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Mixing Metals: 15 Metallic Finishing Touches For The Home

Updated 30th June 2017
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One of the big trends for this year is mixing metals. Karen Sealy mentioned it as one of the trends this year in the seminar she gave at the Canadian Furniture Show. You can read that post here if you’d like to know what the other trends for this were. Of course it’s been demonstrated not only in the home but through fashion too. Catwalk fashions often inspiration for some of the interior trends.


Gone are the days where you had to stick to one metallic shade whether for an outfit or in the home. I had to coax one of my clients when I had picked out some items that had different metal finishes to them. I said for her not worry, no need for matchy, matchy and in the end she was happy with the combination. If you just use them in the accessories you can switch up and swap out if and when you’d like a change. I thought I’d touch back on this trend as its coming nearer to the winter season and a bit of shimmer brings some warmth back in the home.


Top End Interiors

I love looking at Tom Dixon and the products that they bring out are so sleek and modern. Their products are beautiful. The lighting department in particular, I had a look in their showroom. Straight away I saw the mixed clustered coloured pendant display which shows how well the different metallics work together. The interior of the restaurant they designed below has the main light feature in gold but has the stainless steel back wall which compliments the main feature. A commercial interior, but still good for pulling ideas from. So I thought I’d show you!

tom dixon 2


Metals: Colours & Finishes

Looking for more of subtle change? Silver and stainless steel is the more neutral shade to go with and just add a gold or copper close by to make the items pop. Also you can get a whole range of finishes. A sharp, clean polished finish or antique, oiled rubbed down look. Don’t forget about the brushed and the duller finishes too, in the darker metals like iron and nickel for a classic look. Only a couple of items needed and keep your eye out for some similar finds! Once there’s a trend established it’ll be easy to find. I love this trend I think it’ll be around for a while on and off the catwalk.


Look Around!

You can get some great pieces if you really want to make a big change in the room or with just smaller accessories. The items I’ve chosen you can find online or at the store but don’t forget you can pick up some great pieces from the markets, maybe even one of a kind. In the meantime here’s some ideas to draw product inspiration from, my favourite pieces for the autumn/ winter season. A couple hints, hues of mixed metals can add a bit of elegance and sophistication to room and finish it off nicely. So have fun mix and move items around see what looks good and what you like!


15 metallic finishes


1. Kapona Tray Table, Anthropologie. $128.00
2. Plaited Metallic Pillows, Anthropologie. $48.00, $58.00, $98.00 (Depending on Size)
3. Eclipse Handles, Anthropologie. $14.00 each
4. Large Glass Box, H&M Home. £14.99
5. Brass Hashtag, West Elm. $19.00
6. Cotton Cushion Cover, H&M Home. £6.99
7. Ottava Pendant Lamp, IKEA. $59.99
8. Euclidean Pendant Lamp, Anthropologie. $248.00
9. Metal Lantern With Chain, ZARA Home. $69.00
10. Large Bronze Bowl, H&M Home. £14.99
11. Round Wire Gold Basket, H&M Home. £12.99
12. Metal Tealight Holder, H&M Home. £1.99
13. Gold Octagon Side Table, ZARA Home. $149.00
14. Silver Hand Embossed Night Table, Anthropologie. £278.00
15. Symmetry Object Medium, West Elm. $34.00


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