8 Fantastic Spaces That Accessorize With Outdoor Rugs

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We’re slowly creeping into summer! That means more time outdoors and enjoying the sunshine! We all know how energizing a good bit of vitamin D from the sun, boosts our mood and energy. So creating an outdoor living space is more than ideal project for the summer. Taking our living rooms and placing them outside, with outdoor rugs, furniture and all to make the most of summer season!

The featured image is from Vibeke’s Norwegian home. Which includes her amazing outdoor space in her back garden which is perfect for nearly any kind of weather!

Outdoor Rugs Inspiration

The shaded pergola above the seating area makes the living space almost feel like an enclosed space. But with all the luxuries of nature with the greenery and breeze. A plain simple patterned rug completes the look of the modern outdoor space.

Source: Canr MSU

An eclectic boho mix using neutral colours and natural elements. I love the mixture of dried flowers and grasses with the green plants. And there’s lots of wicker and rattan baskets to add a casual relaxed vibe. A mixture of outdoors rugs have been included in this space. One for a wall feature behind the sofa and two different shaped rugs for the floor both in a jute material.

A semi enclosed outdoor space gives you even more chance to decorate like a would be living room! Adding some wall decor to give your outdoor area even more of that homely feeling. Using an outdoor rug with pattern and colour helps to achieve that outdoor living room look. Don’t be afraid to go for a rug that is more detailed for outdoors!

A bold and graphic design rug always helps makes a statement outside! Using lanterns are always a great way to decorate, taking the summer hosting from day to evening.

Striped outdoor rugs are usually are a winner if you’re really finding it hard to pick an rug to compliment your space. They always look good!

Decorate your outdoor space just like you would you’re living rug by choosing a great rug first and using the colours from there to choose your colour scheme for your soft furnishings. Add in some cozy throws and you can stretch the outdoor living space to the colder months!

Source: Couch Style

Woven baskets on the fence backdrop and an open wicker seat provide a beautiful entertaining space for the summer. The vibrant mustard colour really pops against the black furnishings and the black white patterned rug.

Favourite Outdoor Rugs To Shop

These are some of the best outdoors rugs that I found! Patterned rugs, neutral or colourful statement rugs. And most of them are available in different sizes. Including outdoor rug runners. Some of the outdoor rugs you can get in a round shape as well.

Tips For Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs can make your outdoor space feel just as welcoming as your indoor family room. Generally speaking the best material for outdoor rugs are the synthetic materials or performance fabrics.

Materials like this are commonly used for outdoor rugs as they’re water resistant and and unlikely to develop mould and mildew underneath. To keep your outdoor rugs clean you can rinse with a garden hose and air dry.

Of course most outdoor rugs you can use indoor as well. Which is super handy if you’re worried about spills, stains and dirt in certain places. Textured rugs are great for keeping the dirt from spreading to other areas.

Natural fibre rugs are also a nice option for outdoors. But they are more prone to damage from wet conditions. If you prefer a natural fibre rug it’s best to use them under shaded outdoor areas. Natural fibre rugs are good if you live in a hot and dry climate most of the time.


  • What are the best types of rugs for outdoor?
  • Synthetic or “manmade” materials such as polypropylene, acrylic, nylon, polyurethane and polyester. Recycled plastics also known as PET fibres are good as well.
  • Are outdoor rugs really waterproof?
  • Outdoor rugs are water resistant meaning that they won’t take in as much water as a natural fibre rug. They dry a lot faster.
  • Should I put away my outdoor rug in the winter?
  • If your winters include snow, ice and heavy rain then it’s best store your rug away for the harsh seasons. This way your outdoor rug will last a lot longer.
  • Should I put anything underneath an outdoor rug?
  • For an outdoor concrete surface it’s best to use a rubber rug pad. This will help stop the rug from slipping especially when it rains.

Best Places To Shop Outdoor Rugs

Have you already got your outdoor space sorted for the summer? Let me know in the comments below! For more outdoor inspiration you can check out Vibeke’s Norwegian home and how she transformed her outdoor space.


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