5 Ways To Capture & Live The Japandi Style

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Japandi, the interior design trend that’s here to stay! Some would call it more of a lifestyle more so than a trend. The hybrid design, merging of Scandinavian design style with the Japanese interior. East meets West in design living. The two trends from opposite sides of the world that go so well together.

The Nordic design and their philosophy of “hygge”, meaning the good feeling of wellness through a cozy and pleasing environment. Meets the Japanese principle of “wabi-sabi”. The acceptance and beauty found in things that are imperfect. A biophilic way of creating and thriving in your home. Where elegance meets simplicity and functionality.

The two styles are similar in the design aesthetic with clean and uncluttered spaces.

And both Scandi and Japanese embracing craftsmanship and natural materials. You have the neutral colours but the coziness and lighter colour palette of Scandi design. With the elegance and utilitarian way of the Japanese way.

Here are 5 ways to embrace the Japandi way of living!

1. Simplicity

Japandi is first and foremost about the way of life. A clean design with minimal clutter.

More of a curated space decorated with essentials only. But that still has the warmth and comforts of the Scandinavian home living. This means quality over quantity for main decor pieces. As well as accessories. And organization is key! Everything has a place and home.

When it comes to home decor think a mixture of handmade ceramics and minimal elements with natural and cozy tactile fabrics to warm up with. The beauty of Japandi is that it’s not as minimalistic as the wabi sabi look as the Scandi style balances it out.

2. Japandi Colours

The Scandinavian interior is known more for it’s neutral colour palette. If you choose a lighter scheme for Japandi make sure it’s a warm tone. Scandi colours can be pastel greens, light greys and even pale pinks.

However white is the more popular colour for creating an airy open space and to maximize the natural light.

The Japanese opt for more the rich tones, like darker charcoal greys, browns and deep greens. Earthy tones that are close to nature.

So you’re not stuck when it comes down to colour options! It just depends on how deep or light you’d like to go but to truly get a Japandi space try and balance the light and dark with each other. It’s all about contrasting the neutral and muted colours to create a calming space.

Using black accents in the space is a good way to get of getting the Japandi look!

3. Natural Materials

One of the reasons why Japandi is so popular is because of it’s principles in nature.

Wood is an essential element to have in the interior scheme. The Japanese style is known for its dark and stained woods. And Scandi for it’s light and woods and washes. So you can mix the two woods together in the same space to create a Japandi style interior.

Don’t forget accessories and decor can follow the natural suite too. Natural materials that are textured like rattan, paper, bamboo and jutes. For fabrics, linens and cottons. This draws in more the durable Japanese style.

To achieve a true Japandi style, combine with more of cozy element from the Western decor style. Like textured soft, knitted cushions and rugs that you see in the Scandinavian design and is so well known for.

4. Furniture Style

The furniture style is linear and clean lines and low to the ground and low back furniture. So modern and simple style, no fuss furniture but beautiful. Also functionality is essential. So any furniture that can double as storage is a good idea.

And again quality for your main decor pieces and furniture. Be intentional and think about what you really love!

5. Living Things

The Japandi lifestyle is closely tied to nature. So it’s no surprise that living plants is one of the essentials to complete a Japandi interior.

Just remember that Japandi is more of a minimal design style so add in a couple of plants here and there. If you have an outdoor space that opens up from the living space that creates a closer connection to nature in your home.

What do you think of the Japandi style? Is it a trend or here to stay? Let me know in the comments below!


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