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10 Great Ways To Have The Best Hygge Christmas

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Hygge is the perfect lifestyle to adopt for the festive season! There’s no better time to create an environment of coziness and intimacy than around the holiday season.

It’s the perfect time to relax, and enjoy the peace or maybe not so peaceful of family and friends around the home. It’s more about the traditions and experiences that make Hygge the lifestyle what it is.

I’m a Christmas baby so I fully embrace the Christmas season regardless! Sitting at home with a hot chocolate, next to the Christmas lights and I’m good! 

What is Hygge?

A Hygge day with a good book, blankets thick socks and a hot drink

The Danish tradition of Hygge is the feeling of a welcome home vibe to have all year round. The concept of Hygge is from the Danish people but originates from Norway and simply means a cozy contentment and well-being.

To enjoy life, slow down and cozy up at home while appreciating life’s “simple things” and life’s everyday moments. And doing what makes you happiest. Whether it’s celebrating family traditions or quality time by yourself.

The Hygge way of life runs through every part of their life. Including organization and decor. A cozy atmosphere that’s simple and clutter-free. (Even around Christmas). The Danish word Hygge is a feel-good vibe that’s become very popular around the world. 

So it makes sense during the cold season to amp it up for a Hygge Christmas. After all, it’s how Hygge came about those cold, dark nights in the Nordic countries. A cozy home is essential for them!

This is why they’re the experts when it comes to inspiration during this time of year. Here are some ideas to adopt the Hygge lifestyle for the winter.

How to Have A Hygge Christmas

1. Organize

It’s Christmas things can get a bit hectic but that’s even more reason why it’s a good idea to declutter and organize. Hygge is about creating a cozy atmosphere but one that’s orderly too.

Just take some time to organize the things you need for now and put away the rest. It’s going to be so much easier when it’s time to put the holiday decorations away again. 

2. Keeping Warm

It’s winter time so it’s time to keep warm!

Add a few chunky knit and textured throw blankets to your living room. Having a warm blanket to cuddle under on the sofa is a nice way to relax during the winter months.

Put a storage basket to the side of your sofa to store a couple extra if needed. A welcome gift for any family and friends popping over.

Add a hot cocoa or a cup of tea and you’re sure to enjoy your Christmas time. And fuzzy socks will keep your feet nice and toasty too.

Switch up your pillows for the winter season to more luxe and soft materials. Velvets, wool, fleeces and faux hides add a variety to snuggle up with. The softer the better! Remember to put some extra blanket layers on your bed as well.

You can even add some cozy throws to your dining chairs for extra comfort at the dinner table.

3. Embrace The Cold

Snowy winter walks

Yes, you can still embrace the cold weather this time of year. Just layer up with big coats, fluffy hats, big scarves with gloves and enjoy the snow days and those early dusk walks. 

4. The Drinks

Indulgent hot chocolate at Christmas time

Christmas is the time when a little indulgence is allowed. And while heading to the Christmas market is great you can make great drinks at home.

This includes loaded hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream and maybe a hint of Baileys cream liqueur in there too. Mulled wine or Gluhwine a warm red wine and brandy mixed with cinnamon, spices and sliced oranges.

All welcome treats to share with friends and family at home for a movie night. You can set up a Christmas drinks station for the season. 

5. Hygge Christmas Food 

Hygge baking biscuits

Cooking is one the best things around Christmas time. And it’s something that the whole family can get involved with and enjoy.

Whether you’re baking some sweet treats like cookies and cakes with your little ones. Or prepping for Christmas dinner, who’s not happy when they’re eating? Good family time usually involves good food! So the only question is what to make?

It might be a dish that your family members ask for during Christmas celebrations. Or any time the entire family is together. The meals are not about gourmet style. It’s about the simple, good and hearty meals that everyone enjoys.

Just the smells from the kitchen are enough to get anyone excited! While on the subject of food think of how to set the dinner table as part of your Christmas decor. 

6. Natural Elements

Natural elements greenery and pinecones

Bringing in natural elements inside will heighten your winter Hygge experience even more. You can bring lots of greenery from the garden, pine cones, acorns and other similar things.

Try drying citrus fruits and using them for a natural wreath or a pretty garland to hang across your fireplace or down the stairs. 

Try your hand at some homemade natural Christmas decorations, like pine cones for hanging around the room. Get creative by styling evergreen branches and berries in vases for centrepieces and displays.

Earthy colours (white, brown, greys and creams) and textures (wood, metal and paper) are the way to if you want an authentic Hygge Christmas. And a real Christmas tree!

7. Christmas Decor

Christmas presents in neutral gift wrap

Putting up your holiday decorations is the best way to get into the Christmas spirit!

This includes putting up your Christmas tree and twinkle lights. As well as remembering the other little things that make a cozy Christmas at home. Such as an advent calendar or lots of candles for the lead-up to Christmas Eve.

