10 Great Tips For Decorating For Winter After Christmas

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New Year’s Day (and maybe a couple of weeks after) and the Christmas decor is still up. So, what happens to your home décor once Christmas bids farewell?

After a few weeks of having the Christmas tree up, the twinkle lights and the holiday decorations adorning our home, it can be a bit sad taking it all down. And empty!

What does decorating for winter after Christmas involve? And do you transition from Christmas into the winter months without your home being cold and barren?!

The truth is, switching to a winter décor is easier and more fun than you think – as long as you keep the essentials in mind. From simple de-cluttering to cozying up your space for the season – here are a few winter décor ideas to get you started!

Decorating for Winter After Christmas

How to decorate after Christmas, you ask? Here are 10 easy ideas to help you start decorating for winter after Christmas:

1. Let Go of The Red

Red and gold Christmas decor

Sure, red is a gorgeous color, but red tends to be closely associated with Christmas time and feel. Especially right after the holiday season concludes. 

So, the best first step you can take when transitioning from Christmas to winter décor is to let go of this hue.

Erase red décor items like blankets, cushions, and other decorative pieces and replace them with items painted in winter hues such as grey, blue, and white. 

2. Declutter & Edit Down 

There is no such thing as over-decorating when Christmas knocks at our doors. But once the festivities are complete, it’s time to declutter and organize your space.

We might not have the warmth of the holiday decor around us but we can still create a cozy home for the time of the year. Even when we’re editing down our things. 

After all, all that extra décor starts to feel a bit overwhelming at some point in time. Once you eliminate the reds, it’s time to take a nice long stroll around the house and identify every piece of décor that will not be useful for winter. 

Those gorgeous little wreaths, mini-Christmas trees, and ornaments must be packed and stored away safely for the next year. This will usually mean a trip up to the loft or the garage. While you’re on your de-cluttering spree, feel free to pick out other items you’re not a fan of anymore. 

This little bit of winter cleaning will open up a lot of space – both in your home and in your creative mind!

3. Greenify YOUR SPACE

Green Eucalyptus Stems

The cold and stark backdrop of winter demands the warmth and gorgeousness of natural and faux greenery.

Now, because your winter décor will likely include lots of neutral colours, adding greenery can be the top hack to infuse some warmth into your indoors. Bringing a tall potted plant or a mini tree makes up for the loss of the Christmas tree as well.

You may even have some leftover garland from your Christmas decorations you can start decorating with. Just use a fraction of the greenery you used for Christmas. 

Take the adornments and plaid ribbon off the garland and place them on the mantle to add an artsy touch to your space. While you’re at it, you might want to invest in some winter houseplants including those fresh succulents, anthuriums, and snake plants. 

If you have a fireplace mantel you can use evergreen branches to decorate the surface. Either by arranging it on the top of the mantel or placing evergreen stems in vases on the top.

Look for spaces that need a bit of color and don’t hesitate to fill them up with some lovely greens. 

4. Change Up Your Wreaths

Winter Wreath

Nowadays we don’t have to wait for the holidays to hang a Christmas wreath up. We have wreaths for the Fall season, Easter wreaths, and all in between. So it’s easy to change up your wreaths according to the season and time.

You can use evergreen wreaths for your outdoor wreath. Or something like a yarn pom poms wreath for a playful and modern touch inside.

If it’s a wreath you made yourself you can just take out the extra Christmassy things like red berries and the ornaments for a simple winter look. 

5. Add Natural Textures 

Natural textures

Your winter décor doesn’t have to be super extravagant. When organizing your home for winter, the goal is to tone things down, not overdo them so adding natural elements is a great way to help with the winter blues.

Focusing on a minimalist setting is one of the best winter décor ideas for winter. Add a good dose of rustic charm by strategically styling and placing those leftover pine cones from Christmas.

If you’re looking for a nice centerpiece for your coffee table – wrap your favorite books in lace and twine.

Throw in some faux snow décor in the form of clunky blankets. Get creative with your bookshelf by adding items like photo frames and glass vases with dried flowers. A wooden bead garland is a great decor piece for the coffee table or the mantel piece. 

6. Get Cozy

Get cozy - winter blanket throws

Winter is when your home becomes the coziest little sanctuary in the world.

The best way to maximize the warm and cozy vibes during this season is to use cozy throw blankets and pillows generously. A faux fur pillow or blanket is an easy way to warm up your family room. 

A good dose of neutral fabrics can make your space look gorgeously chic and inviting. Moreover, if you like to entertain, a snug and homey collection of pillows and blankets will make your guests feel even more welcome. 

Leave out those chunky blankets. Dress your cushions in wintery hues and prints, place a rustic basket with lots of cushions on the side, and don’t forget to add in a comfy little throw on that lonely armchair. 

7. Neutral Colors 

Winter neutrals color palette

The best way to make your winter décor timeless is to use neutral color palettes and reserve bright colors for summer. Winter whites are always a great starting point. Especially if you’re going for the Hygge winter feel.

White decor ties into the winter home perfectly and you can add your favourite color accents into your color scheme. You can simply repurpose the old neutral blankets and pillows from other areas of the house and transform the way your living room looks. 

Hues like plum and sky blue are great for a little pop of color here and there. But go for whichever color makes you happy. 

8. Bring in Candles & Lanterns 

Rustic lanterns

Another way to cozy up your space during winter is to tap into the awesomeness of candles and lanterns. Go for warm lights that instantly make your space more inviting. 

Place some oversized candles on your mantle, coffee table, and dining table to bring a warm glow to your interior. Add a string of lights to your faux greenery to light up your space. And candle holders are great as extra decor around the winter time.

Leaving the warm glow of the lights always helps with the transition of home decor. You can even invest in an artsy floor lamp if you have a corner reserved for your favorite armchair.

9. Make it Smell Like Winter

Winter Candle Scents

The time after Christmas is perfect for deep cleaning your home. After all, you’re already taking down heavy décor items and clearing your space for a more minimalistic setting. 

When you start clearing different surfaces, be sure to wipe them down with a cleaner that smells like winter freshness.

Your décor should equally be about the way your space smells. Some favourite scents for the winter include cinnamon and clove, citrusy scents, and snow cherry. 

10. Add More Charm with Area Rugs

Neutral area rug for living room

Just like pillows and blankets, rugs are a great way to boost the coziness of your décor. Neutral rugs are great for any time of year and are an easy transition to the Spring season.

Small or large, area rugs crafted from fabrics such as sheepskin and heavily textured wool, contribute generously to the warmth of your décor and are a comfy bonus for your feet.

Don’t feel you have to go all out with a huge rug you can just layer smaller rugs to add to the cozy winter decor. 

Over to You!

So, there you have it – your very own little guide for decorating for winter after Christmas. You can still get a good home feel without Christmas being on your doorstep.

Remember though, the most important element of beautifying your space is to focus on what inspires you the most. Aside from the décor hacks listed above, ask yourself, “What makes me feel energized for the winter season?”

“What little things (grabbing a bouquet of fresh flowers, for instance) – can I do to keep my space looking fresh and gorgeous?” And don’t worry if you’re truly mourning the Christmas season you can take down the decor bit by bit and take it slow!


10 Great Tips For Decorating For Winter After Christmas

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