13 Great Ideas: Toy Storage For Living Room

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As your home adjusts to your growing family, your living room becomes the hub for many activities. It’s a space to have fun, relax and spend quality time with family and is often a second children’s room.

Kids’ toys can easily take over the family room with board games, action figures and other toys. If you feel like you’re always cleaning up your family room and you can’t figure out a way to manage the clutter you’re not alone!

To maintain a tidy and stylish living room, it might take some out of the ‘toy box’ thinking. So we’re laying out some living room storage ideas for an organized family home. 

Toy Storage For Living Room Ideas

1. Built-in Cabinetry

Built in storage for toys

One of the most exciting trends in toy storage is the “wall of wonder.” Built-in cabinetry enhances your living room design and is one of the best toy storage ideas.

This concept involves using open shelving wall-mounted shelving units and cubbies to display toys like works of art. By keeping toys visible in plain sight and easy to access, children are more likely to keep their playthings organized.

This approach declutters your living space but also adds a touch of whimsy and charm to your decor.

Pick a design for your built-in cabinetry that matches your style, be it minimalist or traditional, and ensure it complements your home.

Adjust the size based on your room’s space, whether big or small, and use sturdy shelves that are securely fixed into the wall for safety. Make sure you measure and plan the storage to suit your needs. 

You can use closed cabinetry at the bottom or choose all open shelving depending on the design you like best. When your small children grow up you can swap out the toys for a more grown-up look by styling your shelves with home decor. 

2. A Storage Cabinet 

If you don’t fancy a permanent storage solution for your living room, use a beautiful storage cabinet instead. There’ll be hardly any DIY involved and you can move your cabinet to another area of your living room if needed.

It’s up to you whether you prefer a display cabinet or a fully closed cabinet to store large toys.

3. Under the Bench Storage

To keep your home organized and stylish, consider a storage bench. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that offers practical storage, comfy seating, and a chic look. Choosing a storage bench provides extra seating and a place to store toys.

A bay window in your living room gives a great opportunity to create a built-in window seat with extra storage space. A built-in window seat is a great way to maximize small spaces.

With the right cushions or upholstery, it becomes a comfortable reading nook for the kids and a cute addition to your living room. 

You can choose to keep the storage hidden or opt for drawers or cubbies under the bench that provide discreet storage for toy clutter, children’s books and other items. 

4. Multi-Functional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a smart way to keep toys tidy. Furniture like storage ottomans or a storage coffee table are clever hidden storage ideas. Storage sofas with built-in compartments can help keep your space organized.

These pieces don’t just store things; they also look good and fit well with your decor. They’re perfect for smaller living rooms where space is limited for toy organization.

Choose furniture with a simple design and colors that match your existing decor for a clean and polished look.

5. Floating Toy Display

Toy Storage Floating Shelves

Floating shelves and shadow boxes offer an elegant way to transform your children’s toys into a curated display that adds both style and functionality to your living room.

The open design of these storage solutions allows you to treat toys as art pieces, bringing a touch of creativity to your living space. 

To keep things fresh and engaging, consider rotating the displays seasonally, introducing new elements and themes.

Additionally, incorporating decorative items alongside the toys enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a cohesive look that seamlessly blends playfulness with sophistication.

This is a great idea to store lighter and smaller toys and to keep them out of the way. 

6. Functional Room Dividers

Consider a chic room divider as your secret weapon for concealing toys in your living room.

Whether you aim to create a tidy play corner or keep toys out of sight during adult gatherings, a sliding door divider is the perfect solution to keep a lot of toys behind closed doors.

A sliding barn-style door is a clever idea to create a designated place between your living room and a play area for older children. 

7. Hanging Bags & Toy Hammocks

Utilize the vertical space in your living room by installing toy hammocks or nets. These clever storage solutions are perfect for keeping stuffed animals, soft toys, and other lightweight playthings off the floor.

Use a peg board to hang toy bags and create an organized display while freeing up valuable floor space for other activities. 

8.  Storage Baskets

Storage baskets for toys

Storage baskets in the living room are an easy way to keep a clutter-free space in your living room. Large baskets are a perfect place to store larger toys and small toys at the end of the day.

It’s a simple storage solution that doesn’t take much thought or effort to keep your place tidy on a daily basis.

You can use large wicker baskets with or without lids in your living room. Or to keep them stashed and out of the way under a console table. You can place your console table against the wall or behind the sofa with the storage baskets. 

9. Modular Units

Modular wall units are a great idea for toy storage solutions. These units typically consist of individual storage cubes or toy bins that can be arranged and stacked to create a customized storage solution.

Use different colours for storage cubbies or keep them plain depending on your home decor. The Ikea Trofast is an affordable toy organizer for your living room space.

You can mix and match open shelves, closed cabinets, and drawers to cater to different toy types and sizes. Additionally, modular units are versatile and can evolve with your child’s changing storage needs, making them a long-lasting and practical choice.

Storing everything from baby toys to art supplies and small pieces that have been misplaced. You can use clear bins and labels to keep toys organized. 

10. A Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is a good idea to keep your children’s favorite toys close by.

Everyone has easy access to it and it can be moved around the room wherever needed. Keep craft supplies, puzzle pieces and small toys in the cart. A cart is a handy solution for small parts and pieces that can get left on the living room floor. 

11. A Sideboard

Sideboard living room

A sideboard in your living room is one of the best-hidden toy storage ideas. It’s an integral part of your living room furniture but keeps toys hidden and out of the way. 

12. Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are another solution for clearing away your kids’ toys. You can use one large storage box or low boxes to stack on top of each other to store large and small toys. 

13. Toy Rotation System

Implement a toy rotation system to keep your living room fresh and organized. Instead of displaying all toys at once, keep a portion of them in storage, and periodically switch them out.

This approach not only reduces clutter but also adds an element of surprise and novelty for your children. You can use labeled bins or storage containers to keep the stored toys organized and easily accessible.

Additionally, consider involving your kids in the process of selecting which toys to rotate, making it an engaging and educational activity.

Now, you can clearly see that there’s no need to sacrifice a beautiful living space when you have children. Try picking two or three of these solutions to organize your family room.

You will instantly feel that you’ve elevated your living space with fresh and creative storage concepts that not only keep toys organized but also turn the act of toy storage into an art form.

Toy Organization takeaway

Embrace the latest trends to craft a serene, playful environment that caters to both adults and kids alike.

There are plenty of toy storage options you can choose from to save yourself from stressing about the mess and to keep your kids happy when they’re not playing in their bedrooms.

Have fun with choosing the best options to suit your family space and get your kids involved with organizing a little play area if you can!


FAQS Toy Storage For Living Room

How to Hide Toys In the Living Room?

If you want to make your living room seem completely toy-free when the kids aren’t playing, the best option is to use multi-functional furniture. Storage coffee tables sofas, ottomans and storage baskets under console tables.

Also, use storage options that already fit well into your living room space like closed sideboards and built-in cabinetry that you can easily change storage use over time as your family changes and evolves. 

13 Great Ideas: Toy Storage for Living Room

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