6 Must Investment Decor Pieces To Spend More On

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When it comes to decorating your home there are some main investment decor pieces you should spend more in. Not every budget should be spread out equally for all things. Here are my 6 investment decor pieces you should spend that little extra on!

Piece #1 – Bed

We spend a good proportion of our life here. Your bed takes up a good amount of space in your bedroom and is the more than likely the first thing you see. That goes hand and in hand with a good mattress.

Decide what size bed is comfortable for you and your partner. And make sure the bed doesn’t take up the majority of your bedroom. The mattress you choose is just as important as the bed. And think what material is going to work for you. Is it going to be upholstered? Metal frame or leather. Do you need extra storage?

Your bed is going to stay with you for years, so make sure you’re happy with it!

6 Must Investment Decor Pieces To Spend More On - Bed
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Piece #2 – Sofa

The sofa is the next big piece on the list. Next to your bed another place that is used often to relax. And shared among friends and family who come and visit. Determine what style and configuration is going to work for you. Do you entertain a lot? What size can fit through your doors?

A sectional might be ideal for seating more people or having a more inclusive setting. Comfort is the key factor. What is the depth for ultimate lounging? Is it easy to get in and out of for older people who may come and visit? Go and test out as many sofas as you can before buying!

6 Must Investment Decor Pieces To Spend More On - Sectional
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Piece #3 – Dining Table

A dining table or breakfast area for where you eat and gather. Among other activities too. If you have children a glass table might not be your first choice. What size is going to work for you, on an everyday basis? Or is the dining table only going to be used on special occasions? What style is suitable for your space? Rustic, polished, pedestal?

Piece #4 – Lighting

Lighting is another important piece to invest in. The lighting in your home makes a huge difference. It might be a statement light fixture as a main decorative piece. Highlight you main focal pieces or areas with spot lights or task lighting. Think about the size, weight and what the function is behind the light? Is it decorative? Or is it to highlight an object? There should be different levels of lighting in each room, so you don’t have to splurge on every fixture.

Piece #5 – Rug

Rugs help you ground and zone different areas. As well as adding comfort, warmth and helps reduce noise when on different floors in the house. What a lot of people get surprised about is the price when it comes to rugs. There are of course cheaper options.

Depending on the price, size and material you can be looking at an expensive purchase. But for a good quality rug it is worth it. A hand knotted woollen rug can take months to make and so labour intensity will reflect the price. And a good hide rug also will cost a pretty penny.

6 Must Investment Decor Pieces To Spend More On - Rug
Source: Room Dynamic

Piece #6 – Personal Piece

Something personal to you. Your home is a reflection of who you are and where you’ve been. An accessory or a piece from your travels or an antique, puts your individual stamp on your home.

6 Must Investment Decor Pieces To Spend More On - Abstract Artwork
Source: Etsy

What investment decor pieces have you splurged on in your home that you love? Let me know in the comments below!


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