Christmas cards are a great way to decorate your walls and your doors. Or hanging a few handmade pieces around the home.

For a truly Scandinavian Christmas, get creative and crafty by making something that’s special and personal for yourself or for friends and family. Simple neutral decor pieces like clay bead garlands.

An easy DIY is to use air dry clay and decorate with stamps while molding for Christmas tree ornaments. Or make some pretty paper stars with the children. 

The presents under the tree also add to the Christmas hygge feel. (Think brown kraft paper for gift wrapping or white paper with jute string). Along with neutral colours red, green and hint of gold are great festive options.

While the inside of your home is sure to get some Christmas love, use the opportunity to decorate the outside of your home too. You can use a beautiful wreath for your front door and fairy lights for the porch. 

8. Ambient Lighting

Twinkle lights and candlelight on a dark night

With the early dark nights closing in for the winter, it’s a reason to get creative with lighting. Embrace the dark nights with some ambient lighting while you’re cozied up on the sofa.

If you have a working fireplace then make the most of it, instead of having the main bright light. You can also opt for lots of candles, fairy lights, a few lanterns or just the warm glow of a side lamp.

9. Slowing Down 

We all know that Christmas can be a mad rush. Slowing down and planning your Christmas ahead of time will reduce stress and help you to actually enjoy the Christmas season.

Decide what events you will be going to and make plans to stay inside your house. Whether it be for quiet time or family time. You don’t have to do everything that comes your way! 

And remember the true reason why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. The birth of Jesus Christ.

10. Hygge Christmas Traditions

In the sense of Hygge all of the decorating and extra touches around the home help in creating that cozy vibe. However, the main focus is on experiences with family and friends in and outside the home.

It’s all about creating those wonderful memories and traditions around Christmas.

Putting up a big Christmas tree, writing your greeting cards or making an advent wreath to light the last candle on Christmas morning. Going to church to hear Christmas carols or heading to the Christmas market is so much fun.

At home puzzles and board games and pulling on your fluffiest socks while reading a good book in your favourite corner. Or watching feel-good Christmas movies with the family on Christmas day. Our Christmas movie is Home Alone, (it’s got to be hasn’t it?!) 

Hygge Christmas Ideas

Hygge Christmas Ideas

Anything that you can make is a huge plus when it comes to the Hygge lifestyle. It’s the best time to get creative! But there may be a couple of things that you can get made-to-order items or elsewhere. Here are some favourite picks:

1. Cindy Advent Calendar – This amazing wooden advent calendar is super cute for Christmas. Put in little treats and surprises in the drawers for the month of December 

2. Dangling Bells Ornaments – These golden bells add a traditional vibe for Christmas with some music. 

3. White Clay Stars Set – Simple white ornaments for a Scandi-style Christmas tree or hang on some branches in a vase as a decor piece. 

4. Icon Ceramic Mug – A little heart to wrap your hands around on a cold day. 

5. Le Creuset Olive Branch Casserole Dish – There are so many good recipes that you can cook in a solid casserole dish! 

6. Woodbine Taper Piece – Light your candles in this simple centre piece at the dinner table in the evening.

7. The Little Book of Hygge – Your complete guide to Hygge life! 

8. Fluted Tube Cake – Make your cakes look extra special with this fluted cake tin from Williams and Sonoma.

9. Cozy Knit House Socks – Fluffy knit socks to keep your feet warm.

10. Wood Beads Garland – Decorate your fireplace or staircase with these wooden beads and some greenery. 

11. Large Paper Snowflakes (Set of 3) – You can easily DIY your own snowflakes but West Elm has this set of 3 already made for you. 

12. Aden Faux Fur Throw Blankets – A luxe throw blanket to cuddle up under choose from a cream or a black colour.

13. Love Patchwork Lumbar Pillow – Change up your decor a little with subtle changes like this Christmassy pillow.

14. Dipped Taper Candles – Add a couple of taper candles for some soft lighting. 

15. Kodak Mini Projector – Make your movie night extra special with this mini projector you can use on a wall or a white sheet.

The concept of Hygge is beyond Christmas and is all year round and you can apply this concept to your own home and life anytime. It’s no wonder that the Danish are considered some of the happiest people on earth! 


FAQs About Hygge Christmas

What Does Hygge Mean For Christmas?

Hygge means creating a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere that brings happiness, well-being at contentment. The same concept applies around Christmas time with more of festive cheer and decor about the home. 

​How Can I Make My House Cozy For Christmas?

Add lots of cozy and warm furnishings around the home, like throw blankets and cushions. Decorate your home for the Christmas season with twinkle lights, and candles and putting up your Christmas tree.

Get into the spirit of things by cooking and baking and trying your hand at creative activities for a handcrafted feel at home.

10 Great Ways to Have The Best Hygge Christmas

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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