Alexis Franklin: Featured Artist

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As you’ve probably seen on this blog, adding art to your home is a great way to add interest and show your personality to add to your space. There are so many great artists out there who aren’t exactly “world known” but have their own strong following. Alexis Franklin is another gem of an artist I found through Pinterest.

Alexis Franklin is an amazing self taught artist from Houston, Texas. Inspired by oil artists, Franklin primarily uses digital software like Photoshop to create her digital oil like portrait paintings. Apparently just using a couple of photoshop brushes and the mixer tool which she has a video on.

Franklin has documented a lot of her art working progress as time lapses on Youtube and Instagram. Which is really interesting to see, although she makes it look easy (which I know it’s not) it gives you another level of appreciation of the beautiful pieces she creates.

Alexis Franklin digital painting
Alexis Franklin digital oil painting
Alexis Franklin digital oil painting

You can see her portfolio of art on her Instagram account and Behance profile. I’m personally looking forward to seeing the next piece of artwork she posts and sincerely hope that she’s working on some prints to sell because I will be buying!

What do you think of Franklin’s realistic digital oil artworks? Let me know in the comments below.


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