35 Best Nightstand Organizer Picks To Keep Clutter At Bay

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When you go to bed at night how many items do you have next to you or on your nightstand? A few I bet. Your phone being one of them, maybe some books or your laptop, a few bits of jewelry?

It’s easy to let some of these things overcrowd your nightstand. Or maybe they’re scattered all over your bedroom. Your bedroom is supposed to be calm for relaxing and sleep. And reducing clutter will always help in keeping a tranquil bedroom space.

If you want to organize your essentials using a nightstand organizer will help free up some space. And there are other organizational ideas to keep your bedroom clutter-free.

Here are some of the best nightstand organizers and alternatives you can use. And they can make a great gift too.

best nightstand organizer

Rubberwood Nightstand Organizer - Amazon

1. Rubberwood Nightstand Organizer

This modern nightstand organizer is compact but has all the right bits and pieces to keep your things organized.

2. Desktop Drawer Organizer

Reduce your clutter but keep your important things visible with this transparent drawer desk organizer.

Clear Desktop Drawer Organizer - Amazon
Bamboo Nightstand Organizer With Tissue Holder - Amazon

3. Bamboo Nightstand Organizer With Tissue Holder

Are you always getting out of bed to go to the bathroom for a tissue? It’s really annoying.

This bamboo organizer has a practical tissue holder built into it. So you can stay in bed when you need a tissue for your nose.

4. Countertop Bookshelf Organizer

A little slimline bookshelf won’t take up much room on your nightstand. It’ll keep your books and accessories organized. And has one little hidden compartment to use.

Countertop Bookshelf Organizer - SHEIN
Small Pastel Green One Drawer Countertop Organizer - Amazon

5. Countertop Organizer

If you have your makeup scattered everywhere this cute countertop organizer will bring it all to order.

It’s pretty enough to sit on your nightstand or in your bathroom as part of your beauty routine.

6. Mini 3 Drawer Wood Organizer

Put away your personal belongings in this wooden drawer organizer. It’s simple and functional and is perfect to hide away your little keepsakes.

Mini 3 Drawer Wood Nightstand Organizer - Amazon
Sorbus Marble Storage Display Case - Overstock

7. Sorbus Marble Storage Display Case

A stacked organizer of clear drawers and you’ll know exactly what you have and where.

It’s got a faux marble case around it so your items are hidden from the back and the sides. But it looks stylish from all angles.

8. Desktop Organizer With Tissue Box

This cute desktop organizer comes with a handy tissue holder. As well as space to keep your phone and a mini drawer to put away your jewelry.

Desktop Organizer With Tissue Box - Overstock
Clear 2 Drawer Desk Organizer - The Container Store

9. Clear 2 Drawer Desk Organizer

A simple set of clear acrylic drawers and a holder will keep your nightstand clean and organized.

10. 2 Layer Nightstand Organizer

This sleek leather organizer has a mixture of open and hidden compartments. Making it easy to grab your small items on the go.

And keeps your important items out of sight but ready to go when you need them.

2 Layer Nightstand Organizer - Amazon
Bamboo Bookshelf Desktop Organizer - Wayfair

11. Bamboo Bookshelf Desktop Organizer

This stylish bamboo bookshelf will keep your books and papers organized. Really handy, if you’re having to use your bedroom to work or study.

Vertical organizers are always good space savers. This one has drawers and a display shelf for styling too.

12. makeup Desk Organizer Box

If you like things clean and of a minimal style, all-white is the way to go. You’ll be able to put it anywhere you like.

Whether you’re storing your makeup or accessories it’ll keep everything organized.

Makeup Desk Organizer Box - SHEIN
Zoiller Wooden Nightstand Organizer - Amazon

13. Zoiller Wooden Nightstand Organizer

This wooden nightstand is perfect if you have a work phone to keep charged along with your personal cell phone.

Or you can use it for yourself and your partner. And there’s plenty of room for storing other items too.

14. Clear Countertop Desk Organizer

A pretty but durable double-stacked shelf that will help you see all your items at a glance. And will definitely help combat the clutter on your nightstand or countertop.

Clear Countertop Shelf Desk Organizer - Amazon

Men’s Nightstand Organizer

Wood Nightstand Storage Organizer - Amazon

15. Wood Nightstand Storage Organizer

This is a great nightstand to keep all his everyday essentials close by and all in one place.

