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12 Tricks To Make Your Living Room Seem Larger

Cozy Neutral Living Room - 12 Tricks To Make Your Living Room Seem Larger: A modern cozy living room in neutral colours with modern furniture and accessories shows how to make the most out of your living room space. @chloedominik #cozylivingrooms #cozylivingroommodern #neutrallivingroom #livingroomideas #livingroomdesigntips
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Everyone wants to enjoy their living room space even if it’s on the small side!

It doesn’t matter how small your living room space actually is in terms of square footage there a few interior tricks to make you living room feel larger than it is. Here are my top 12 tricks for the living room!

Scaled Furniture Pieces

The furniture pieces you select for you living room if it’s on the small side is very important.

You want to select furniture that is going to be big enough for your needs but not to take up all the space. Opt for a few furniture pieces that are larger in scale rather than more furniture pieces that are smaller in scale.

Source: Mom Ooze

Leggy Furniture

Selecting furniture that’s off the ground will help in keeping your eye travel further for longer.

Transparent Pieces

Buying transparent decor pieces like a glass or lucite coffee table will open up the space and make the space feel larger. It works much the same way as having furniture off the floor allowing your eye to travel further for longer. Which gives a sense of a bigger space.

Using transparent pieces also allows for more light to bounced through the living room from natural light sources.

Ceiling & Walls

Painting the walls and the ceiling the same colour blurs out any breaks and lines in the room. That way it’s reads as one continuous space and elongates the wall space.

It works the same way whether you paint it a dark or a light colour. If you opt for a darker colour use a light colour for furniture pieces to contrast the space. This will complete the larger look feel rather it feeling closed in.

Source: Ebay


Hanging your drapery panels above you windows as high to ceiling as possible. This is another interior tip that tricks the belief that your ceilings look taller than they are.


Using mirrors in your living room will help with making you living room feel larger. Only as long as they’re used and placed correctly. Place the mirror opposite a window which will reflect the natural light and the view in to the room.

Or you can use a large 6 foot statement mirror to lean against a wall in your living room reflecting the interior space back to you. Making it seem double the size in space.

Source: Krystin Lee

Tall Bookcases

No matter how small you’re living room might be you still need storage. So if you’re thinking of a bookcase make sure the height goes all the way to the ceiling.

This option doesn’t work if it is filled with clutter! Style your bookcases with beautiful and key decor pieces.

Open Styled Shelf Display - 12 Tricks To Make Your Living Room Seem Larger: Make use of your ceiling height with shelving to style and organize you accessories and personal items like this open styled shelf display in the living room. @chloedominik #openshelving #styledshelves #styledshelveslivingroom #styledopenshelves #livingroomtips #livingroomtipsandtricks
Source: Top Buzz

Remove The Clutter

Removing bits and pieces that are on the floor or stacked in a corner is going to make the living room feel larger. Small spaces need to stay organized. The smaller the space the more creative you’ll have to get with storage solutions!

Flooring & Rugs

For the living room floor use only one material to carry through the space. If you have an area rug make sure it’s the correct size for your area and that it’s not too small. It should fit all of your seating furniture on it.

Using a smaller rug just makes the space seem smaller too.

Source: Pinterest

Artwork Focal

Creating a focal point is still an important key in a living room space. A large piece of artwork or a canvas would make a great focal point and draw your eye up to the ceiling.

Black Abstract Painting - 12 Tricks To Make Your Living Room Seem Larger: A large black abstract canvas provides a focal point above the sofa, a big canvas in the living room makes the space seem larger. @chloedominik #abstractcanvas #livingroomideas #artcanvaslivingroom #blackandwhitecanvasart
Source: Etsy

Low Back Furniture

Using low backed furniture with simple and clean lines frees up your sight lines from visual blockages around the room. If you have high backed furniture that can make a small space seem even more crowded.

Source: Decoholic

Light Fixtures

If you have a small living room that typically means you have an average ceiling height of around 8 foot or so. That isn’t best option for a pendant light or a fancy chandelier.

It’s best to go for a flush mount fixture that won’t interfere with the visual space of the room. Or something transparent or like a glass fixture which gives a sense of lightness.

How many of these tricks will you be using in your living room space? Let me know in the comments below!



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