11 Beautiful Rooms For Black Interiors Inspiration

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So often black interiors were looked at as a no no back in the day! But using black in interior design is becoming ever more popular. Black is classic, elegant, bold and dramatic. It can work in any kind of room used in the right way. There are many great designs that use black in different ways. Black isn’t a colour to be feared any longer!

Black Interiors – Living Rooms

When you have a space as big is the living room in the featured image, you won’t even hesitate to use the colour black. Every room is different. And depending on how much or little you use it, it will create different vibes.

Here are some more ideas on using black in different rooms…

11 Beautiful Rooms For Black Interiors Inspiration - Black Patterned Wood Feature Wall
Source: Citube

I’m loving this patterned black decorative wall made out of wooden planks. Adding some texture and pattern in black interiors really helps add some interest.

Black is actually a great colour to create a moody and cozy interior. Like this living room space.

Black interiors makes for the ultimate space to cuddle up for a movie night.

Using Black in the Kitchen

11 Beautiful Rooms For Black Interiors Inspiration - Stylish and Modern Black Kitchen
Source: SHnordic

When using black as the main colour for the interior space it doesn’t have to be the walls. This kitchen is made up of black millwork and cabinetry. It looks super modern next to the bare brick walls of this apartment.

Black Kitchens

Using black for a bedroom might be considered a bit heavy. But mixing it up with some light fabrics and soft furnishings balances out the colour scheme.

Adding some dimension to the walls helps. Applying panelling to a black wall will bring it to life.

How luxurious is this all black bathroom? Mixing matte black paint with black textured tiling gives it lots of interest.

Black herringbone feature wall bathroom
Source: Arch Daily

Dedicating a black feature wall such as this herringbone bathroom.

11 Beautiful Rooms For Black Interiors Inspiration - Black Tiled Shower Room
Source: HGTV

Having a good source of natural light won’t make black seem quite as heavy and harsh.

11 Beautiful Rooms For Black Interiors Inspiration - Black Powder Room with Gallery Wall
Source: Bathroom DIY

Painting a small bathroom all black makes a perfect space for a mini gallery. Love this gallery wall idea!

Which is your favourite inspiration image for black interiors? Would use black as you main colour in any room of your home? Let me know in the comments below!


11 Beautiful Rooms For Black Interiors Inspiration

Featured image source: Nordic Design

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