There’s space for his technology, an open tray and a drawer so there’s no excuse for misplaced items!

16. Wood Organizer Phone Docking Station

If he needs everything to be within reach and easily accessible, this wooden nightstand organizer is stylish enough to be in the bedroom.

A phone dock to plug in his phone. But neatly store and organize his belongings.

Wood Nightstand Organizer Docking Station - Amazon
Multifunctional Tissue Holder Organizer - Amazon

17. Multifunctional Tissue Holder Organizer

A perfect man box. Tissues check! To save getting up in the middle of the night. And space for his phone and the TV remotes.

18. Valet Tray With Watch Cuff

If he’s more style conscious then this modern leather valet tray has a cuff to display his watches. And other compartments to keep his everyday items organized.

Valet Tray With Watch Cuff - Pottery Barn

NighTstand organizer charging stations

Nowadays it’s a risk to run out of the house with your phone battery low. We use our phones so much! So it’s practical to have your phone charging when it’s not in use. Here are some desk organizers that have charging stations included with them.

Courant Wireless Charging Tray - Mark & Graham

19. Courant Wireless Charging Tray

If keeping your phone charged is your main priority, this sleek leather pad will ensure your battery is always topped up.

No worries about finding an extra spare outlet to plug in your phone either. And has space to keep your smaller items together.

Courant also offers initial personalization if you’d like to gift it to someone. And they have different colours available too.

20. Wireless Charging valet Tray

You can grab and go anything you need in a rush with this open valet tray. Including your phone. Which should always have battery power when you leave it on the charging pad.

Wireless Charging Valet Tray - Amazon
Wireless Charger Desk Organizer - Amazon

21. Wireless Charger Desk Organizer

This desk organizer would be suited to the office, your entryway or in the bedroom space for all the essentials.

With a charging station for your mobile device, you’ll know where to keep your things safe.

You can also check out desk lamps with charging stations as a different way to keep your phone charged.

Nightstand tray organizers

Valet tray organizers are super simple for storing your essentials and keeping everything really accessible. Just pick up and go!

22. Everyday Carry Tray

A simple organizer compartment tray that literally leaves no room for clutter.

This makes it a whole lot easier to decide what’s important when you’re ready to go out of the house.

Everyday Black Carry Tray - Amazon
Wood and Marble Valet Tray - Mark & Graham

23. wood & marble Valet Tray

Sometimes a simple tray is enough to keep your important things organized.

I love this marble and wood tray from Mark & Graham it’s pretty and will look great anywhere you put it. And you can get monogram engraving.

24. Leather Valet Catch All Tray

A leather valet tray gives your items a soft landing when placed in. So you don’t have to worry about clanking noises or scratches to your things.

Leather Valet Catch All Tray - Amazon
Jackcube Valet Tray Nightstand Organizer - Amazon

25. Jackcube Valet Tray Nightstand Organizer

You’ll know where all your bedtime essentials are with this nightstand organizer.

There’s space to keep your tech, open and hidden compartments to ensure your nightstand is completely tidy.

bedside nightstand organizer

Sometimes just a nightstand organizer won’t do and you need something more practical than an organizer. And a nightstand that can store a whole lot more than usual. Here are a few ideas.

Modular Organizer Nightstand - The Container Store

26. Modular Organizer Nightstand

If you’re really struggling for space, then how about your whole nightstand being an organizer?

This modern design organizer doubles as a nightstand. And is really practical if you have a small bedroom.

You can keep your favourite items neatly organized without sacrificing any more space than needed.

27. Wicker Nightstand organizer

Turn your nightstand from just pretty to utterly practical and organized. This three-drawer wicker storage will keep your bedroom clutter-free.

Wicker Nightstand Organizer - Overstock
Height Adjustable Nightstand - SHEIN

28. Height Adjustable Nightstand

It’s always great when your nightstand is multifunctional. This nightstand has a book rack, drawers and a swivel top for your laptop if you tend to be on the computer late at night.

Having the nightstand on wheels means you can move it on any side of the bed you like.

Drawer Storage Organizer

Since we’ve tackled clutter on and around our nightstands we should talk about the insides too! Just because the outside of the nightstand is clear doesn’t mean there’s a whole heap of mess in the drawers.

