Design Trends 2019

Interior Design Trends 2019

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We’re in the last month of 2018 and we’re looking to 2019 to see what design trends we’ve been seeing and will see more of going in to the new year. With maximalism being one of the most talked about trends of the year, we’re going to see what impact that will have on the rest of the trends for 2019.

Interior Design Trends 2019

Black Rooms

At the moment I’ve been seeing this trend a lot in bathrooms and powder rooms and I love it. But we’re going to see black colour transition to the more used spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. Which not so long ago would have been forbidden territory. Black doesn’t have to mean dark and depressing. It can look great in a big or small room.

Source: Pinterest

Curved Furniture

Curves and softer shapes for your everyday furniture pushing in to the scalloped decorative trend also.

Interior Design Trends 2019 - Curved Sofa
Source CB2

Jewel Tone Colours

Jewel colour tones have already been making an appearance in 2018 with emerald greens and navy blues getting more popular. In 2019 jewel tones are going to be expanding thought the spectrum adding varieties such as spicy mustards and ruby reds.

Interior Design Trends 2019 - Jewel Tones

Statement Ceilings

Ceilings are no longer getting completely left out the picture of the room. Painting you wall part the way and the painting the ceiling the same colour is a simple effective way. Or you can just wallpaper the ceiling or use a totally different material to complete you room.

Interior Design Trends 2019 - Statement Ceilings

Floral and Botanical Wallpapers

Floral and botanical walls that includes wall murals too. There have been a lot of beautiful rooms floating about on Pinterest with amazing rooms with floral wallpapers or a large scale flower murals.

Interior Design Trends 2019 - Floral Mural
Source: Graham & Brown

Mixed Metals

Brass is still very much on the scene. Just not every single metal element space has to be brass. It can be quite challenging to get all your brass elements matching anyway, so just change it up. Copper, silver and gold are allowed in the same room. It’s ok!

Interior Design Trends 2019 - Mixing Metals Lighting
Source: Freshome


Still plants, plants every where! Not just succulents, potted plants, fig trees. Plants add colour, texture and shape and of course come in more colours than just green. Organic, helps the environment and makes you feel better! (As long as its not dying!)

Interior Design Trends 2019 - Greenery Plants Living Room

Handmade Pieces

I love the little decor pieces for your home from places like H&M and West Elm. I also love when I find a decor piece that no one else has! Pieces straight from craft markets and your local artists and artisans are much more fun! This way you can customise to add your personal touch too.

Interior Design Trends 2019 - Handmade Decor Pieces Ceramics
Source: Talia Silva

What trends for 2019 do you like and which ones do you think should be cut? Let me know below in the comments or send me a line below!

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