14 Inspiring Double Home Office Ideas

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Two of you working from home? A double home office might be the best solution!

Have you had to make some extra space in your home office these past weeks? With your partner working from home or having to make a little area for the kids. There’s been a lot of changes and re-adjusting in all areas of life and the home.

Getting your home office set up right can be a task especially when there’s two to consider. But having a double home office has it benefits too! Company, for one!

Here are some favourites for ideas and inspiration for home offices for two!

I love how the feature image has made the most out of using raw materials with the chipboard and decorating the work surface with plants and greenery.

A black wall provides the backdrop for a cool and creative double home office. Just by adding an extra desk along the back wall and you have a computer work station.

I love the moody blue used in this home office along with art work to brighten up the space. And there’s even a place under the desk for the dog. An extra work buddy to keep you company.

This double home office is keeping it clean and minimal with white and black and just doubling up with two of everything. Stylish chairs, with the desk light clamps keep the table clear of clutter.

Decorating your office with wallpaper as a focal point will keep it from being boring in your “down times”. Adding colour with the chairs will help liven up your office.

An all white space with the drawers floating off the floor creates a clear and productive office space.

14 Inspiring Double Home Office Ideas -
Source: Jolimanoli

You might prefer having a complete work table to yourself with no peering eyes over your shoulder. Butt up your two desks together so you have your privacy but still company.

Corner home office to seat two
Source: Anita Yokota

Navigating a corner home office space might be a delicate talk of compromise with who gets the larger area.

Neutral grey and white double office scheme
Source: Homify

A neutral calming colour palette. This might be the way to go if you and your partner have different tastes. And good office lighting is a must! Keep it simple!

14 Inspiring Double Home Office Ideas - Window Desk
Source: Decoholic

If you’re lucky enough to have a big window to make the most out of in your home, it’s the perfect spot to make your double office!

An eclectic office for two. Bold colour in the back of built in bookshelves.

Limited space with in the home doesn’t mean you can’t double up your office space somewhere else. This quaint bedroom office setup has all the space needed for two people to work.

Sometimes you need double the office for not someone else, just you! A creative small business owner has more than just computer stuff to do!

A white, bright but welcoming double home office for two! I’m loving the stools and the wood and wicker furniture.

Have you had to create a home office for two or about to? Any of these double home office ideas you like? Let me know in the comments below!


14 Inspiring Double Home Office Ideas

Featured image source Casa Vogue.

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