Here are a few solutions to keep your drawers from clutter too…

29. 5 Pcs Drawer Organizer Tray

These translucent drawer organizers will keep your drawers neat and tidy and you sane. Because you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for at a glance.

Clear 5 Pieces Drawer Organizer Tray - Amazon
Cantara Bamboo Drawer Organizer - Wayfair

30. Cantara Drawer Organizer

You can create the exact space compartments you’ll need with this bamboo drawer organizer. It’s strong and durable and has removable dividers for your personal items to slot into.

31. Drawer Jewelry Storage

These wrapped linen trays will work wonders in your nightstand drawers to keep your jewelry organized, free, untangled and easily accessible. All while looking gorgeous in your drawers.

Wrapped Linen Jewelry Storage Trays - Pottery Barn

Bedside organizer caddY

Using a bedside caddy organizer is a great alternative to a nightstand organizer. A bedside caddy will organize your tech, books and essentials and keep them close by. Bedside caddies are great for small bedrooms, dorm rooms, or a college apartment where there’s limited space.

These handy organizers can be hung on the side of your bed or attached to the wall. With a little effort and creativity, you’ll have an organized nightstand that makes bedtime routines more enjoyable and efficient.

Also, you won’t have to worry about bulky items on your nightstand. Your nightstand can look all pretty and styled while your caddy stores the bigger items. Fabric bedside caddies are great for travel and hospital stays too.

Zafit Bedside Storage Organizer - Amazon

32. Zafit Bedside Storage Organizer

This hanging bedside caddy from Zafit keeps everything in one place but relatively out of sight. It’s super accessible and will keep your things within reach.

33. Bedside Caddy

You can hand this caddy at the end of your bed, to free up some extra space in a small bedroom. Or this is a great idea if you have kids in bunk beds. They can have a bedside caddy each.

This storage caddy from Pottery Barn Teen comes in black and white.

Wooden Beside Caddy - Pottery Barn Teen
Bedside Organizer Caddy - Amazon

34. Bedside Organizer Caddy

Keep all your gadgets, tech and books in this multi-purpose organizer. It’s lightweight and has velcro straps to keep it in place when strapped to the bed.

35. Felt Bedside Caddy

A similar caddy in a felt fabric with a slightly different design to it. This one has an extra side pocket for your water bottle and other pockets to keep you super organized!

Felt Bedside Caddy - Amazon

Prioritizing Items on Your Nightstand

Clutter can be overwhelming and an eyesore, so keeping your nightstand tidy should be a priority.

To maintain an organized bedside area, it’s important to prioritize keeping only small items on your nightstand. Such as watches, jewelry, eyeglasses, or smartphones. This will help you avoid clutter and make it easier to find what you need.

Rethink traditional bedside lamps and opt for floor lamps or wall sconces instead. This will save valuable surface space and prevent cords from becoming tangled while still providing ample light for nighttime reading.

If you need additional storage space, consider using a nightstand with a top drawer and bottom shelf to hold items that you don’t need within arm’s reach.

Those are all the ideas for nightstand organizers to help keep your bedroom tidy. For more organization ideas you can check out this catch-all decor post.


FAQs About Nightstand Organizers

What is the importance of a nightstand?

A nightstand serves as a convenient and functional piece of furniture in your bedroom, providing easy access to essential items. It also offers additional storage space for personal belongings while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your room.

What should be stored on a nightstand?

Less is more when it comes to what you should have within arm’s reach at bedtime. Here are some small essentials that you can keep on your nightstand:

  • A book or reading material
  • Glasses or contact lens case
  • Lamp or alternative lighting source
  • Tissues and hand sanitizer
  • Clock or alarm device instead of your phone (yes, the old-fashioned kind)
  • Phone charger or power bank
  • Favourite beauty product
  • Notebook and pen for late-night thoughts

How do you organize the inside of a nightstand?

To efficiently organize your nightstand’s interior, start by decluttering unnecessary items. Next, use drawer dividers, small trays, or containers to separate essentials based on their purpose.

Keep frequently used items within easy reach at the front, while less-used objects can be stored towards the back.

Best Nightstand Organizer Picks To Keep Clutter At Bay

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