7 Tips Closet Clean Out: How To Organize Your Closet

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Having a closet clean out a couple of times a year is always a good way to stay organized. When it gets to fighting your way through hangers or searching for that one item that just seems to have disappeared into thin air, it’s probably due time!

Of course there’s going to be a few faithful items that are here to stay. But just staying on top of what’s in your closet helps in the long run. From the morning routines running just that little bit smoother. And being able to see exactly what you have.

Plus think of the new clothing items you actually like, you’ll be making way for. And how much easier it’s going to be to see and find everything?!

How Often Should You clean out your closet?

Have a closet clear out twice a year if possible. If you live in a location that is seasonal, have a look at your closet before the weather changes. Around every six months.

I end up going through my wardrobe about once a month. Not a complete overhaul but my things get messy so quickly. It’s all behind closed doors so it’s not too bad (I can hide the mess easily).

Usually when I get to the point of rummaging to right at the back of the wardrobe, I’ll have a little reorganize. Then it’s all good again and I feel so much better!

If you’re feeling like your closet needs a complete over haul then here are some top tips for complete closet clean out…

closet clean out tips

1. Take Everything Out!

To get your closet space as organized as best as possible it much easier to take everything out first. Yes, it’s going to be a huge mess but this way you have to get it all done one time! Trying to clean and organize a wardrobe still half full of clothes can get more complicated compared to starting from scratch.

Any items that that you think was in a good closet position before, like all your jeans folded on the middle shelf. You can put them back to that particular place and work all your other items around it.

2. Clean Out

While you have you whole wardrobe empty, wipe down all the shelves and inside the drawers. If you’re doing a complete closet clean out, you need clean the inside of the closet too.

3. What To Keep?

Once you have all your clothes out you can take inventory of everything you have.

Go through your items one by one and decide if you’re going to keep it or not. Sort your clothes into three piles of keeping, donating or throwing away. This might be a chance to make some money as well by selling a few items.

Here are a few things to ask yourself when deciding whether to keep an item or not:

  • Do you like it?

Really like it? If you’re having to think over it when it’s on the hanger, then you’re probably not loving it. Do you like how it looks on? Does you feel good in it? If any of these are bordering on not sure, it’s time to move on.

  • Does it fit you?

Is it loose, baggy, tight? Unless it’s a super expensive or item that you can get adjusted or it has sentimental value, it’s better to let it go. You can probably find the exact same thing or similar that fits better.

  • Is it in good shape?

Can’t bear to let something go that’s in a state of repair? How much repair does it need? Is it going to be worth it in the end? It’s your call!

  • When did you last wear it?

It might be an item you bought for an occasion and only worn it once. That’s ok, but is it worth keeping or sending off to a better home?

Do you have any duplicates?

If you have two or more of a similar clothing item, ask yourself can you keep one instead of two? If you wear the items often then two is the maximum you need of the same thing.

What clothes should you keep? sorting clothes out

ORGANIZing your closet

You should by now have a pile of what you’re keeping and your throw away and donate bags.

If you’re really getting serious and intentional about what you’re keeping, you might decide that the only the essentials are needed and create a capsule wardrobe.

Decide on what’s going to go where in your closet. Remember what items worked well placed where beforehand and what didn’t. It’s all about making it easier for yourself.

Keep in mind what the current season is and what you’ll be reaching for the most. When items are out of season keep them out of the way. The things you’ll be wearing more on a day to day keep them easily accessible.

Think about adding in hooks and storage baskets for keep things a little more organized.

4. Hanging Space

Don’t over fill the hanger space area, you want to make it easy to file through. Also think about the type of hangers you need. Slim line velvet hangers are good for maximizing the space you have. Clothing items tend to stay on there better without slipping off too.

Heavier items that need hanging will be better off on a padded hanger, or a thick wooden hanger. Depending on your item you want to make sure you use the right hanger so the neckline or the shoulders don’t get out of shape. And you’re not finding it at the bottom of closet instead of on the hanger!


How you organize your hanging space in an important part to consider. Here a few ideas of how you can organize your closet hanging rack:

  • Colour co-ordinated block system: arrange clothing by colour
  • Item length: from short to long
  • By category item: shirts, trousers, dresses etc.
  • By category of occasion: everyday, work wear, formal etc.

Don’t forget to utilize the floor space underneath of the hanging rack by adding a second rail if you have the space. Or you use storage boxes if you still need more storage.

5. organizing your Drawers

Things you reach for everyday like underwear keep in the top drawers. A drawer organizer system might help you keep things a little more orderly. Work your way down the drawers in this way. The things you don’t wear that often keep at the bottom. The next drawer down might be nightwear, then basic tops and t-shirts.

If you’re not using a drawer organizer then make sure things are folded properly and neatly. And in a way that you can what the item is easily (Marie Kondo style if that’s what works for you!).

6. Organize the Shelves

Jeans, tops and jumpers are the best items to store in your shelves. Delicate items are best on a slim line hanger or folded away in a drawer. Make sure the items you do put on the shelf are folded properly otherwise it’s going to get messy again real soon. Again, baskets will come in handy for storage.

You might want to keep items to a minimum on the open shelves. A couple of shelves could be used purely for decoration if you have the space. You might consider putting the heavy knit items on the lower shelves for winter season.

Then moving them to the top shelves or away in storage boxes the way for the summer.

closet dressing area with shelf space

7. Shoe organization

Shoes can tend to be a bit bulky and take up a lot of space. So you’ll have to get creative when it comes to organizing the different types of shoes. Depending on the style and how often you wear certain shoes you might have them stored in a few different places.

For flats and sandals a hanging organizer rack might be ideal. For your favourite shoes they might go on display on a shoe rack or a shelf. Remember you’ll more than likely have to position shelves at different levels to get a good amount of shoes in.

The everyday shoes might be stored somewhere entirely different, like in the hallway for easy access.

Shoe organization

For some more ideas and inspiration on how to organize clothes check out the Ikea Pax post. Everyone’s favourite when it comes to closet organization. I hope these closet clean out tips get you on your way to organizing your own great system at home!


closet clean out

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