Kitchen Organisation + Freebie: Making Spring Cleaning Look Good

Tackling the spring cleaning for the kitchen is probably the toughest room to take on. The kitchen is the main room that the home is often centered around. I guess it’s food and not money that makes the world go round! Ranging from frequent to daily use, it’s easy for the kitchen to get disorganised. The kitchen is the room that needs the most serious cleaning.

Unlike the bedroom the kitchen is the room where things can’t be simply just moved around. Organising the kitchen is more of a rolled up sleeves job cleaning inside and outside appliances and storage space. A longer process but once done its well worth it. Here’s some tips to help get your kitchen organisation on a roll….

Fridge & Freezer Clean Out

A sort of the fridge and the freezer from top to bottom. Starting with what’s on top of the fridge. The top of the fridge can end up as another hoarding place and things can be forgotten up there. For inside the fridge and the freezer see what things have expired and get rid. Take out and clean the shelves one by one and put back. And if you have the space organise each shelf and drawer according to food item. Dairy, fruit, leftovers etc.

Cupboard Organisation

It’s amazing what right at the very back of our cupboards! We might have two tomato ketchups, and 3 bottles of olive oils. Sometimes is good to have back ups. But other times the back ups expire and it ends up being a waste of money. Whether your cupboards by frequency, labels or use jars instead. It’s good to have some sort of system in place. What ever works best for you!


For the kitchen counters, remove everything from the surfaces. See how much you use the items on frequent use. Anything that isn’t used often can go in the appropriate drawer or be thrown out. Broken and faulty utensils can get binned too. What things can be used to put on display? Your favourite mugs? Your go to spices? A fruit bowl? The essential appliances like the kettle and toaster. This is where you can show off your “pretty” things or can make things look pretty like putting out labeled jars.

Oven Clean

If you can it would be a good idea to cook dinner the day before you clean the oven. Most ovens have a self cleaning mode that has a cleaning process for a couple of hours or more. Even if your oven does have a self cleaning mode it’s still going to require some elbow grease. At least when the oven is cleaned, you can bask in the glory of it being almost brand new for a day or so!

I hope the kitchen checklist helps you to a tidy kitchen! Which part of your kitchen are you going to tackle first? Let me know in the comments!


Kitchen Organisation + Freebie: Making Spring Cleaning Look Good