18 Best Christmas Tree Collars To Finish Off Your Tree

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Christmas is around the corner and a gorgeous Christmas tree is (of course!) a sight to behold. I’m sure you’re taking some time to consider the overall look of your tree, your holiday décor, theme and colour!

Holiday trees are a big part of the Christmas decorations. Whether you have an artificial tree or a fresh tree you’re probably trying to find creative ideas to cover up ugly tree stands and stumps. Then a tree collar is the best choice!  

What Is a Christmas Tree Collar?

A tree collar – also referred to as a Christmas tree ring – is an upside-down decorative cuff to cover the unsightly stand of your Christmas tree. And wraps around tightly to keep the trees from falling over.

Tree stands first popped up as a Pinterest DIY sensation a few years ago with people using their galvanized metal buckets to cover the base of the tree. While traditional tree skirts keep the bottom of your tree neat and stylish, tree collars create a clean look.

Why Use A Tree Collar?

They help steady the tree and are safer for pets and children. Tree collars cover up unattractive tree stands while adding a dreamy charm to your Christmas tree. A Christmas collar is a great alternative for the base of your Christmas tree and a perfect finishing touch.

You can still use a tree skirt with a collar if needed. Which is ideal when using a real tree to catch the branch tips and the pine needles of the tree. 

There are different sizes available and shapes. Round collars are great for small children as you don’t have to worry about sharp edges as you would with square collars. I think the round tree collars look better anyway! This roundup post is the best round-tree collars available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Best Christmas Tree Collars

Esperio Solid Color Metal Tree Collar - WAYFAIR

1. Esperio Solid Color Metal Tree Collar

If you’re a fan of “the classic, solid, and oh-so-beautiful,” don’t look further than the rustic Esperio Solid Color Metal Tree Collar.

Made using iron, this stunning solid-hued tree collar is 9” in height and 22” in diameter.

This circular and tapered beauty comes in two colors: red and silver, serving both the adventurous and the minimalist decorator.

2. Burlap Tree Collar with Tassels

The Burlap Tree Collar with Tassels lends an elegant country charm to your festive décor.

Crafted by keeping quality and durability in mind, this 2-layered jute piece features pretty little tassels to add a unique touch to the base of your evergreen.

Simply fold it away once the holiday season is complete!

Burlap Tree Collar with Tassels - Amazon
Conway White Woven Christmas Tree Collar - CB2

3. Conway White Woven Christmas Tree Collar

Add a touch of fuzzy visual warmth this Christmas with the Conway White Woven Christmas Tree Collar. This piece features chunky cotton knits painted in white.

Perfect for both faux and real evergreens, this collar is 9.5” in height and 26.5” in diameter, making it a perfect fit for large trees.

4. Woven Scallop Tree Collar

If you’re a fan of all-things-pretty, Pottery Barn may have something gorgeous in store for you!

Made using straw rope and wire, the elegant Woven Scallop Tree Collar features dreamy scalloped detailing that brings a natural and refined touch to your tree décor.

With a height of 8.75” and a diameter of 27”, this farmhouse-themed basket-y collar is perfect for mid-sized and large trees.

Woven Scallop Tree Collar - Pottery Barn
Galvanized Metal Christmas Tree Collar - Amazon

5. Galvanized Metal Christmas Tree Collar

Nothing captures the magic of the season like the SUNNYPARK Galvanised Christmas Tree Collar.

Built from galvanized metal, it features stunning finishes in silver, gold, and copper. With a 9” height and 23” diameter, it is perfect for trees that are 4.5-7.5 feet tall.

Regardless of the finish you pick, this piece guarantees a rustic, yet shiny mottled effect.

6. Hammered Metal Tree Collar

What’s there to love about West Elm’s Hammered Metal Tree Collar, you ask? We say, everything!

Crafted using hammered iron that features a natural, grainy pattern, this golden tree collar is 24” in diameter and 10” in height.

Not a fan of an artificial Christmas tree? No problem! This piece will cover your real evergreen while protecting your floor!

