21 Interior Trends 2023 Everything You Need To Know: What’s New, Staying & Out!

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Sometimes it seems like we stick with interior trends for ages! Anyone remember the grey trend for everything at home? Nothing wrong with it but it was everywhere for a good time wasn’t it? Sometimes it’s good to look back and go over everything. These are the interior trends for 2023. What trends are new, what’s still staying around for 2023 and what’s out. 

Let’s find out…

New Interior Trends 2023

The Colour Beige

Warm and earthy colour tones are at the forefront for the colour palettes in our homes this year. The main colour of choice for 2023? Beige! Yep, it’s back. A warm neutral that will just about go with anything.

Color Beige Trend 2023

Striking Stones 

Using marble in our kitchens has always been a favourite in design. But we’re beginning to go braver and bolder with our stone choices. Picking colours ranging from deep purples to greens. And not just the common white and grey veined marbles.

Instead choosing stunning and dramatic veined marbles and stones. Which has a striking and impactful effect. Not only for our kitchens but in our bathrooms as well. 

Lime Plastered Walls

We’ll be seeing a lot more lime finish plaster walls in our homes. A natural, simple and grounded look for our walls. Lime plastered walls are beautiful in the fact that it looks so natural and the textured finish it gives. Using lime wash and finish is a perfect look for capturing the minimalist trends like Wabi Sabi and Japandi. 

Spa Inspired Bathrooms

This trend ties all into our self care routines and rituals. 

We know self care is important and needed and we want a space as equally important to go with it. So bring in the spa inspired bathroom! Of course doing a spa inspired bathroom will probably cost you a pretty penny. But for the amount of time we spend there it’ll be worth it.

Think wet rooms, luxe bath tubs and pretty tiles. There are other ways to make your bathroom feel spa-like too. 

Spa Inspired bathroom


Curves have been trending for a while now. You can find more about that below. So it only makes sense to bring more soft shapes in other areas of our homes. Arches are another way of bringing in softness to our spaces.

We can use arches for our doorways and decor pieces like mirrors. Or bring in the arch shape in a pattern like a wallpaper or soft furnishings. 

Warm Woods

The Scandinavian in us has made us want to lighten all our woods. But warm woods are coming back around. This ties into a couple of other trends on the list. Like cozy spaces and sustainability. A lot of furniture pieces that have a dark wood tone like cherry, walnut would be antique or thrifted. 


Who thought that you’d see the day when borders would be back in style?! Hand goes up. But here they are but not as some of us remember them.

Borders are bringing colour and interest back into living rooms. Colourful borders are being used below the ceiling trims. And framing door trims as new ways for decorating at home.

Front Door Focus

First impressions count. And your front door says a lot about you and your home. Pinterest has the front of house down as one of the big trends for 2023. And while it’s always been important, there’s even more focus on the front of the house this year.

This includes after stepping through your front door. Hallway decor and organization too. But first things first, get your front of house in order. A fresh lick or paint in a bold colour. Or a decor detail like a wreath. Maybe you can add some plants. It makes a difference.

Interior Trends Staying For 2023

Rattan & Wicker 

I think every big home trend so far has been able to bring in rattan in some way. From the coastal grandmother trend, Cottagecore, Japandi you can add in a little rattan or wicker anywhere. It looks so good! And one of the biggest selling points is its sustainability. 

Rattan Chair Interior Trends 2023


This way of life covers so many areas in our home and is important to our well being. So biophilic design is here for the long term. This includes creating indoor outdoor spaces at home. Making the most of the natural light we have in our homes. And bringing in live plants into our rooms wherever it makes sense to. 

Natural materials like rattan and wood for furniture, wools and cotton are all part of bringing biophilia to interiors too. Bringing in plants and natural light plays an important part too.

Sustainable Materials

As mentioned before we’re all on the lookout for using more sustainable materials and furniture for our homes. This can mean sourcing locally for furniture and decor. Or making sure that materials used are environmentally friendly.

One of the new sustainable finishes to look out for is mushroom leather. All the big designers are talking about this new leather alternative. That one is for the watch list. 

Up-cycling Furniture

Up-cycling is another kind of sub trend linked with the overall sustainability of home design. We’re looking at reducing costs, waste and giving new life to old things. So up-cycling furniture is still a popular option for sustainable living at home. 


Curved furniture, especially seating, helps bring a soft element to the space. We’ve been loving curved seating opposed to the traditional rectangular sofa. It’s all about creating cozy and inviting rooms and curved furniture helps create exactly that.

Cozy Spaces

As above it’s all about the cozy spaces. No matter what time of the season. Even the minimalist style has gone to the warm side. We want intimate welcoming homes for us and our friends and family.

Of course there are a lot of different elements that help create a cozy home. And a few of those individual trends are also on the list. But just in general, a cozy space is also down on the to stay list. 


Wallpaper is getting bolder in every way. We’re going big by wallpapering all the walls in the room for impact. And with bolder prints and patterns. 

Home Office

The home office is more out of a need than a interior trend really. Most of us need some kind of working space at home. And that’s exactly why we’re putting more effort into the design of our workspace. So the home office trend won’t be going anywhere soon.

What might be considered is looking at alternative ideas to create a practical workspace. One that doesn’t take up a whole room. Like using a secretary desk that can go in your living room or bedroom corner. 

Mixing Styles

As part of the lived in look a lot of us are trying to create, mixing styles is still a big trend for this year. From putting old and modern furniture pieces together. No matching furniture sets. As well mixing different styles of eras to create something unique and personal. And this goes for any room in our homes. 

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As you can tell a lot of these trends are about creating a soft and warm room. Using different materials is very much a big part of that as well. Which is why boucle seating has been a big star in home decor recently.

Sophisticated but fun, tactile, luxurious and soft boucle is definitely a fabric to bring into your home to cozy and warm up your space. 

Interior Trends on The Way Out For 2023

Open Plan Rooms

There’s been a shift in the way we use our homes. It seems we’re craving a little bit more privacy. Boundaries. More flexibility for private areas in an open plan home. And you might be thinking if your home is open plan it’s open plan. There’s not a lot you can do. Right? 

If you have an open space you can achieve private areas through putting in glass doors or sliding doors. Or by using bookshelves as a divider to your space.

What do you think? More enclosed spaces for 2023 or no?

Mid Century Modern 

Mid century modern is always a favourite style to go to. But just not everything mid century modern. As mentioned before we’re trying to create our own personal style that no one has or has seen. So mixing in a few different pieces will get you out of the structured go to style. 

All White Kitchens 

We all like our kitchens to be clean but we’re wanting to add a bit more colour to our kitchens from now on. In our kitchen cabinetry, maybe even opting for two tone cabinets. Or show stopping marble pieces for our backsplashes and kitchen counters. 

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