17 Stunning Paper Light Fixtures For Soft Glow Lighting

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Paper light fixtures are a simple and lovely way to light home spaces. These kind of ceiling lights never get old, it’s one of the classics in interior design. As anything that’s been around for a while; it just changes over time.

You can take a paper light fixture from fading into the background. To a strong sculpture light in your room to make an impact. It just depends what look you’re after. 

Paper lanterns are great if you’re renting and have just got basic light fixtures around the house. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing your paper shade. Shape, size and scale. One simple paper lantern can make a big impact as grouping of group of lighting lanterns together. You can even make your own origami paper lamp.

If you’d rather buy your paper light, here are some of the best paper light shades to make a big impression in your home…

Best Paper Lighting Picks

Paper Light Fixtures

Paper Pendant Ceiling Lights

Origami paper lampshade pendant from Etsy Vindeed Lamps

1. Origami Paper Lampshade Pendant

This is just one of beautiful origami paper pattern shades from Vindeed Lamps on Etsy. Origami creates an unusual structure that adds a soft illumination to the room.

2. Creative Paper Shade Hanging Pendant

The great thing about paper is that you can layer in decorative patterns. Just like this botanical paper shade with pressed leaves and florals.

Creative Paper Shade Hanging Pendant - Overstock
Ellipse Rice Paper Shade - DWR

3. Ellipse Rice Paper Shade

A simple large scale paper pendant in a soft ellipse shape is enough to make a strong impact in a room.

4. Paper Japanese Loft Hanging Lampshade

A Wabi Sabi inspired paper light that will make a lasting impression in a corner of a living room space.

Wabi Sabi Japanese Hanging lampshade - Etsy

5. Orb Medium Pendant Natural

Target have a natural textured rice paper globe that’s easy to hang up. For a simple warm glow in any room.

6. White Paper Lampshade

Another stunning handmade origami lamp from Vindeed lamps. Hang this light as accent piece at home.

Lapsley Orb Chandelier - McGee & Co.

7. Lapsley Orb Chandelier

Not your typical paper ceiling light. This pendant light has paper twine wrapped around the frame instead of a complete paper structure.

8. Akari Ceiling Paper Pendant

A more affordable copy of one designer lights from the Akari lighting line. This paper pendant from Etsy is a fraction of the price of a Noguchi light.

Akari Ceiling Paper Pendant copy- Etsy
Japanese Pendant Paper Lamp - Etsy

9. Japanese Pendant Paper Lamp

The warm texture of the rice paper along with the unusual structure makes a gorgeous minimal light fixture.

10. Large Round Rice Paper Shade

Paper lights are great for the home but also a great idea for using in weddings and other celebrations. Hang one large paper shade or use a group in a cluster.

Large Round Rice Paper Light Fixture Ceiling Shade - DWR
White Spiky Origami Paper Lamp Shade - Etsy

11. White Spiky Origami Paper Lamp Shade

There are some amazing paper lamps made just from paper folding techniques. Just like this stunning origami paper lamp.

Table Paper Light Shades

12. Common Rice Paper Shade

This peach shaped rice paper shade can be used for a table lamp or a floor lamp.

Common Rice Paper Shade Table or Floor Lamp - DWR
Natural Paper Rattan Table Lamp - World Market

13. Natural Paper Rattan Table Lamp

A lovely traditional Asian style ribbed paper light with a wood stand. A great addition to balance out your lighting in your workspace.

14. Handmade Paper Cylinder Bamboo Lamp

Bamboo leaves are layered into the rice paper to create a lovely biophilic lamp design.

Handmade Paper Cylinder Bamboo Lamp - Overstock

Paper Shade Floor Lights

Traditional Metal Japanese Paper Floor Lamp - Target

15. Traditional Metal Japanese Paper Floor Lamp

A contrasting black metal frame is a great combination alongside the natural paper shade. And the floor lamp is slim enough to slide in nest to your sofa.

16. Natural Paper Rattan Floor Lamp

World Market have this traditional and organic Asian style floor lamp that comes with top reviews. A paper rattan shade and a wood base make it a perfect fir for a Japandi style room.

Natural Paper Light Fixture Floor Lamp - World Market

17. Gyoza Floorchiere Lamp

A slightly modern design take on this Japanese inspired floor lamp from Target.

Paper Lights In Design

Paper lantern lights have been around in Asia for thousands of years. And designer Isamu Noguchi modified the traditional paper lantern and created his Akari lamps. Taking his inspiration from the Japanese town of Gifu where the majority manufacture of lanterns took place.

He then turned paper lanterns into light sculptures for interior design in the 50’s for a modern design. Where paper pendant lights transformed into electrical lighting for the home that went main stream. 

Noguchi created ceiling lamps, floor lamps and table lamps as part of his Akari lighting line. So you’re guaranteed to find a light for your living room or another room for your home. His designer lamps can cost quite a pretty penny but there are so many places you can get paper lights. Ikea is a popular option for it’s price.

I’ve bought a couple of paper light fixtures from Ikea for my rooms before. A floor light and a pendant light and I love the soft glow that paper shades bring to the room. With paper shades they’re light and airy. And the room doesn’t feel overcrowded even when you choose a larger size paper shade. 

The great thing about paper lanterns is that you can use them for a minimalist contemporary look. Or you go for a traditional look. 

And there are many paper pendants that are plug in lights. Or the paper shades simply go over your existing lights and hang from the wire. So there’s no need for any electrical wiring like with a chandelier. You just choose your cable lengths for the light pendant and you hang it up. 

Paper Lampshades FAQS

  • Why do people use paper light shades?

Paper shades can be an affordable option for a beautiful light fixture. And is an easy ceiling light to install. You can get them from home stores ranging from Ikea to designer stores have different options to choose from. And paper lights are great for creating a soft ambient light to a room.

  • How do you install a paper pendant light?
  • The paper shade slips over the light fixture. And is then secured by wrapping the lighting cord around the wire hook of the frame of the lantern.
  • Are paper lampshades safe?
  • The paper shades and fixtures that can be bought from home retail stores are safe. The paper shade is placed far away from the bulb. It’s always best to buy a low wattage bulb.
  • Are paper light pendants in style?
  • Paper pendants have been used in home interiors for years. And still continue to be popular. 
  • What paper is used for paper lights?
  • Typically the type of paper used is rice paper, construction paper, washi paper or tissue paper.
  • What is rice paper?
  • Rice paper also called washi paper or “Japanese paper” is a handmade paper made from the wood fibres of mulberry bushes or Gampi plants. Rice paper shades is a textured paper that creates a soft light. The colour of rice paper is white to cream or has a yellow undertone.
  • What is construction paper?
  • Construction paper is thicker compared to regular paper. But not as thick as cardboard. Construction paper is best for folding and cutting and maintaining the shape it’s made into.
  • What is tissue paper?
  • Tissue paper is a translucent and delicate type of paper that is used for decorative reasons. Many different colours are available.
  • Can I make my own paper light shade?
  • There are arts and crafts courses that teach different techniques on how to use paper for decor at home. Origami is a great craft skill to learn that you can create a paper light shade from. Learn Creation of Origami Lamps With Paper.

Overall paper light fixtures can provide any room with ambient lighting with minimal fuss. Hope you enjoyed the roundup!


17 Stunning Paper Light Fixtures for Soft Glow Lighting

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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