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The Danish are famous for their simple, honest and good quality design. That goes for all areas, life. Their Hygge philosophy. Interiors, the Scandinavian style that encapsulates all these principles. Which is probably what makes the design style is so popular. The same goes for sustainable watch company Nordgreen of Denmark. They have absolutely stunning watches at affordable prices.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a watch from Nordgreen. Before I received my new watch, I had been wearing the same wrist watch everyday for the past five years. I’ve been looking for new watch for a while, so this came a great time!

Norgreen Native watch gold mesh black dial on wrist

There are so many beautiful styles, you’re honestly spoilt for choice. I chose a design from the Native collection. A mesh strap in the gold colour, in the 36mm size with a black dial. All their watches are made from stainless steel. I love the design of it. It’s the most minimal style from the designs. The gold mesh Native is simple, modern and elegant and goes with anything. It’s slim and extremely lightweight. I feel comfortable to wear it on an everyday basis but also know that it more than meets the standard for occasion wear too.


The watches for men and women and centre around two styles for both, the Native and the Philosopher. Then they have the Pioneer design for men and the Infinity model for women. With Nordgreen watches they have three sizes to chose from, 32mm, 36mm and a 40mm. The colour options for the watches are gold, rose gold, silver, black and gunmetal. The interchangeable straps include leather, vegan leather, nylon and rubber.

One of the best things about Nordgreen’s watches is that the straps are interchangeable. A principle which relates to their sustainability design ethos. With my watch, I’m not sure about swapping in the gunmetal strap with a gold dial because those were the two I was deciding between. I think I’m going to have buy the gunmetal mesh option as well! You can’t go wrong with gold and a neutral!

Nordgreen Native gold mesh flat lay

The Nordgreen Philosophy

A big part of Nordgreen’s philosophy is about giving back. With every watch that’s purchased a portion goes to a good cause. You can choose from three donation programs that Nordgreen supports. The three causes are based on health, environment and education. All more than worthy causes to be putting your money in to.

The Design Story

As someone who loves art and design, not just interiors it was interesting to read up Nordgreen’s design story. Danish designer Jakob Wagner is the man behind the designs of the Nordgreen watches. Wagner has won various awards for his designs and worked with interior design companies such as Alessi, B&B Italia and Cappellini. As he said the design is in the details which is shown throughout all his work including his Nordgreen watches.

What do you think of the watches from Nordgreen? Let me know in the comments below!


Nordgreen watch gold mesh

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