18 Amazing Ways To Decorating Interior Niches At Home

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Our homes can full of interesting and unique features. It’s what makes them so different from the next home. Interior niches can be a part of these unusual features and sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out what to do with them.

Wall niches or alcoves can be a great way of creating a focal point. As well as injecting your personality in to the space. And even making practical use out of something that maybe considered a little “awkward”.

Interior niches or alcoves can be found all over the home, in living rooms, bedrooms, entryways and any other room in the house! Depending on the space you can turn your wall niche into an amazing feature. Here are some top ideas and inspiration for decorating and styling those home details!

Wall Niches Living Room

This beautiful arched wall niche has been given a subtle colour contrast. A cute pale pink pops out from the white wall with plenty of space to display books and knick knacks.

Another curved wall niche but this one is a little shallower in depth. An all white paint colour for the niche and the walls for a minimal look. Two simple shelves along the wall niche gives the focal point for the wall and storage.

If you have a deeper wall niche you can think of creating some hidden storage by making a cabinet on the lower third of the niche. Use shelves on the upper section if you have a few favourites you’d like to display rather than one big item or canvas.

This wall niche has been divided even further by separating the arch shape into two halves. Minimal styling completes the look with no hardware on the cabinetry.

Shelves don’t have to be used all the way up the niche. Even when the wall niche goes from the floor to ceiling.

Fireplace Niches

Empty spaces next to the fireplace need some consideration on how they’re designed. Using a different colour on the niche from the fireplace brings attention to both features. Niches on both side of the fireplace gives plenty of storage space.

For this living room design they’ve chosen to use the spaces either side of the fireplace in different ways. One side has a beautiful window seat and the other side utilizes the majority of the niche with shelving.

A really simple design for the living room space, using a low built in shelf along the back wall. The feature connects the fireplace and gives a dual purpose either side of the fireplace as a bench and shelf.


Bathroom wall niches are a great way of displaying your favourite decor pieces. Think about how you can style it and how it feels. This bathroom niche gives a spa like feel with thoughtful styling with only a few key pieces.


Making the most out of an awkward corner in hallway can be put to some good practical use with a built in bench. Probably one of the best ways to keep things organized for the hallway area.

Bedroom Niches

A beautiful botanical wallpaper is used to highlight the inside of the interior niche beside the bed.

Go ultra minimalistic with a Wabi Sabi inspired look. Just by using two simple pieces you can create an impactful styling statement.

A bold and bright colour block can bring some fun and creativity into a simple space.

Some salvaged wood has been used to create a unique wall niche. The wood adds warm and texture in the neutral space.

Big Wall Niches

If you have a big and deep wall niche, bang in the middle of the wall there’s not much way of hiding it. It’s better to put the interior niches to practical use!

I love the vintage feel of this area! The black chalk paint and the dark wood together and the thrifted style pieces along with the wicker basket look great.

An all minimal styled nook with live edge wood shelves to add character.

Create a sit down area with the deeper wall niches, as a home office space or a coffee breakout area.

Measure up and source a free standing piece of furniture that will fit perfectly in the recessed wall niche and style accordingly!

Top Tips For Styling

  • Styling your niche with a framed photo or flowers is great way to highlight the niche and the decor. Just make sure that whatever piece you use isn’t filling up the whole niche. A good rule of thumb is to fill it two thirds of the way.
  • You can also decorate the wall niche in a different way. By just painting the wall niche the same colour as the rest of the room it fades in to the background. This way you can bring attention to other features in the room that you feel are more important.
  • If you want to have some fun you can colour block your niches. Using a contrasting colour to the colour of your walls. Still add some decor or a frame to the area. Otherwise you’re just highlighting the area for no reason other than it being an interior niche. Give it a purpose.
  • In the same way that you can use a play on colour to highlight the niche you can add a wallpaper to the inside instead.

Have you got any interior niches in your home? What have you done with them? Let me know in the comments below.


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