Ikea Kitchen Inspiration

15 Amazing Ikea Kitchen Inspiration Ideas To Think About

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Ways to go about designing your ideal kitchen? There’s the custom route. Stock cabinets or a mixture of the two. With kitchens being so expensive to do Ikea is becoming a regular go to. There are lots of great ideas for Ikea kitchen inspiration, no matter what your design style. Whether you like the Scandinavian look for your kitchen or not, a kitchen system from Ikea could provide you with a good foundation to start with.

I’ve seen a lot of kitchens that I thought were custom that are actually Ikea! It’s definitely an option that I’m considering for the future for flexibility and variety. As well as price!

As Ikea is known for it’s modular and flat pack systems it easy to buy a complete kitchen or just certain components. So in compared to what a kitchen remodel would normally cost an Ikea kitchen is on the lower end of the budget. It could be an option for a kitchen remodel for now or further down the road.

Either way Ikea kitchen systems are worth looking in to. You can always opt to update or customize later just by using cabinet fronts, without having to totally rip out the old kitchen frame. Even with custom front cabinets using Ikea systems it could still be a big saving next to a complete custom kitchen.

Kitchen ideas straight out Ikea and kitchens that have used the Ikea bare bones. Which ever way you’re thinking of going, here are some great Ikea inspiration ideas for the kitchen at home you can bookmark!

Ikea Kitchen Inspiration

A classic style Ikea kitchen, modern grey kitchen with a mixture of open and closed cabinets. The wood worktop helps to warm up the kitchen space. Using open shelving is always a great way of decorating the kitchen space.

An earthy colour tone palette for this sophisticated Ikea kitchen cabinets with custom fronts.

Glass fronted upper cabinets combined shaker panelled doors below and neutral colours give this Ikea kitchen a modern edge. A country farmhouse style meets clean simple look. When it comes to kitchen storage Ikea is one of the best.

This kitchen from Cate St. Hill used the Ikea Veddinge range to complete her minimal and stylish kitchen design. A friendly and functional kitchen space. The ultimate example of Scandinavian design.

The company & SHUFL designs fronts and worktops to work with the Ikea Metod kitchen and Faktum system. Underneath the all black modern kitchen it’s all Ikea. Love the black and gold finishes which help it seem like it’s a completely custom kitchen.

Wood front cabinets are a gorgeous option which perfectly suits the Scandinavian design. Custom Fronts have options in wood from birch, european oak and bamboo as well as a laminate range all made for Ikea cabinets.

Another custom front cabinet by Semi Handmade who provide custom hardware and countertops too.

Another example for black kitchen inspiration! These cabinet fronts are all from Ikea’s sustainable range called Kungsbacka made from used plastic bottles.

Dark wood walnut style counters and minimal style drawer fronts create this modern Ikea kitchen.

A traditional family style Ikea kitchen in a neutral colour palette, perfect to aid in running everyday life with a family. With classic shaker style cabinet doors and contrasting black hardware.

Wall Lights (similar)

An oil rub finish for the wooden cabinets in this Ikea kitchen. The wood finish helps to warm up the rest of the white kitchen backdrop. These cabinet fronts are from the Danish company Det Mondaene Skur.

Wall Shelf

A beautiful small country kitchenette makeover from Our Food Stories using the Metod and Laxarby range from Ikea. Making use of the limited space by careful planning to get the most functionality from the small Ikea kitchen area.

Love the high contrast between the all black cabinets and hardware with the warm wood counter top and the white walls. Adding open shelving adds to modern country look.

An all white kitchen design which hosts the area for a much needed coffee station. Stacy used a white marble quartz to complete the look using the Ikea mixed with custom drawer fronts.

A sleek and modern finish for these cabinet fronts from Superfront. With only the modern appliances on show and a touch of brass from the cabinet hardware.

A stylish modern black kitchen straight from the Ikea, using the Lerhyttan range. Black kitchens have a dramatic impact in the home giving it ultra sophistication.

Ikea Custom Options

If you’re ever wanting to break away from the normal Ikea kitchen there are lots of DIY kitchen hacks you can try out yourself. Or just simple finishes like painting the cupboards and swapping out the hardware. If you’re not 100% sure doing it yourself then you can look up a local carpenter.

And then there are lots of companies who specialize in transforming Ikea systems that you would never know it was ever from Ikea. Just like some of the kitchen ideas above! Typically the Ikea Metod kitchen is the system that companies seem to customize the most.

UK Ikea Custom Fronts

  • Custom Fronts are based in East Sussex but work overseas as well offering sustainable and high quality designs at sensible price.
  • Husk based in Bristol make custom fronts for not only Ikea kitchen cabinets but Howdens as well.
  • Plykea it’s exactly as the name implies, plywood fronts for your Ikea cabinets. More specifically birch plywood doors with various options including Formica faced. They are based in London but supply Europe and the United States as well.
  • Holte‘s high quality products are manufactured in the Hertford, in the Midlands. Holte also offer fronts and worktops for Howden’s kitchens.
  • Naked Kitchens make custom cabintery based on Ikea’s Metod range.

Europe Ikea Custom Fronts

  • & SHUFL is a Danish company that specialize in custom Ikea fronts for kitchen and wardrobes.
  • Bocklip are based in France and have four showrooms nationwide for custom fronts.
  • Det Mondaene Skur are based in Denmark for custom cabinetry on Ikea and old kitchen frames.
  • A.S. Helsingo have two main show rooms in Europe. One in Stockholm, Sweden and the other in Helsinki Finland.

US Ikea Custom Fronts

  • Semi Handmade have four showrooms in the States. New York, Chicago, Minneapolis and Monrovia LA as well as online appointments. Bath fronts and Besta sideboard fronts are covered here too.
  • Kokeena ships their custom Ikea fronts throughout the States and Canada.
  • Dunsmuir Cabinets provide custom cabinetry in the US.

Worldwide Shipping Ikea Custom Fronts

  • Reform create kitchen designs from varied materials like brass simple wood front designs.
  • Superfront’s showroom is based in Stockholm Sweden and provide patterned and customized fronts for Ikea’s Metod and Faktum kitchen. As well as Ikea’s Pax closet system and even customized Besta sideboards fronts.
  • Koak Design are based in the Netherlands but are able to ship their custom fronts internationally.

So what do you think about Ikea kitchens? Keep it simple and classic or go for a custom upgrade? I hope these Ikea kitchen inspiration helped with what could be possible for your own home kitchen for now in the future!


This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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  1. In my former kitchen, the cheap standard mdf cabinets with melamine finish lasted less than 5 years. No surprise! They were installed by a contractor that was also cheap and cut corners whenever he could. But the real problem was the cabinet bases were sinking along the back and causing a gap between the backsplash and countertop. I started wondering if my vintage condo was shifting or settling? Then MY contractor explained with time and weight of heavy pans and small appliances, the bottom at the back started to disintegrate. Since I’ve been in design for many years, I started noticing in many interior magazines, really smart looking kitchens from Ikea, some in secondary homes and some in high end houses! I couldn’t recommend them to clients if I didn’t try Ikea first. My Ikea sales person just happened to be a retired architect…BONUS! Ikea base cabinets are not installed sitting on the floor, they are attached to a railing installed onto the wall, so no sagging or shifting. This worked perfectly in my galley style kitchen and now at 5 years later, I couldn’t be more satisfied with how they look and function. I opted for high end appliances, faucets, and sink. It’s the best kitchen I’ve ever had and the cabinets come with a 20 year warranty.

    1. Hi Diana, thanks for letting me and everyone know your kitchen experience with Ikea. Sounds like Ikea are a top option for kitchens then!

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