable option from Target for under $100. And the leather finish makes it easy to clean.

21. Lombardi Adjustable Armless Desk Chair

21. Lombardi Adjustable Desk Chair - Urban Outfitters

This Lombardi desk chair from Urban Outfitters is a smart and ergonomic design. The mid-century chair with a walnut finish and faux leather is a perfect fit for your office.

That wraps up the best office chairs without arms!


FAQS Armless Office Chairs

Are Office Chairs Better Without Arms?

Having a chair with or without armrests is a personal choice. And depends on what is more comfortable for you.

An office chair without arms can be a great way to save space in a small working area. With armless chairs, you can tuck them under the table out of the way. This is handy if you haven’t got a dedicated working space. You may have a small desk in your bedroom in the living room.

Having a chair without armrests lets you sit closer to your desk. So you’re not having to strain and stretch your body to see the computer screen or write at your desk.

Best Office Chairs Without Arms For Your Office

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