12 Beautiful Best Kitchen Runner Rugs To Elevate Space

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Kitchen runner rugs instantly uplift and elevate your kitchen area. They’re stylish and practical for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. And bring warmth, (keeping your feet warm from the cold kitchen floor) plus add texture and colour to your space.

And helps to protect your hardwood floors. Of course, it’s important to select the right rug for your kitchen space. As the kitchen rug has to cope with more spills and a naturally busy area. So it needs to be the right size, durable and secured to the floor properly.

An added bonus is having a washable rug that you can throw in the machine. Washable kitchen rugs make a great choice for busy kitchens. But there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

These are the top picks for best runner rugs to elevate your kitchen look. 

Best Kitchen Runner Rugs 

A great option is Ruggable which makes machine washable rugs around the home. With Ruggable rugs you can attach and reattach to the rug pad.

Also, Rugs USA is a good choice for washable rugs and has extra long runners. A good fit if you have a large kitchen. Using an outdoor rug is always a good option for the kitchen area. 

Here are some favourites for the best kitchen rug runners. Which include a mix of washable rugs, colorways and patterns that will fit right in with your kitchen decor. 

1. Beige Brenda Hazy Heraldry Washable Rug

This rug from Rugs USA has a beautiful subtle pattern in a neutral beige colour. Normally it’s best to stay away from light colours around eating areas. But it’s machine washable and made from polyester.

The width size of the runner is 2’6″ and is available in four different lengths. A 6′, 8′, 10′ and up to 12′ length.

It comes highly rated by customers for not only its style and soft texture but it’s durability too. So much so that some haven’t even used it in the washing machine yet. They’ve been able clean spills up straight away. So it’s easy to clean. 

2. Grogu Trellis Sage Green Rug

Apparently, this rug from Ruggable is inspired by Star Wars Mandalorian. I literally wouldn’t have known any different I just like the pattern and the green colour!

It’s also available in grey and a black colour. It comes in two different sizes and a low pile and medium pile rug option. For the kitchen area stick to the low pile option. 

3. Rust Fringed Medallion Rug

The Medallion rug in light brown is by Rugs USA and comes in eleven different color options. So you have the option for a neutral base or a bright color version.

It’s made from synthetic fibers, good quality and holds up very well judging from its 5-star rating with over 3000 reviews. No surprise considering the number of different options just for this one design! As it comes in a variety of sizes it makes a great addition to a living area or dining room too. 

4. Mosaic Vintage Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the best easy-to-clean materials for high-traffic areas. This mosaic black and ivory design shows that vinyl has come a long way from the ugly days. I love a vintage look.

Vinyl is a very durable material and is an excellent choice if you don’t want to bother with the washing machine. You can just mop or wipe it down. 

5. Reeva Handwoven Rug

Dark-coloured rugs will hide stains, spills and dirt. The Reeva Rug from Pottery Barn is a nice vintage-looking rug. You won’t have to worry about keeping it perfect. A great option for a traditional-style kitchen.

6. Sumi Sailor Stripe Navy Rug

A simple stripe design is still a great way to add some life to your kitchen. You can choose a classic navy stripe or a black or camel colour. 

7. 07 Vintage Chris Loves Julia x Loloi

A vintage-inspired rug without the extra cost of an actual vintage rug. An extremely pretty addition and gives a luxurious feel to your kitchen. 

8. Teresa Checkered Pink Rug

This rug is perfect if you want a bright pop of colour. A checkered rug in pink to some fun and style to your kitchen ( and is very on-trend at the moment). And it’s from Ruggable so it’s a washable runner rug. 

9. Chris Collection No. 3 Chris Loves Julia x Loloi

This pick by Chris Loves Julia is a natural fiber rug made from 100% wool.

10. Loren Printed LQ-15 Area Rug

The Loren printed rug is a gorgeous statement rug, mixed with a variety of colors for your kitchen. Which comes with top customer reviews. Definitely recommended to get a rug pad with this rug for some extra padding. 