Hammered Metal Tree Collar - West Elm
Metal Tree Collar - WAYFAIR

7. Metal Tree Collar

This metal tree collar has the extra Christmas effect with the engraved snowflakes dancing around the ring.

It comes in a beautiful silver hammered finish and the overall diameter is 26″ and 9″ in height.

8. Christmas Tree Ring 4-Panel Metal

Celebrate Christmas in style with the Christmas Tree Ring 4-Panel Metal.

From shiny goldens to Christmas-y snowflake prints – this piece features 8 different hues and designs to satiate your creativity and Christmas décor style.

It comes with a 4-paneled iron tree base that is easy to assemble and adds a stunning backdrop for your presents.

Christmas Tree Ring 4-Panel Metal - Amazon
Whitewash Woven Christmas Tree Collar - Crate & Barrel

9. Whitewash Woven Christmas Tree Collar

If your Christmas décor taste sums up to fancy + minimalistic, don’t even bother looking beyond the Whitewash Woven Christmas Tree Collar.

Crafted with handwoven abaca and an elegant whitewash finish, this collar is 10” in height x 27.27” in diameter.

Got an even larger tree? Go for the 34” diameter option. Want a more earthy and natural look? Go for the light brown piece!

10. Woven Star Christmas Tree Collar

Is it possible to cover the base of your tree in a star, you ask? The Woven Star Christmas Tree Collar says a big “yes!”

Crafted with love from natural fibers, this star-shaped tree collar brings an earthy warmth to your festive décor.

With a 10” height and a 38” diameter, this beauty will snuggly fit your tall evergreen.

Woven Star Christmas Tree Collar - Crate & Barrel
Black Christmas Tree Collar - Amazon

11. Black Christmas Tree Collar

Looking for a way to enhance your tree décor without breaking the bank?

The Christmas Tree Collar Christmas Tree Ring by Tree Nest is the tree collar you need! It comes in three hues: black, red, and white to match your décor style.

It’s made from recyclable plastic, this 9.1”H x 28”diam piece boasts a woven look that is both visually appealing and easy to clean.

12. Slated Wood Tree Collar

If you’re a fan of the whimsical, the magical, and the unique, check out the Slated Wood Tree Collar from West Elm.

This simple yet magnificent collar comes with pieces that can be easily connected to craft a slightly flared base.

Here, you get two options: pine wood in a natural (light brown) finish and mango wood in a walnut (dark brown) finish.

A simple collar that gives a sophisticated look. Measurements are 23.7” diam and 10.4” in height.

Slated Wood Tree Collar - West Elm
Bash Silver Christmas Tree Collar - Crate & Barrel

13. Bash Silver Christmas Tree Collar

The clean-looking Bash Silver Christmas Tree Collar takes your tree décor to the next level with its hammered iron tree band painted in shiny silver (or gold).

With a height of 10” and a diameter of 27”, this magnificent yet subtle collar is perfect for large trees. 

14. Antique Brass Christmas Tree Ring

The Brass Christmas Tree Ring by SUNNYPARK blends the magic of a charming rhomboid pattern and an antique brass finish to take your Christmas décor to the next level.

Suitable for small, mid-sized, and tall trees, this 9” x 23” diameter piece is ultra-easy to assemble and store.

Antique Brass Christmas Tree Ring - Amazon
Open Weave Zig Zag Tree Collar Natural - West Elm

15. Open Weave Zig Zag Tree Collar Natural

West Elm brings you the Open Weave Zig Zag Tree Collar to dress your Christmas tree base in a dream-like, elegant, and earthy personality.

It features intricate woven detailing using handwoven water hyacinth.

With a 27” diameter x 9.8” height, this stunning tree collar is perfect for both artificial trees and real trees.

16. Handcrafted Beachcomber Basket Tree Collar

The chunky Handcrafted Beachcomber Basket Tree Collar by Pottery Barn is the ultimate Christmas décor hack we all need this year.

