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8 Great Ways To Create A Focal Point In A Living Room

What is the first thing that you look at when you walk into your living room? The window view on to the street or the garden? Your fireplace? Maybe its the tv? These are all classed as focal points in your living room. Perhaps there is nowhere in particular your eye catches first. You might have no focal points in your living room or more than one! Here are all the tips and some ideas on how to create a focal point ideal for your living room space.

You might be thinking that your living room is fine and there is no need to have a focal point. But having a main focal point is a good starting point in how to arrange your living room layout. And it’s a central point or feature that stands out the room. It maybe that your living room already has built in features that can serve as you main focal point. If that’s the case it makes choosing a main focal point a whole lot easier!

How To Choose Your Focal Point

Stand in the main doorway or entrance into your living room and make of note of what you see straight away. You might have more than one feature in the living room, especially if it’s an open plan concept. So just make one feature stand out more than the other so they’re not competing against each other.

For the primary focal point pick out a feature that is easiest to see when walking in the room without having to turn your head. And make that the feature to grab the most of the attention!

1. Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, that can be a beautiful feature to accentuate. Whether its a modern fireplace or an original feature if you own an older home. You might want to leave the fireplace as is and just style it with a few personal features.

2. Window View

A garden view helps connect you to the outside even when your indoors. So if you have a garden view from your living room this might be the natural thing to draw attention. Make the most of the view by choosing your window treatments to frame the view.

Or add a bench seat or a small seating area with a side table and chair close to the window.

3. A Large Piece Of Furniture

Using a large piece of furniture like a sofa or a sectional might be ideal for your living room. This can work well if you haven’t got any built in interior features like a fireplace or not such a great window view.

A large statement mirror can also work wonders in creating a point of attention for the living room space.

4. Interior Niche

You might have an interior niche in your living room. Depending on the depth of it you could turn it into something functional or just a decorative feature for your living room.

5. Art

Using art is a great way of creating a focal point. It maybe a large canvas or a gallery wall that you want to your guests to notice first. Or the art piece maybe of significance or of importance to you that has an impact on you every time you see it.

6. Ceilings

Your living room nay have gorgeous high ceilings and that’s something you can also use as a focal point. You can draw attention to the ceiling with colour making the space seem extra open and airy. Using wallpaper, pattern, contrasting colours or detailing on the ceilings is another way of creating interest in an unexpected place.

Other house features like beams original or faux is an idea you can use when creating interest in your living room.

7. Light Fixture

Choosing an amazing light fixture is one of the top ideas for a focal point. As it’s something you can see from more than one angle in the living room. Adding a beautiful chandelier or pendant light could be your primary focal. Just make sure you check the weights of light and if your ceiling can hold up the weight and size.

8. Incorporating Your TV

The TV is a common focal point for the living room although maybe not the best! Other than just a black screen floating about, think on how you can incorporate the tv as part of a bigger element. Like having a media unit around the tv or painting the wall a darker colour to fade the tv out. You could even make the tv a part of gallery wall so when it’s turned off it could be part of your feature wall.

Or use sliding doors to create a focal point when the tv isn’t in use!

Think about what your living room is mainly used for. You might do a lot of reading in your living room that is more like a reading room so picking out a main feature other than the tv would make sense for you. But if the living room is mainly for relaxing then picking out the tv would be the better option for your space.

Hope these tips for creating a focal point in your living room helped!


How To Create A Focal Point In Living Room


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