9 Great Books And Blankets To Cozy Up With This January

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I don’t know what it is about January but I just want to stay at home most of the month. Maybe it’s the come down from the buzz of Christmas and New Year. Or it might be the colder weather. But I like to stay indoors at home and take some time for myself. Some reflection time. A time for staying cozy!

A time for books under the blankets and throws, uninterrupted. Here are some must read books for this year coupled with some cozy throws!


  1. Tyler Perry has just built and opened the biggest film studios ever. From starting up his plays which much of the audience were his family to the biggest Hollywood studios must be quite a story! So his Higher Is Waiting makes the list.
  2. The Little Black Book came up on my recommended for working women and I’m intrigued….
  3. I am probably the only one who hasn’t read Michelle Obama’s Becoming, I have only heard all good things from the Forever First Lady!
  4. Last year the “narcissist label” got thrown about quite a lot. It seems like every one is narcissist these days! The Narcissist You Know is part of my mental health reading. And to find out what is and is not a narcissist.
  5. The Artist’s Way is one of those books that has been doing the rounds for years. I heard it was good. And Kerry Washington recently posted it on Insta. It changed her life first time around and she’s on a third time. So this is a must read.
  6. Ask and It Is Given a simple and apparently affective guidebook in to thinking positively to get to goals and dreams faster.
  7. Impact Theory has a great interview with Rachel Hollis. Hollis made her name as a blogger, and has top podcast too. After watching the interview, I’m looking forward to reading her first book Girl Stop Apologizing.
  8. In the age where everyone seems to be an influencer somewhere, it sounds like Influencer could be made compulsory reading for the new decade.
  9. Gabrielle Bernstein’s book came recommended by Oprah herself, The Universe Has Your Back.


Here’s a round up of a few cozy blanket throws to cozy up with your favourite book!

Books And Blankets To Cozy Up With This January - Blanket Throws

What books are you reading to start off your new year? Drop some recommendations in the comments below!


Books And Blankets To Cozy Up With This January
Books And Blankets To Cozy Up With This January

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a commission from.

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