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Closet Clean Out: How To Organise Your Closet

A Spring closet clean out is a good time to take stock of your clothes. In with old and out with the new! Of course you’re going to have a few faithfuls that are here to stay. Just think of the new things you making way for and how much easier it’s going to be to see and find everything?!

Take Everything Out!

To get your closet space as organised as possible it much easier to take everything out first. Yes, it’s going to be a huge mess but this way you have to get it all done one time! Trying to clean and organise a wardrobe still half full of clothes is not the way to go.

Closet Clean Out

While you have you whole wardrobe empty, wipe down all the shelves and inside the drawers. It would be bad to do all this organising to put your clothes back in to a dirty wardrobe!

What To Keep?

Once you have all your clothes out you can take inventory of everything you have. Go through your items one by one and decide if you’re going to keep it or not.

  • Do you like it?

Like, really like it. If you’re umming over it when it’s on the hanger you’re probably not loving it. Do you feel like you in it? Does it make you feel good? If any of these are bordering on not sure, it’s time to move on.

  • Does it fit you?

Is it loose, baggy, tight? Unless it’s a super expensive or item that you can get adjusted or it has sentimental value, it’s better to let it go. You can probably find the exact same thing or similar that fits better.

  • Is it in good shape?

Can’t bear to let something go that’s in a state of repair? How much repair does it need? Is it going to be worth it in the end? It’s your call!

  • When did you last wear it?

It might be an item you bought for an occasion and only worn it once. That’s ok, but is it worth keeping or sending off to a better home?


Hanging Space

You should by now have a pile of what you’re keeping and your throw away and donate bags. Decide on what’s going to go where in your closet. Don’t over fill the hanger space area, you want to make it easy to file through. A couple of ways to organise your hanging rack:

  • Colour co-ordinated block system
  • Item length from short to long
  • By category item shirts, trousers, dresses etc.

Don’t forget to utilise the floor space underneath of the hanging rack with storage boxes if necessary.


Things you reach for everyday like underwear keep in the top drawers. A drawer organiser system might help you keep things a little more orderly. Work your way down the drawers in this way. The things you don’t wear that often keep at the bottom. The next drawer down might be nightwear, then basic tops and t-shirts.


Jeans, tops and jumpers are the best items to store in your shelves. Delicate items are best on a hanger or folded away in a drawer. Make sure the items you do put on the shelf are folded properly otherwise it’s going to get messy again real soon!

You might want to keep items to a minimum on the open shelves. A couple of shelves could be used purely for decoration if you have the space! You might consider putting the heavier knits at the bottom and swapping them to the top when winter comes around again.

Closet Clean Out: How To Organise Your Closet - Open Shelving Closet Ideas
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For some more ideas and inspiration on how to organise clothes check out the Ikea Pax post.

Are you planning a closet clean out? What tips and ideas worked best for you? Let me know in the comments below.


Closet Clean Out: How To Organise Your Closet

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