Handwoven using braided seagrass and abaca string, this piece is perfect for sustainability enthusiasts.

This 9.5” h x 28” diam chic tree collar shows off artisanal accents that serve as the perfect backdrop for all those presents!

Handcrafted Beachcomber Basket Tree Collar - Pottery Barn
Terence Metal Tree Collar - WAYFAIR

17. Terence Metal Tree Collar

Christmas is about snowflakes and starry nights and all things beautiful! So why compromise on your tree collar?

The Terence Metal Tree Collar stands apart from the crowd in two ways: it features detailed snowflake cutouts and comes with a string of holiday white lights inside for the much-needed Christmas sparkle.

A galvanized iron tree collar with a rustic, silvery feel, this piece is 9.67” in height and 21” in diameter.

The best part? It is super easy to store. Once the holiday season bids farewell, you can simply disassemble, fold, and store it away for the next year.  

18. Solid Color Metal Tree Collar

If you’re wanting a simple look for the bottom of your tree, this polished metal tree collar is a great option.

A perfect gold colour for a Christmas look to compliment a glamorous and elegant Christmas tree.

This tree collar is from Wayfair and it is 28″ in diameter and 10″ in height.

Solid Color Metal Tree Collar - WAYFAIR

That wraps up the best tree collars for this year. At the end of the day, it just comes down to what you choose for your Christmas decor this year. A classic Christmas style with a flocked tree maybe?

Either way, Christmas tree collars are a great way to finish off your Christmas tree. And remember to put on the collar before you decorate your tree!


Christmas Tree Collar FAQs

What is The Purpose of a Christmas Tree Collar?

Tree collars are essentially conical bands placed at the bottom of a Christmas tree. Their main purpose is to cover the unsightly tree stand while elevating the look of your evergreen. Tree collars look super polished and streamlined.

They’re a good solution if you have pets and children. And add a visually appealing touch to your tree.  

Which is Better: A Tree Skirt or a Collar?

Tree skirts fans out flat on the floor, around the base of the Christmas tree. Providing an area to lay the Christmas presents down instead of just on the floor. A Christmas tree skirt can also help to conceal the wires of the Christmas lights.

Whereas a Christmas tree collar has more coverage and hides the base of the tree stand or stump. But a tree collar is usually a more popular option for several reasons. Tree collars add a fresh and fun look to your tree.

Aside from looking ultra-gorgeous, tree collars keep pets away, don’t soil easily, and are super convenient to use, clean and maintain. If you’re still a fan of Christmas tree skirts they’re still a useful and pretty addition along with your Christmas tree stand collar. 

Are Tree Collars Still Popular?

Of course! With the many benefits they offer, tree collars are quickly becoming a convenient alternative to the traditional Christmas tree skirt.

A hinged collar or a collar with detachable parts can be put around the tree after it has been decorated. And are easy to store away for next year. 

There are lots of stylish options available today. From a rustic tree collar to a metal galvanized tree collar and all in between. It just depends on your personal preference. 

How Do I Choose a Christmas Tree Collar?

Here are three considerations to make when picking a perfect tree collar:

  • Pick a design style that complements the rest of your tree decorations. For instance, if you’re going for a rustic Christmas look, go for a burlap collar. On the other hand, if your ornaments feature glitter and glam, go for a gold tree collar. 
  • Think about the material of the tree collar. Metal collars are usually a more durable option and will last a long time compared to fabric ones.
  • When it comes to choosing the right size collar the stores will note the tree size and height that will best fit the collar. 
  • The tree collar shouldn’t be higher than the bottom branches of your tree. Unless you are trimming some off. 
  • The collar needs to be wide enough for the bottom of your tree base to fit inside. 

What Is the Best Size for a Tree Collar?

Larger trees that are 7-11 feet in height usually require large collars with a diameter of 34 inches. On the other hand, Christmas trees that are below seven feet pair gorgeously with smaller collars that are up to 29 inches.

Best Christmas Tree Collars To Finish Off Your Tree

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