11. Damali Grey Overdye Rug

The Damali rug in grey has a great modern design to it and comes in five colour options and easy to clean. 

12. Gray Atrium Medallion Washable Rug

Gray Atrium Medallion Washable Rug - Rugs USA

This rug comes in great colour options. The Atrium Medallion rug comes in two neutral colours a gray and brown. And two bright colors a rust and a taupe which have other colours woven into the design for impact. 

Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats 

If standing for long hours in your kitchen happens often for you, an anti-fatigue mat might be suited. Anti-fatigue mats have more cushioning.

These anti-fatigue mats are far more attractive instead of a standard kitchen mat. Or having to stand on hard cold floors. Which is great if you still want to add some colour and pattern. Perfect for in front of your kitchen sink when you’re washing the dishes!

How Do I Choose A Kitchen Runner Rug?

Measure the area of your kitchen and choose a durable material for your rug.

Choose a rug that fits in with your color palette and that will hold up in high traffic. What’s your style? A neutral colour rug can work well in any space. But a bold statement rug will look great in an all-white kitchen too. 

Best Locations For Runner Rugs 

Adding a beautiful rug runner in front of the sink or between your kitchen island are ideal locations. Also in front of the stove where you could be standing for a long time.

A long galley kitchen is a perfect place for a long runner. Or in between your kitchen cabinetry. For small kitchens, a small rug or a small mat will take up less space but still add comfort when moving around the kitchen. 

Choosing The Right Size Runner Rug

Always measure your space before buying your rug runner. The average runner size is usually 2′ to 3′ wide and anywhere from 6′ up to 12′ long.

Your rug shouldn’t overtake the kitchen area. There should still be space around the outside of the rug of about 3″ to 4″. It also depends on the size and layout of your kitchen.

For a galley kitchen get the longest runner you can and place it down the centre of your floor between to two cabinetry sides. Give room for around 8″ on either side of the runner rug length so it’s not all the way up to your cabinetry. 

How To Secure Your Runner Rug 

For those who think any kind of rug in a kitchen is a bad idea due to safety, there are ways to fix your runner rug properly to your kitchen floor. Because yes, safety is important! Especially if you have young children and pets wandering around the home.

Nowadays a lot of rugs are non-slip kitchen runner rugs. But for extra security, these methods will make sure your rug stays in place and give you peace of mind. And you will definitely need to use one or two of these methods if you’ve chosen a regular runner.

There you have it! A roundup of the best kitchen runner rugs. The missing piece you didn’t know you needed for your kitchen.

A cozy and practical furnishing that protects your kitchen floors from scratches and spills. And finishes off your kitchen space beautifully without it becoming cold and hard. All without any major renovations!

Looking for rugs in other areas of the home? Check out this area rug post. Hope those tips and runner picks helped. 


Kitchen Runner Rugs FAQS

Should You Put A Runner In Your Kitchen?

It comes down to personal style. Adding a nice rug is a nice way to add a pop of color to your kitchen. The main thing to keep in mind is to keep your rug runner a low-pile rug.

Cotton rugs are a thin material but can bunch up if not taped to the floor properly. For the best kitchen rugs choose a non-slip backing. 

What Kind Of Runner Is Best In A Kitchen?

The best rugs are washable kitchen runners you can get from places like Ruggable. And easy to clean materials and rugs made for outdoor use are good too.

You can also choose vintage and dark-coloured runner rugs as these will hide staining and general wear from high foot traffic. Synthetic materials for rugs like polyester are easier to clean than rugs made from natural fibers. 

How Should A Runner Fit In A Kitchen?

Your rug runner should never fill up the whole kitchen area. There should be space on either side of the rug so the kitchen doesn’t look crowded and small.

You should still be able to see your kitchen floor around the perimeter of your rug. For a small kitchen use small mats instead of a runner.

Best Kitchen Rug Runners To Elevate Space

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