Bedroom Trends 2022

8 Bedroom Trends 2022 We’ll Be Loving This Year

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When it comes to bedroom, the main focus is a getting a good sleep and rest. So in terms of bedroom trends for 2022 there are a some main design ideas that will never change. Here are the big new design trends for the bedroom and the ones that will be sticking around.

Bedroom Trends 2022

1. Rattan

Sustainable materials and living is still much in the forefront for us. So it makes sense that rattan is still a popular choice for home decor and furniture.

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2. Dividers

Setting boundaries in open spaces throughout the home is big for 2022. And it’s the same for defining the bedroom space a little more. So dividers for the bedroom are going to be making more of an appearance. This goes for temporary fold away screen dividers and more permanent structures.

A small divider can help divide a bedroom space between sleeping area and a closet space. Or a work space separated from the bed. Nowadays we’re seeking out separate areas based on our different activities. And when there is limited space at home dividers are a great way of making the bedroom feel like two different rooms. Which is perfect when we’re needing a more definite boundary between a busy life. And of course it looks great too!

3. Seating Area

Talking about definitive spaces within the bedroom, create a seating area. We hang out in our bedrooms for more than just sleeping. It’s our own retreat for relaxing and winding down. So if your bedroom has the space, create a mini seating area which you can use away from your bed.

4. Botanical

Blurring the lines between outside and inside by adding in plants to your bedroom. Our wellness is connected to nature so it only makes sense that we try and bring nature to us. The botanical trend is not a new trend for 2022 but isn’t going anywhere. Especially since our bedroom is so closely tied with our regeneration.

Bring in different potted plants to your bedroom to brighten and liven up the bedroom. Another way to get the trend is to put up botanical wallpaper or add some botanical prints. The connection between nature and our well being is still important for 2022!

5. Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms are no longer being used a spare storage room. We’re transforming them back into what they were originally intended for. A big advantage for a small bedroom is that it feels cozy and intimate. Just what you want for a resting place.

We’re embracing the small size and being clever with the design ideas. By using the right colours and multi-functional furniture pieces, a small bedroom can be transformed into cozy haven.

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6. Muted Colours

Muted tones aren’t going anywhere for the bedroom this year. Choosing calming and restful colours for the bedroom is the best option to go for. Sticking with the classics like whites, creams and muted tones if you’re not sure what to go for. These colours are sure to help you feel refreshed and ready when waking up in the morning!

7. Black

Black has been taking over in the home. Even in the bedrooms! And black is definitely going to be cropping up more in 2022. If you have more trouble getting to sleep than you do waking up then maybe a darker colour might be more appropriate for you. Just a thought! A black accent wall to highlight the bed makes a sophisticated bedroom design.

8. Layered Rugs

Lots of us have hard flooring in our bedrooms so rugs is the best way to cosy up the bedroom space. Layering rugs evokes that cozy feeling that much more. It’s a great way to add colour and pattern in the bedroom.

Those are the predictions for the bedroom trends of 2022!


Bedroom Trends 2022

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