The Best Ideas For The Perfect Guest Room Basket

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I know I’m not the only one who gets excited when friends and family come to stay. It’s always a great opportunity to make open up your home and make your house guests feel welcome. You don’t have to be running an Airbnb to put a little bit of thought into their stay.

A welcome package or guest room basket is a great idea for overnight guests. It’s a great way to make your friends and family feel comfortable and is always a nice touch for their stay. And it’s up to you how fancy you’d like to make it. It doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Plus you’ll be able to add in little essential items in the guest basket they might have forgotten. (A guest room basket truly puts you up there in the hostess rankings). Putting together a basket will have everything they need all ready and waiting.

The amount of times I’ve stayed at a friend’s home and forgotten a little item is countless.

Here’s a rundown of questions and some welcome basket ideas you can put together for your out-of-town guests the next time they come!

Guest Room Basket

What To Put In A Guest Room Basket?

There are lots of different ways to create your guest room basket. Here are some questions to consider when putting together your guest basket for overnight stays.

Who the basket is for?

Is it a couple or an individual? Male or female? Are you overnight guests early risers? If it’s a couple staying with you, the basket could be shared between the two. Or you could have a guest basket each depending on how much money you have to spend.

Are children coming too? You’ll want to include a couple of things for the kids too. 

Are your guests staying for the first time?

Is this the first time your guests are staying with you? This could be the perfect time to add in some keepsakes to take away with them. And make it a positive experience for their first time, kind of like a nice hotel.

If your guests have stayed with you before you may want to stick with the essentials and the personal items they might need. Unless it’s a special occasion. 

How long are your guests staying?

If your guests are staying for a weekend, packing miniature care items should last them long enough. Buying full-size items like shower gels will make more sense if they’re staying longer than a week. 

Personalize Your basket

You know who’s staying with you, personalizing your guest welcome basket takes it to the next level. This could mean adding a couple of their favorite things, snacks you know they like. You could add a personalized welcome card or handwritten note.

Add a book or a magazine about a topic you know they’re interested in. You could even get a personalized mug for your friend or family member. Maybe you do all of these things. It’s really up to you.  

Seasonal Guest Basket

Seasonal Guest Basket Holiday

Depending on the season you might like to add some different items to make your basket more suitable. During the holiday season, you can get extra creative with what you put in their basket.

A special occasion or themed baskets are great ideas to make your gift basket more fun. For the colder months adding an extra blanket, fuzzy slippers or even some flannel pajamas will go a long way. 

Your Signature 

Add something of you to your welcome basket. This could be one of your favorite snacks, your favourite coffee or tea you could introduce them to. Or add in your signature home decor scent using aromatherapy sticks, or a small bottle of scented oil. 

How To Create A Guest Room Welcome Basket

Choosing Your Basket

The basket should be a size that you can fit on the nightstand, a countertop or a dresser. Small enough that your guests can take it with them if that’s what you’d like. The basket should be easy to carry. Floor baskets or hampers are too big. 

Choose your basket style. The style might tie in with the room decor or be chosen to fit in with the season or holiday. Rattan, wicker and cane baskets are a nice option. And wire baskets are great to use too.

A lidded bin or box is something you’ll be able to use again for your next guests. 

Shop Storage Baskets

Plan Ahead

You don’t want to be scrambling for things last minute.

Whether it’s your best friend visiting or family from out of town have a think about what they might need. So you can put the basket together in a thoughtful way.

Another thing you’ll need to do beforehand is make a comfortable bed for your guests. And you may want to add some fresh flowers to the guest room.

Guest Room Basket Ideas

Ok, there are a lot of guest room goodies you could include in your basket. It’s a lot of fun deciding the little things that go in. You can go as fancy or simple as you like. 

These items are a good starting point to fill your basket. Most of these items you either have at home already or you can get them from the dollar stores or Amazon. So it won’t cost you a lot of money.

Remember you can go for the miniature travel-size products if your guests are with you for a short stay. 

Guest Room Basket Essentials

Now for the favorite part! These are some sure-fire items that you can start to fill your basket with. Unless you have a mini fridge in the guest bedroom stick to savory and dry snacks. And miniature snacks that will get eaten quickly. 

More often than not it’s often toiletries that your guests will have forgotten and need. It’s up to you whether you choose to make a separate toiletries basket for the guest bathroom. Or include some of these products in your main welcome basket. 

Guest Room Toiletries Basket

Guest Room Toiletries Basket

Seasonal Guest Basket

Autumn/ Winter

Spring/ Summer

Personalized Touches

As you can see there are lots of ideas you can use for your welcome basket. It’ll make your guest feel right at home. And you won’t have to worry all the time if they have everything they need. They’ll have it all in their dedicated guest room.

You can use these ideas if you’re an Airbnb host too. Leave your guest room basket on their bed or nightstand so it’s clear it’s for them. And enjoy the extra company while you have them! 


The Best Ideas for The Perfect Guest Room Basket

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