16 Beautiful Black Kitchen Designs To Aspire To

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Black has always been the go to in terms of fashion. It’s sleek, sophisticated, modern and yet timeless. It goes with anything. That’s also how using black in home interiors is becoming. With black kitchen designs becoming more and more on trend. Kitchen design is moving away from the all white designs with moody and dark colours making their way to the kitchens.

Here are some of the best black kitchen designs for ideas and inspiration.

Black Kitchens With Texture

The feature image proves that even in a smaller kitchen space using black with brick can make it homely and functional without the black being over powering. It’s a kitchen you wouldn’t mind spend cooking in all day!

16 Beautiful Black Kitchen Designs To Aspire To
Source: Pinterest

Another loft kitchen design on a larger scale that works just as nicely. I love the more industrial style of the decor. It fits in perfectly with the apartment living.

16 Beautiful Black Kitchen Designs To Aspire To
Source: Archzine

Pairing a light rustic textured wood in the kitchen against the black cabinetry combines a modern style with traditional that looks great.

White With Black Cabinets

16 Beautiful Black Kitchen Designs To Aspire To
Source: Karin Bohn

Of course using black for your kitchen cabinetry is a lot less scarier when you pair it with white. Opting for light ceilings and floors with black creates the perfect balance like this stunning design from designer Karin Bohn.

Sometimes using black for the cabinets is the best option. I love the contrast between the white sloping ceiling and the black linear work surface.

A modern kitchen design using mostly black on the wall areas. No fussiness all clean lines with no kitchen hardware.

Layering Black

Source: VW Art Club

This modern design has texture and pattern of the tiles to play off the matte black cabinetry and appliances.

For this design they’ve made a bold choice by painting the ceiling black to match the cabinetry.

16 Beautiful Black Kitchen Designs To Aspire To
Source: Pinterest

An all black matte kitchen creates a sense of depth to the space. The black enveloping the majority of the room, ceiling and walls with the white door punching through the space.

Finish Focus In Black

16 Beautiful Black Kitchen Designs To Aspire To
Source: Casa Vogue

When it comes to using just one colour…it’s all about textures and pattern. From using a matte paint to a glazed square tile to a polished granite counter back to a matte finish for the cupboards. It’s so good when it’s done right!

Another great idea for using black in the kitchen. I like how its broken up a bit with the wooden shelf and the personal items between the matte black and the herringbone tile.

Source: Four Sixty

A black tile for the backsplash with a contrasting white grout is a great start off point to work from.

A glamorous kitchen station pairing gloss tiles bounces the light around on the back wall. Contrasting with the textured wooden cabinets surrounding it.

Mixing It Up

Source: Cosentino

When using black in the kitchen it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Even with a black floor and veined black marble surfaces mixed with warm wood tones and white walls.

Dramatic bold black kitchen walls
Source: Domino

This dramatic and bold kitchen with textured black walls and beautiful wooden floors. A totally different and creative look from the usual modern kitchen design.

16 Beautiful Black Kitchen Designs To Aspire To
Source: House & Home

When you’re kitchen space is painted in white, having black cabinetry is the perfect combo! With the wooden herringbone floor adding interest and warmth to the space.

Would you go for all black in your kitchen? And what is your favourite design from the post? Let me know in the comments below!


16 Black kitchen designs

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